NYOIL Interview Part II: Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop!

No intro. Starting right where we left off. Hood Treason out now! Move ya mind and go get it.

Michael Tillery: One more question brotha that I’ve always wanted to ask a Hip Hop artist. What the hell happened to Hip Hop after the 90’s explosion of mad talent and creativity that had so much promise? Why did it level off after say…1995?

NYOIL: This is where you start getting political. This is my belief. A lot of rappers around that time were college students. Even if they weren’t college students, there were dudes that were taking an intelligent approach to Hip Hop. Bringing it up a notch…taking it to the next level.

You had this message going out inspiring youth to do more than just stand on the corner. The message was making them consider college and a better lifestyle.

The movies…and the music were on the same vibe…

Earlier you had A Different World and The Cosby Show.

You had a lot of stuff that was giving off the message that we were beginning to listen to. Then next thing you know, that message just goes away…

(Be Peace…I know this is a classic, but feel what I’m saying here…Mizzo)

And why? The first thing they did was make these conscious brothas out to be happy rappers.

These dudes are now a joke. They made the dudes that were rhyming double hard volume..What nigga this fuck that…that became tough and manly.

So the focus on this intelligent and positive message that took us to the next level was gone and replaced with false machismo.

What you were left with was a bunch of criminals and fake shit. People think they know the history, but they don’t have a reference point. They think that music and media are not used to control the masses. We need to know that that happens. People overestimate their intelligence. They overestimate their independence. The human animal is a social animal. It’s driven towards acceptance. We do a lot to be accepted instead of what should be made the norm. People don’t really believe that.

Because they don’t believe that, it works on them every time.

You ever tell a woman certain things about what they do and they just don’t believe it?

MT: Uhhhh…yeah.

NYOIL: You tell them you are not making this up or trying to be a jerk. Just keeping it 100. You say to them if you do this..then this what happens and they deny, deny deny. Then you say you are going to do it to them and they are not going to see it coming even though you are telling it to them.

It’s like telling a drunk…”Son, you are a drunk. You are an alcoholic kid. You are killing yourself.” They can’t see it because they are caught up and can’t see what’s happening to them. They don’t see it until they really are about to lose and then say “Oh shit! I’m a fuckin’ alcoholic.” Until they admit that it’s happening, they can never be helped. Most can’t admit that it’s happening.

That’s what’s going down with music.

MT: Interesting. Since we are on that vibe, and this is probably a hard question to ask, but everyone is fragmented out there. We have (one both sides ladies–this is not an indictment on you. No hate mail please) independent women out there who don’t want to lean on a man. We all need to lean on each other. There’s times when I need to lean on a woman. What can we do? How do we make that connection what it used to be?

NYOIL: What I think we need to do…well I can tell you what I can do. I need to be able to show family. When I do shows, my family is there. It trips people out. They are like, “Oh snap! We are seeing a Black family!”

I just want to give a good example and it shows I’m enjoying my life. My life is happy and things are good.

If brothas see this…if I can show…

Look, the best thing we can do for our people is to be successful man. That’s why what you said earlier was so important about committing yourself to building this positive coalition. Building a positive image for us to gain. If we can succeed as a collective. If NYOIL becomes the main de jour. If I become successful enough that you are seeing me on television. My hair is cut nice and I have a nice outfit on. You know, the brotha’s doing alright.

And I’m doing the right thing.

That caveat has to be met–that I’m doing the right thing. I’m involved…just say..if you want to see NYOIL, come out to this community outreach program. So if you want to hang out with me, I’ll be there, because that’s what I got to do.

If we start to create that movement man, things will change instantly. It’s not going to be years…I mean instantly.


Everybody wants to be where it’s at. If we can make what’s good, what’s good, then everything gonna be good. If the only thing that is good, not good, then that’s where everybody gonna be at.

Remember the time that if you didn’t smoke weed you were going to be awfully lonely?

MT: Of course.

NYOIL: Everybody was smoking weed. Then that eased off. Then there was a time when everybody I knew had a hot 16 (bars). You had to have at least one verse because that is what it was! Everybody was doing that. It wasn’t on some follow the leader shit. You didn’t want to miss out.

Now if you have a situation where brothas are going out with their wives and having a good time, that’s going to be where it’s at.

