America Goes Nuts Regarding Jesse Jackson’s Off Air Comments About Barack Obama

Without Jesse, there is no Barack

As I sit here a sports writer a little perturbed three White athletes got off (media coverage) because of Brett Favre’s right to change his mind (he’s a legend, when he’s gone, he’s gone), I have to step out of my box and write from a very neglected corner of my soul that is about to become the most vocal. I’m very appreciative for the NYOIL interview for it made peace the steps I personally need to take in whatever happens to me personally and professionally.

Just got off the air on WVON 1690 in Chicago–Curtis Monday’s Dollars and Sense show. I was part of a panel that included Jill Johnson–who works in IT and has done some stuff with the Department of Defense, and Bonita Parker, Chief Operating Officer, Operation Push.

At issue is this:

Bonita and Jill eloquently spoke on how we as Blacks should address Jesse’s comments and why the media has blown something yet again way out of proportion just because Jesse’s mic was hot.

Bonita has worked with Jesse for years and expressed multiple times she supports Barack at every turn.

Jill’s main point was to keep this in its proper context and move on.

I agreed with everything the ladies spoke. It offered me a modicum of pride to be in their radio air wave presence. Thank you sistas for holding it down like I know you would.

I don’t agree with everything Jesse has said or done, but when it comes down it, I’m in the Rev’s corner because who else has 1968 blood splattered on their vest?

I am not anyone’s apologist.

Who else but Jesse has been the butt of jokes for 40 years and is still at the front of our collective? How many times have you heard someone with ill intentions shout out “Keep hope alive”?

This is the Jesse I know.

The intro on Public Enemy’s classic track is the Jesse I’ve been down with ever since I shook his massive hand during an appearance at my college in 1988 shortly before my mother passed (I reference this because meeting Jesse offered me some comfort). If you go to the interview section of this very site you will see a picture of me and my boy Brian Cook interviewing Jesse at the MLK monument groundbreaking ceremony.

Watershed moment for me personally. We all have to take necessary steps in our development and that was definitely an experience which brought 1968 back to the forefront of my soul’s impenetrable skull.

It’s time to battle…shield, Middle Passage will, illuminated sword, survival skills and everything.

Don’t get lost in the moment people. This moment is a unique. You will forever remember this time. Please make sure that when you speak out accordingly, you are changing the dynamic of this very important space and time.

That’s very important for all to know. Each one speaks one.

I personally campaigned for Jesse. His red and white signs were a prominent visual in my car and apartment windows until the sun beat them orange. I was proud of the soul model he had become. The reason why Blacks seek inclusion is not so the present can benefit, but so the seeds of our unborn can boot stomp unabashed and secure their birthright.

Barack in Tims…imagine that.

Yes, Jesse said something he should not have said, but everyone is human and I’m sure a lot of people out there have said a lot worse.

That’s not excusing his words one bit, so oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.

I will not allow Jesse Jackson to become an archetype of hypocritical society measure.

Shirley Chisholm cracked the door sun light bright ever so slightly and peeked around the corner to see if anyone was coming with her. Jesse walked up to the door and kicked it down so Barack could later grab the door knob and open it without much effort behind his grasp.

To say that Barack is a true pioneer is a little misguided. Yes, he is the first Black candidate in the history of this nation to garner a nomination for president, but the work was already done way before he was chillin’ in Hawaii mad ’cause his kick ball was stuck in the palm trees.

Barack has a lot of responsibility. More responsibility than any elected official in possibly the history of human existence (when he gets elected). I understand his policy is going to be scrutinized long after all is said and done, but I hope he doesn’t pander to the defense mechanisms of Whites just to get elected.

Isn’t that a fair request?

Jesse has been made an demagogue through his own doing as well as from a demography that hasn’t the courage of the one finger he Operation Pushes with.

He doesn’t speak for everyone but offers a reference point to propagate a discussion–even if you think he comes across as a trouble maker.

Are YOU gonna speak up?

Could you handle 40 years of criticism?

Don’t even answer because hell no you couldn’t.

There is also a very distinct dichotomy developing in Blacks needing to be addressed that’s not just about the field or the house.

There are those who are doing the damn thing in our community. I have to say, that with that success there should be a strong sense of loyalty to those who haven’t yet found their way.

If their loyalty dies, then so does yours eventually.

