Richard Jefferson Traded To Milwaukee for Yi Jianlian

Did you get your wish bruh?

Should be an interesting night…

The wunderkind from China, Yi Jianlian gets his wish and is shipped to the Nets for Richard Jefferson. Bobby Simmons is also is sent to Jigga land. The pundits are saying this deal was done to clear space when LeBron, Bosh and Wade’s salaries clear.

LeBron in Jerz seems to be what everyone wants so we shall see.

No draft picks in the deal makes that just a little more of a possibility.

Jefferson, who has been injury plagued the last couple of seasons, was a key player on the Nets Finals teams in 2002-2003. Ironically, he played in all 82 games last season and averaged a career high 22 points.

He’ll have a shot to become a star…stay tuned

There was major noise that Yi wanted to play close to a major metro because of his Chinese heritage so he definitely gets that chance. I’ve seen him play a couple of times last season and he does have considerable skills.

8 Responses to “Richard Jefferson Traded To Milwaukee for Yi Jianlian”

  1. rashad says:

    This seems to workout well for both team. Now Vince can become the man again…maybe. Brendan Haywood shed the soft label last year, so fellow UNC alum Vince, along with Bobby, Jang-a-ling Jianlian, and Devin can now battle for that 8th playoff spot..

  2. Okori says:

    Rashad his name is Yi. it’s not Jang-a-ling. That is really not necessary.

  3. Hasani says:

    Vince will never be “the man” again. He’s done. Got no heart, and never did really. Just a dunk machine reduced to a three-point hoister.

  4. origin says:

    Rashad more like battle for the 14th spot in the east. The nets are done!!!!

    Might as well trade vince too…………but its about selling tickets until Lebron is free. And with that trash on the team and vince being 2 years older by then.

    Lebron might need to look into going else where.

  5. origin says:

    Oh and I knew Yi was gone cause one thing skiles can’t stand is a big man that he thinks is soft/lazy/not playing defense. With Yi’s heart being questioned during the season because of injuries and his inability to rebound and play defense. I know his days could possibly be numbered.

    Skiles don’t play that sh%^…………remember his feelings about shaq and curry and countless other big men.

    The bulls didn’t even draft lamarcus Aldridge because skiles thought he was soft.

  6. rashad says:

    i’m well aware of the man’s name, i just had a Berman moment.

  7. ronglover says:

    Jersey may have gotten a steal in CDR, still trying to figure out why he fell so far. They look like they will run alot.

  8. Temple3 says:

    As a point of information, the appeal of the Nets is not their current abode across the Hudson. It’s the future abode across the East River in Brooklyn.

    I’ve never seen Yi play, but I know that Lawrence Frank has no real problem with soft players. He’s had a roster full of them since Kenyon Martin left.

    LeBron in Brooklyn will be huge. Last year, the Nets had ads up all over downtown Brooklyn with Kidd, Jefferson, Carter and Williams’ face all over the place. ALL of those faces are gone. The Nets still have ads up, but if you can identify one of the players, you are a SKRATE UP JUNKIE!!

    The real estate development in Brooklyn is unprecendented. There are thousands of condos being built. The piece that is connected to the stadium is being pitched by a group that had this plan since the 1970s. The Dodgers used to play in Downtown Broooklyn. There is a new mall here that is decorated (on the exterior) like a baseball stadium (with pennants and all). The borough still can’t get over the O’Malley Bounce — and they’re Jones-ing for hoops.

    Curious thing, though. The Nets have always been second fiddle to the Knicks. That could change with his arrival here. He’s Mr. Cha-Ching.