Imagine that. Imagine NYOIL throwing a couples cruise. 3 days, two nights. Everybody having a good time–we videotaping it. Seeing live dudes with their wives. Ain’t no ho bags in there. None of that. Just fun with the fam. People just having a good time son. I can see it in my mind, so I’m smiling right now. It’s going to go down. It’s not rocket science. They don’t want no brotha like me getting it, because I’m gonna make it fly.

MT: Damn that would be peace. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m frustrated. I think there…no…I know there is a fear of that power coming forth. People just don’t seem (collectively) like they want to take it to the next level.

Everything is so fuckin’ morbid.

What the hell are we going to do to get them there?

When I see you performing You’re a Queen, I’m affected.

It gives you that 360 degrees you alluded to earlier. I gotta catch myself so I don’t come across as hard all of the time.

NYOIL: It’s balance. It’s like the dude who is always serious or the dude who is always joking. Everything is not a joke son. Stop playin’ son. The cat is always playin’ when it’s not anything funny goin’ on. That’s how they cope though.

If you are coming at the world hard then that’s how you are coping ack. You are addressing the world based on that. I’m not no psychologist, but you should ask yourself why can’t I let myself or my people enjoy stuff.

Why am I struggling?

Mike, why are you struggling? Answer me that.

Why are you struggling? Why do you want things to be better?

MT: Specifically as a Black writer…there are a couple of Black writers that I run with….

NYOIL: No! No! Why are you struggling?

MT: Why am I struggling? I think I am struggling because people don’t want to hear the message from me and other brothas similar. I don’t have the financial means to get my message out there…

NYOIL: Mike, what are you struggling for? What are you fighting for?

MT: I’m fighting for our people to get from up and under of this bullshit!

NYOIL: To get rid of the bullshit? That’s it?

MT: Damn right! To get rid of the bullshit and just be happy. To be on that cruise you speak of.

NYOIL: Yes! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I was getting at. You are fighting for your people to be happy again.

If that’s what you want to do, then make your people happy right now. Fight wickedness. Don’t fight the people you want to be happy.

Wickedness is at my door? I’m coming at it hard.

My people are at my door? I’m bringing them joy.

People trip because when I see them I’m not all hard and they are feeling crazy from it saying this dude is a human being. Yo, God is human! He’s showing me love–brotherly love.

“How you doing brotha? What’s good with you?”

I want my brothas to be feeling good because that’s what I’m fighting for.

I have to fight, so in my fight I’m hard as stone, but it comes with purpose. I don’t need to come at everybody stone hard.

Brothas say to me sometime that people should see me buggin’ out.

Man, fuck that!

Let them think what they wanna think. I’m not here for them. I’m here to say what it is. I’m not going to let anyone turn me into an archetype.

I’m going to be human. When I get off the phone with you, I’m gonna be chillin’ with my kids. I’m not going to be in here tight all day because I gotta be NYOIL after a bunch of damn interviews.

You dig it?

Hell no!

I’m gonna keep it 100 and I’m gonna go out with my kids and keep it 100. I’m gonna bug out, act a fool and make them laugh all day. When my wife gets home if I can make her laugh, I’m gonna have her laughing until she cries tears because that’s what makes me happy. That’s what I’m struggling for–to see her happy. So my mother can see me make it so I can see her happy.

You have to remember that in your dealings with your people. Yeah they don’t understand because we are not doing it right! It’s not that they don’t get it! We are not doing it right! We are being pragmatic. We saying because we say it’s right, that it’s right. That don’t make it right. Don’t quantify it like that no more ack.

In this day and age–unfortunately–if it don’t pay good, it ain’t good. If it ain’;t good to them, they ain’t gonna find out it is good for them.

We gotta figure out how to make it good to them and give them what’s good for them.

You are on that path.

Don’t turn them off and scare them away. You can’t become this big wet towel and nobody can’t have no fun.

You gotta bug out. We are 360 degrees of people. Take it light sometimes. You know what?

In the end you are still going to do what you have to do to make this happen. I’m with you. You are committed to doing this work. I am going to get this job done. You are going to get this job done.

No one is going to take my humanity from me. I’m never going to forget why I’m doing this.

I’m doing it because I want to be happy.

I’m not struggling to struggle. I’m not fighting to fight. I’m not mad for the sake of being mad.

Someone said to me that anger is a product of needs not being met.

Your response initially was the exact thing that I just said. Your needs are not being met.

Your need of positive and real Black journalism is not being met. The recognition, desire and respect for that institution is not being met. You don’t understand why this is happening.

You see people becoming opinion makers who don’t even have a true opinion. Journalism isn’t even in the same book that their name is in.