I’m come to understand that some people just don’t know what loyalty is.

In my opinion, loyalty is standing up for those you love no matter what the consequence.

Since when did Blacks throw our own in the trash? What Jesse has done in his life is none of your business. Especially those who have done a lot worse but still criticize simply to appease their own psychopathic personality flaws.

Again, there is no one that is perfect. Most just don’t get caught doing some bullshit.

To combat disloyalty we have to create a family based support system that will initialize a multi generational level of success and personal understanding hard to beat.

Hear me out on this especially if you think I’m coming off as vague.

Why is it that when Blacks are in any public forum the heat gets hotter?

Yo, do you see the color of our skin? Do you understand we can take that shit and throw it back on your soul’s defenses to where your SB40 ain’t gonna cut it?

The divide and conquer tactic is as old as our collective days. Try as you will to break us apart, but make sure your walk is tempered with a subtle enthusiasm weathered in a common knowledge of how we are going to African hardship respond.

Why should Barack have to distance himself from those who make Whites less comfortable?

I ask this of Whites who frequent here…do you do the same? Do your fathers do the same?

Seriously, I want to know. There’s no disrespect in my intentions.

The beauty of this election is that Blacks are learning by the second. I understand why Barack is doing what he has to do to get elected. The brotha is playing the game good, but there comes a time where he needs to speak from his personality as a Black man and truly address the issues that has made him the man he is.

His appearance ain’t vanilla, it’s chocolate creme mocha mint 😉

Every presumptive presidential candidate in the history of this nation has spoke–when asked to–from their existence and I find it very insulting Barack is not permitted to do so.

Why the hell is he running for office if he’s not allowed to be himself?

George Bush has.

Damn, I hope he hasn’t sold his soul to a souless people who sold their soul.

America steps once again on its on less endowed private parts…with all her hypocrisy and is blowing this way out of proportion. It’s dumbfounding the morality she speaks of when her skirt is hiked up higher than any runny nosed two bit hooker itchin’, scratchin’ and coughin’. Get off that bullshit America as you have become the fool once again. It’s so funny to see these pundits on TV criticize Blacks with full blown political veiled protection while also vulnerable and apprehensive that bones of a notoriously treacherous Slave ship captain will suddenly fly out of their ill repute lips with every bullshit word they speak.

You have all kinds of Whites speaking dumb stuff on the set live on air.

That shit ain’t funny!

Blacks of consciousness: I know you feel it. I know you see it. It’s time. It’s time to speak like Big Momma used to speak to you. Show and prove her mettle. That twitch in your little toe is rarin’ to be let out. Don’t hold back any longer. This is the moment we have all been waiting for.

This is a moment for our kids. If you love them like you say you do, explain this moment in time with a face of streamlined hardcore peace.

Last year, I asked J.A. Adande (cannot find the link to our interview. My bad. JA, do you have it?) why so many Black journalists were dying at an alarming rate. His response–and I’m paraphrasing–was that if you had to deal with so much bullcrap as they have, essentially with lips sewn, it eventually is going to wear on your heart until your soul just can’t take it anymore.

I will never be that person. I don’t work for the mainstream so I don’t have the ties that bind. I’m self and my family made. It’s a badge of honor I’ll wear proudly as I continue to strive for the not so Utopian happiness of my people.

This ain’t no rah rah pep rally speech, but if it were…

Are you coming?

18 Responses to “America Goes Nuts Regarding Jesse Jackson’s Off Air Comments About Barack Obama”

  1. Rashad says:

    It isn’t just that Jesse said something he shouldn’t have said, its the second time he’s done it(the first was the sounding white comment) and regardless of how well intentioned his comments were, it just comes off the wrong way. That combined with the media’s hunger to demonzie the “old black guard” and hype up Obama as the kindler, gentler black man, equals a media firestorm. Personally, I’d like to see Obama reach out to Jesse, show a unified front, talk behind the scenes and then they can both meet the media, grabbed their nuts, and say, “Now what?!!”

  2. origin says:

    Powerful piece but so true brotha. But this is a line that a black person who is in politics has to run.

    Now Obama has to give an apology because of a joke that Bernie Mac made at one of his fun raisers. The joke was pretty soft now white folks are calling Obama racist because of the joke. The joke had nothing to do with race.

