Smooth Saturday: Rooftop Like It’s Bringing ’88 Back

Girlfriend? Why did ya let him treat ya so bad?

I wanted to take it back to 1988 with some classic tracks. What did I leave out?

La, ya heard?

Wasn’t this a banger? Got paid off this track Labor Day weekend rampaging Hampton’s campus.

What happened?

Remember this until it drizzled?

Yeah you once were

I used to get lost in you

Yeah you

Dumb biotch


Bobby used to get arrested for getting down like this

Take control yeah

I just shake my head now

Damn Hammer pants!

Ya heard?

Damnit, damnit, damnit

Karyn used to be the ish

Rick was a pimp. Cocaine is a helluva drug


Sing it Gladys

Michael and Prince remixed

Fo hundred dolla cashmere!

This came later

I can’t believe I used to bang this sucker for love ass shit lol

R.I.P my brotha

Just coolin’

Damn Pebbles…damn

Talk about smashin’

2 Responses to “Smooth Saturday: Rooftop Like It’s Bringing ’88 Back”

  1. des says:

    Watching Bobby Brown then, and seeing what he has become, is sad. ” Don’t Be Cruel” was one of the best songs, and albums of the ’80’s. As for Guy, they got me much action :).

  2. Miranda says:

    Mizzo you must have been watching VH1 Soul today..LOL….the network had a New Jack Swing from A to Z all day long – it was the best!!!