They are in the position because they played the game. You and I have to learn how to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. You can’t play checkers God, the game is chess.

You cannot sit there against someone who has chess pieces in their box and put checkers on the board. You are not going to win. You’ve lost the minute you sit down with that.

MT: I can dig it…(20 minutes left to transcribe. I’ll have it done when I return home this afternoon. Feel this vibe people).

Meanwhile dig this here until I return.

NY…you gave me chills with this. Word life! Best of love to you brotha!

I’m still Woppin’…

10 Responses to “NYOIL Interview Part II: Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop!”

  1. thebrotherreport says:

    Damn King Vitamin was damn sure the poor man’s Capt’n Crunch. It was soggy in about 2 minutes.

    If we had Capt’n Crunch in the crib it was a good month.

  2. michelle says:

    Nice interview Miz. Sup family I’ve been M.I.A. for awhile working my azz off. How’s everybody been doing here at TSF?

  3. Temple3 says:

    The good news is that all the conjecture about what happened to hip hop in the 90’s was ended by Michael Fisher over at his blog Assault on Black Sanity.

    White folks (and he names names) who run music production and distribution companies made a unilateral decision to STEER demand away from the indigenous messages created by studious Black youth in order to establish minstrel shows of so-called Gangsta Music.

    No need to guess what happened. After that paradigm shift was announced, a so-called conscious brother or sister had to truly do for self. Which would have been fine — except that the Black Behavioral Moralists couldn’t differentiate between one type of hip hop and another. So, they didn’t subsidize the conscious rappers and provide them with the institutional support needed to counter their ouster from the BMGs and SONYs of the world. Nope. They said, “We need to do better as a people. We need to get rid of this music. Hell, it ain’t even music.”

    And that’s about what happened with jazz and rock and every other form of music we create. Moralizing impedes capital accumulation. The people with pedigree, access and attitude withhold their love (and funds) until “it” looks right, er white, enough to pass mainstream scrutiny — because they always forget that all Black cultural production passes mainstream scrutiny. It is the proto-mainstream…the main stream before the mainstream.

    Anyway, since folks continue to forget and forget and forget and forget, our youth create more and more gold-diamond-platinum nuggets for OTHER people. They create a new industry which we don’t dominate ruthlessly and don’t subsidize – then we take jobs as flunkies or A&R’s if you prefer. A few of them blow up and become transitional superstars by making the devil’s music – you know like Nat King Cole and Dinah Washington and Sammy Davis Junior and LL and Will Smith — all evil on some level or other during their prime.

    And then, Viola!! A legend is born — and we turn around and wonder how that happened. Too many muhphukkin’ Sleeping Pills!!

    Keep it rollin’ fellas.

  4. Hasani says:

    Temple3 — rubbish. Gangsta rap wouldn’t happen if black people didn’t want to make it happen, and they did. End of story. Quit blaming whitey. An equally stupid argument would be to blame the decline of rock music on a conspiracy by these very same record label minions to shove hip hop down the throats of the masses.

    In fact, rap is just dying the same death that all popular music forms have. It shot it’s wad in the 90s and now these chumps have nothing novel to say.

  5. Temple3 says:

    Jump out of the conversation the same way you jumped in – without facts, logic or a compelling point of any kind.

    And take this freebie: Kiddie porn wouldn’t happen if white people didn’t want to make it happen, and they do. End of story. Now – since Fisher has the names, titles, firms and activities of the blameable whiteys in question on the music issue, I suggest you keep it moving.

    Don’t be a lazy tool, read his shit and take him down — if you can. Pick up the phone and call some of those blameworthy caucs and get their take. Until then – dial tone.

  6. Mizzo says:

    …or an infinite busy signal…

  7. Hasani says:

    Temple3 — your ignorant thesis presumes that the near entirety of hip hop artists are too stupid to see through the corrosive conspiracy of caucasian capitalists. Me, I have a higher opinion of black folks. They’re simply susceptible to the same degree of crass greed as every other ethnic type in this world. You, you cling to some stupid belief that black people are somehow morally purer at a fundamental level, but it’s just that whitey intrudes on their ability to be the more righteous souls they truly are. Riiiight.

  8. norma says:

    Great work Mike 🙂

  9. Hey, your blog is very interesting.. And it was something I can definitely relate to 🙂 I’ll constantly drop by to your blog so I hope you continue making fun and interesting posts like this one ^_^