    He has to battle McCain the same way he battled hillary one and two arms tied behind his back. While his white counterparts slander him, his family and race. Because he can’t afford to piss off those white folks in america.

    Jesse should not have said that on live air (and anyway why is jesse on fox news?? they hate that dude as much as OJ. I guess they must be paying him) but a lot of black folks feel that Obama may try and sell us out (pull a bill clinton and the sista soulja incident) in some way to prove that he has no ties with black america. I mean you actually have white folks running around thinking that if he wins the election white folks will become a second class citizens. Yeah whatever.

    My only problem with this election and Obama is that any black folks that question obama’s actions (not saying that they aren’t going to vote for him) automatically are told to shut up and don’t mess it up for him. Its like some black folks are so happy to see one of us, in a position of power but never question how this person will use that power. I mean if his intent is to F%%^ us like everyone else then we need to question his @ss.

    D@MN you had folks telling Rev Wright and Rev Pfledger (sp?) to shut up and don’t mess it up for Obama. Man get the F out of here. Being from Chicago these dudes have fought drug dealers, police brutality, alcohol and guns, teenage pregnancy, gang violence and etc in black neighborhoods. And black folks have the nerve to tell these folks they can’t defend themselves. F that Pfledger walked with MLK all through white neighboorhoods in chicago while getting stoned he was one of the few white dudes I remember who stood up for black folks and issues. Dude would run up on crack houses on the south side and kick the dope dealers out. He did the same when the gangbangers were recruiting kids. Even though the Chicago police department knew about it and wouldn’t do anything about either issue.

    You got black folks putting Obama up there with MLK, Malcolm, garvey and all the other black leaders…….ummm I know what they have done for black america but what has Obama actually done???

    He is a politican nothing more nothing else.

    All in all I am not dissing the brotha I am rooting for him. But like brothas Temple, lastpoet, eric daniels and Sankofa have said many many ellite black folks in power have used us to get to a certain point then turn around and sell us out like a pimp selling hoes on the street.

  3. origin says:

    One more thing I don’t always agree with Jesse and Al. But tell me this is there any 2 other black men alive that when they come around white folks who are doing wrong start to do right??

    What I mean by this is remember the Jena 6 incident. You had regular community folks and folks on the internet stir up interest of the story. But the media didn’t listen. But as soon as Jesse and Al showed up the media started paying attention. The DA changed the charges.

    See ain’t nobody else gonna take a bullet for use who are in the public like these dudes. He11 it too how long for Obama to even address Jena 6??

    I know he is a politician. But the funny thing is he only spoke on it after Hillary did.

    We can talk all day about Jess or Al this or that. But let white folks do something to us we feel unfair. I bet we will be calling them or the NAACP in a second then.

    It reminds me how some black folks in corporate america often time won’t associate themselves with their black coworkers or organizations. Until they get a taste of the good ole boy club and experience a lil corporate racism. Then they come boo hooing and asking black folks and organization for help.

  4. Jesse Jackson’s comments about castrating Barack is manifested in his jealousy of what Barack has accomplished in such a short time (vs himself ) and is a “withdrawal symptom” as he is “jonesing” from his own lack of attention and the reality that his star is dimming. This unique combination of jealousy and jonesing leads Jesse to say some really stupid things. Just as a crack addict can’t control the urge to steal from loved ones to feed his habit, even if it hurts, Jesse can’t control the urge to steal from Barack even though it hurts him and other blacks in the long run.

    After all the years of hard work and time that Jesse put into “keeping hope alive” one would think that this would be the proudest moment of his life and that he would take great pride in the fact that Barack can stand on his shoulders and achieve the dream that so often alluded him. This is surely a time when Jesse should be “peacock proud and honeymoon happy” and over the moon joyful about what Barack has achieved, especially given the sacrifices he himself has made. But instead of being puffed up with pride and wanting to give Barack a shot of testosterone to keep him going, Jesse is wanting to “cut his nuts out”, “take the winds out of his sails”, “beat him down”, “put him in his place”, “take him down a few notches”, “knock his block off'”…etc. etc. etc. Jesse Jackson is literally interested in destroying the very dream that many civil rights leaders, including himself, have fought so long and hard for.

    Jesse Jackson is also acting like a child. I could not believe that he actually said of Barack’s actions that “he is acting white”. I have not heard that phrase since 7th grade when a boy from “the hood” said that to me for answering a question correctly in class. How stupid is this? How childish is this? VERY. Jesse, I do wish you would consider what kind of message you are sending black children who suffer every day under peer pressure to “dumb down” themselves “act cool” and “be “G” in order to “act black”. This is stupid, stupid, stupid and is the complete wrong message and example to set for our young people. How could you be so ego-centric and shortsighted and consumed with your own power status that you are not embracing the positive message that Barack is bringing to black boys and girls about the power that they have within themselves to make a difference in their lives, other lives and the world? Why are you trying to castrate all the black boys that need the hope, need the confidence and need the personal example that Barack is trying to set for them? These young people need someone to look up to that can give them confidence that they have a future beyond the drugs, beyond the gangs and beyond the prisons! They need to know that being smart and being a good parent and working hard and having a dream and believing in your dream and seeing that you can make a difference is NOT “acting white, but acting right.

    Jesse now is your time to either “Follow” Barack or “Get Out of The Way. You had your time to lead and during that time, the plight of the black male continued to deteriorate. Perhaps that is what you are so concerned about? Do you worry that you had your chance and you blew it? Do you worry that Barack is going to make you look bad by setting a better example through his life choices and personal convictions than you did? Are you feeling guilty and looking for a do over? Are you using black people by saying that Barack is talking down to us when you really feel that he is talking down to you? The intensity of your castration statement certainly sounds extremely personal. Perhaps you are recalling your extramarital affair where you fathered a child adding one more single mother and black child without a father in the home? At the time you acknowledged what a problem this was:

    “I was born of these circumstances,” said Jackson, himself born out of wedlock, “and I know the importance of growing up in a nurturing, supportive and protected environment so I am determined to give my daughter and her mother the privacy they both deserve.”

    acknowledged the pain it caused your wife and kids:

    In his statement, Jackson says his wife, Jackie, and their children “have been made aware of the child and it has been an extremely painful, trying and difficult time for them.”

    and asked that we forgive you:

    “This is no time for evasions, denials or alibis,” Jackson’s statement said. “No doubt, many close friends and supporters will be disappointed in me. I ask for their forgiveness, understanding and prayers.”

    And we forgave you. But Jesse, we cannot forgive you for your latest comments where you are talking about wanting to kill hope and the future for our young people in such a violent and crude way. Your jealousy and jonesing has gone too far and while your star might have been dimming before, at least you could have had a graceful departure having been forgiven of your sins of the past. But now you have opened a fresh wound that is sure to tarnish your legacy and most assuredly will keep you from getting more of that attention you so desperately crave. Time for you to check into rehab. and check out of the limelight.

  5. Hasani says:

    Al Sharpton/Tawana Brawley. Jesse Jackson/”Shakedown” by Kenneth Timmerman. This is all you need to know about the credibility of these two clowns.

  6. Okori says:

    oh Koko B. Stupid. go home. drink a yoohoo and, as my bosses said to me when we had to escort 2 kids out of here, calm your face.

    And Mizz… I see your point buit could someone explain to me what in the hell Jesse’s thing is with off the record comments? I mean dude…. I remembered this like when i was 17. Unless they tell you your mic is off your mic is still on. And unless you say it’s off the record it’s not.

    But with that said…. this is ridiculous that this is a story. How about people’s homes being foreclosed on? How about gas being 4 bucks a barrel as a MEDIAN? How about all of the other stuff that goes on which no one notices? But this gets press.

  7. sankofa says:

    “Barack been talking down to black people … I want to cut his nuts off,”

    The unsaid is that Obama had either lost is balls or never had any to begin with. So this would have been an exercise in futility for Messy Jessie. TSF family, if you’ all do the search you would see that Obama is the worst embodiment of the White Supremacist system, one of us. Because of “race hate fatigue” as well as being part of a cult of personality worship, we embrace him mostly with out critical assessment. Some people say he is not perfect and we should accept him, warts and all, but the warts are leprous and is about to bust pus all over us. has been running a series of challenges to Obama’s audacity of (falls) hope, which basically culminated in his trying to cut Reverend Wrights balls off.

    See these links if you haven’t read them.

    These are but some of the numerous documentation of Barack Obama’s transgressions, policies, obfuscations, lies and agenda. Nuff said!

    I was and will never be a fan of Messy Jessie, he is so full of shit his eyes are brown. However, both of you have made a good point that Jessie has been doing shit for us for over 40 years, whether following his own agenda or not, he was doing what Obama has NEVER done, been in the streets. And to many who’ve been in his presence, he does show a more human side that Obama’s made for TV persona. So when he says that …“Barack been talking down to black people”, he was only voicing what many of us have been voicing for weeks.

    Now Mizzo, the White Supremacist system will always seize on any little discontent to blast us and many of us fall hook line and sinker for it. However, some rabid, mangy dogs…and I do mean dogs…will bark at anything to prove a point. That they are the shit! I was wrong when I predicted that Hillbilly would defeat Obama. But I am being proving correct that Obama is and could be the “black” face of America Inc.’s, imperialism.

    To me, this is a non issue, but that’s me. Some say it’s jealousy, the passing of the old guard, etc. But what I see is distraction, from a more important issue. The country is going into the toilet and with that, there is going to be some serious domino effect.

  8. Miranda says:

    Damn origin, you make some great points brutha.

    Jesse Jr sure did come quite venomous, didn’t he? Did he have to actually chastise Pops to that degree? I really thought a “I love my father but I disagree with his comments” – or something to that effect, would have sufficed.

    Okori, there is only one candidate…and that candidate is Barack Obama…and his opponent is everybody and everything else. Seriously, the blunders of McCain camp have been like dominoes this week, but you wouldn’t know that from the media coverage. My God, McCain has joked about killing Iranian civilians, screwed up his own POW story, showed his age for sure when asked about health ins coverage for birth control versus Viagra, completely goofed up trying to criticize Obama for being absent for a vote that he was not present for either, his chief economic adviser called us a bunch of whiners and said the economy really isn’t so bad (as the customers of Indymac stare blankly at their ATM cards), and on top of all that, its discovered that he applied and received the marriage license to marry his second wife when he wasn’t even divorced from his first one…..DAMN.

  9. origin says:

    My man Okori this how the system works. Think of it as a magician they show you one thing so you won’t pay attention to how the trick really works. Same here oh oh look at them colored folks acting up. Never mind your job being shipped overseas. Never mind Bush and congress passing a new survelience bill, never mind your interest rates going up. Never mind that companies like chase are buying up everyones loans.

    F that look at Jesse and Obama.

    Man its been like this for centuries. Keep the folks dumb. Check thi sout here in dallas it was discovered that the drinking water contained chemicals like AZT, Viagra and prozac. You know how long the media spoke on that about 30 seconds. Yet they spent 5 minutes talking about Tony Romo and his girlfriend.

    Yeap thats the plan keep us as dumb as possible.

    Oh and sista Miranda I think you might like to know this. The police department dallas is now taking taking steroids test of officers due to the fact that the dude that was dealing steriods to the cops and NFL players that was killed I mean umm killed himself. Stated that he had sold some steriods to cops.

    Yet we still haven’t heared from the media umm what killed his girlfriend who was at the house with him.

    Its like the world is some old scifi movie and twilight zone episode.

  10. Miranda says:

    Oh yeah Origin….the dude that shot himself in the stomach, said “ouch, oh, that didn’t work”….then shot himself in the head…yeah…the “suicide”.

    The media is just a joke to me at this point.


  11. David says:

    Mike: Proud of you, brah. Outstanding column, from the heart, and one that should make folks do a little thinking before they flap their yaps.

  12. Mizzo says:

    Thanks DA. Coming from you that’s quite an honor. Give me a shout when you can.

  13. MODI says:

    “Why should Barack have to distance himself from those who make Whites less comfortable?” Of course he shouldn’t have to.

    @ mizzo, thanks for posting this and agreed that all this Jesse-Barack noise is bullshit. A little off topic, but I am interested more in your conversation about black journalists dying young (Ralph Wiley comes to mind). It would be consistent with why black folk suffer in greater rates of just about every other disease as a result of racial stress. But I could only imagine that it is that much worse in journalism. Anyway, any more names/articles you can share on this would be helpful…

    @origin – you say Obama “is a politican nothing more nothing else.” IMO, this is only partly true. Of course, anyone running for president has to politic, and of course he faces a whole new set of barriers exclusive to a black candidate. But there is a difference between “compromising” and “selling your soul”. Both Clintons will and have sold their soul for personal ambition. Obama has shown many times that there are limits. When he came out against the war on 2002, that was presidential career suicide, yet he put it on the line. Both his speeches on race and later petriotism were extremely unconventional and risky from a political point of view. My point is not that he deserves no criticism, but only that when judged through a political lens he is much much more than your average politician — but still a politician.

    @Origin2: completely agreed on Jesse/Al. Bottom line is warts and all, if they didn’t make the call on the Jena 6, it never would have been picked up by mainstream media. It was making its way around the blogosphere for months and the only mainstream guy who picked it up was Chicago’s Howard Witt. Hell, even the BBC picked up the story before CNN. People dog Sharpton all the time, but what they don’t know is that after Amadou Diallo demonstrations, he was able to force some tangible changes in the NYC police department. He is again trying to do the same via Sean Bell right now. Until there is someone else that can force these changes, the plusses of Jesse and Al far outweigh their weakness.

    @sankofa: I think that many will be surprised what Obama could do if he gets elected. If he somehow gets a 60-40 congress, then he can change many laws that will outlast his presidency, not to mention replace the Supreme court justices correctly. However, I haven’t read all of the BAR links yet, so I will stop my optimistic (or naive?) comments right there.

    @miranda, so true on Mccain…

    @hasani – you definitely must be David Mac. Jesse and Al haven’t accepted money from any corporation that is inconsistent with how every single United States congressman and Senator has done business since forever.

  14. Eric Daniels says:

    Frankly Obama is not a “black leader” in the grass roots or anywhere else, like Rev. Wright said on Bill Moyers a politican and a good one at that. To me we have to redefine who represents African- American leadership. I am agreeing with Stanley Crouch which is surprisng on the article he wrote last year that Obama is not really a “Black American” in the sense that he shares our culture and politcal agenda, he is a Biracial man who is “Intergrated” into American society and sees us from the perspective of a person who grew up off the mainland and does not relate to us except as someone who can use us for politcal gain. I will be voting for Cynthia Mc Kinney in the fall because I see people like Obama as no better than the white conservative (or Democratic centrist) There is no “new black leadership’ because it has always changed.

    We have Black Leaders who represents our dreams, ideas and desires and they should not be chosen by White Americans and their media outlets, Patrick Buchanan needs to shut before he gets what he deserves which is a shotgun to the head. Good grief, I have never seen someone like him gets paid to talk as a “commentator” and they don’t invite a black person like Adolph Reed, Ras Baraka, Chuck D, Connie Rice, Rev Wright or others who will provide a clear opposing viewpoint on these shows, instead we get Amy Holmes, Michelle Bernard, Roland Martin or some neutred Black Person like John Capeheart who are such pussies I want to hurl. I don’t think Rev. Jackson said anything wrong about Sen. Obama in any sense, if anything Obama better watch out because there are Brothas and Sistas who will not vote for him because he has not outlined any agenda in the inner cities and has done that for Hispanics, Jews, Working Class Whites and others.

    Obama needs every black vote he can get and if he keeps on bashing Brothas to please Whites like some of the trolls who lurk here he will will not win in November because he will have alienated enough Blacks to that many will vote for Nader or Mc Kinney and it would not take much maybe 5%. He is using the media to prove to the American Electorate that he will “stand up to the niggers”, and with 20% of Clinton supporters not voting for him because of their racist attitudes and Hispanics and others taking a cool attitude towards him his campaign is committing politcal suicide. Obama was never a black leader like Farrakhan who could pull all the tribes together for something bigger than themselves or like King, and Malcolm.

    Obama does not represent change he is a continuation of black leaders looking out for number 1 since the black progressive movement fell in the 70’s. I am afraid Black Folks will be disapointed come November and the “Bradley Effect” takes place because there will even greater hatred of whites because we are believing that white amerikkans will ignore race in the voting booth, I have the utpmost faith like the Cubs choking in October that Obama will get trounced by McCain unless he builds bridges in the Black Community amongst people who think Jackson and Wright are correct in their accessment of Sen. Obama and Michelle will not be able to massage those egos.

    Read Rolling Stone last issue and look at his advisors and see where he is getting his marching orders, you will see where I am coming from.

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