Barry Bonds: Blackballed!

How can the game’s most prolific home run hitter have a clean bill of health, a desire to play, and none of baseball’s 30 teams are interested in his services?

Here’s my take on it.

I find it troubling that tonight’s MLB All-Star game in Yankee Stadium is going to be short the game’s most dominant player over the last decade.

Barry Bonds played three games in the “House that Ruth Built“, going 3 for 7 with a home run in an interleague series against the Bronx Bombers in 2002.

Bonds quite possibly could’ve been playing in his last season this year. Had anyone including the San Francisco Giants had the balls to sign him, he would be playing his last All-Star game in Yankee Stadium tonight.

But enough with my flair for the dramatics.

In the winter of 2006, I stated that if Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s home run record in the 2007 season, that he would not be signed by any Major League team in 2008.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to see this coming.

All 30 Major League Baseball owners have been put on notice by Commissioner Bud Selig not to contact Bonds or his agent in any way, shape or form.

This can be interpreted as Selig’s punishment for Bonds not coming forward and admitting to any PEDs. All while breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record.

Through last week Bonds’ agent Jeff Borris has confirmed that there have been no offers for his client. Borris went on to decribe the chance of Bonds signing on with any team as “Bleak.”

Two teams in particular that could use Bonds’ presence are the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets.

First baseman David Ortiz has been out since May 31st with a torn tendon in his wrist. The Red Sox hold a half-game lead over the surprising Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East. This situation would be ideal for Bonds because he could be an everyday DH with no pressure on his knees.

A week ago, the Mets lost outfielder Moises Alou for the season with a hamstring injury. Winners of 9 straight and a half game behind the NL East leading Philadelphia Phillies they are currently the hottest team in baseball. Also not a bad place for Bonds as he could platoon with Endy Chavez and Fernando Tatis. The Mets could use another bat with some pop in the lineup. And New York would love him.

But according to Borris, he can’t remember the last time a team called inquiring about Bonds.

“No one is even asking about him. I talk to the clubs every day for a variety of reasons and his name is never brought up anymore. “I’m more convinced now than ever that he won’t be in a major-league uniform in 2008 and I think that is a pathetic way for him to go out. He is deserving of better [because] he gave his heart and soul to this game.”

Kinda makes you wonder if Bonds had pulled a “Giambi” threw himself on Selig’s mercy and begged for the fan’s forgiveness all of this could’ve been avoided?

I don’t think so. No matter how forgiving they say “Our” society is WE know that’s a double-edged sword WE’LL never be able to weild.

Everyone has formed their own opinion of Bonds now anyway, so can the “Baggage” really be that heavy? Is he really going to be a “Black eye” to an organization trying to get into the postseason or further?

Bonds is alot of things to many people, one word we all may agree on is defiant; he walks to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t mind dancing alone. If you push, he will push back. If it costs him everything he will stand on his beliefs.

As the clock ticks away on his career, he’s locked into bitter a staredown with baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.

And it doesn’t look like either man is ready to blink.

31 Responses to “Barry Bonds: Blackballed!”

  1. Hal says:

    I’m inclined to agree with you that Selig’s fingerprints are all over this one. I can’t think of any other way that there’d be unanimous silence from every franchise. It seems likely that even the Giants’ decision not to re-sign Bonds was at Selig’s orders, perhaps as a tradeoff for their not being punished for allowing PEDs in the clubhouse. (There’s no doubt that several Giants players were using – they’ve admitted as much – though Bonds never has.)

    It’s also worth noting that everyone named in the Mitchell Report has been let off the hook, but the legal harassment of Bonds continues. There’s still a very good chance that Barry will be exonerated of perjury charges, and that Clemens will be convicted – that must keep Selig awake and sweating. It wouldn’t surprise me if Selig is hoping just the opposite, and has convinced the owners to lay off Bonds till his case has gone to court, figuring that by then, however it turns out, he’ll have been out of the game long enough that he’ll just retire.

    It may be that Selig’s been under pressure from Congress, and has worked out a deal to protect the owners from being punished for their complicity in the use of PEDs by promising to shun Barry.

    I normally try to avoid speculation about Bonds, as most of the conversation about him has been nothing BUT speculation and opinion. The deafening silence from MLB about the best player they’ve ever seen cries out for explanation, and in the absence of information, speculation is all we have.

    To be honest, I have no scruples toward speculating about Selig. I can’t forget the image of him squirming with his hands in his pockets as Bonds tied Aaron, or his conspicuous absence when the record was broken. Squirm on, Bud. May your Bonds nightmares never end.

  2. thebrotherreport says:

    Couldn’t have said it better Hal.

  3. origin says:

    Brotha it doesn’t matter what bonds did unless he was gonna kiss white folks @ss (the media) thats the only why he wasn’t gonna get blackballed.

    I said it from the begining those good ole boys just kept him around long enough so that he could break the record and they could get those seats filled. And so its like it has always been we will find out in 50 years ( some one will slip up and admit) that bonds was blackballed. It always is like this.

    You can add him to a long list of black players who have been blackballed over the last 25 years. Hodges, Chris Jackson, AAron Brooks. Lets not forget Culpepper and Byron Leftwich too.
    Cause them brothas sure as he11 aren’t getting another job.

    The thing I am most mad at bonds about is why won’t he go to Japan and play. F%$^ those good ole boys in the media and the MLB owners. Sh$% its tons of money to be made overseas.

    Thats whats so messed up about the vick situation cause we all know that the brotha is blackballed for life in the good ole boy NFL or Nascar with face masks as I call it. If the CFL wasn’t half way dead he could play their and get paid. But compared to basball and basketball where you can make money overseas their is nothing to be made in football outside the NFL>

    Anyway all this says is that Cramello, AI, Mayo, Rose, TO, Chad Johnson and every other brotha in sports better watch you back. Cause the MSM is gonna have to find a new brotha that america loves to hate to keep the racist sports media machine moving.

    The question is who is the new so called surely colored man that the MSM will use to be the new face of sports hate.

  4. origin says:

    Oh and on bonds trumped up charges they will pin something on the brotha. Ain’t no time that the american government has went after black folks and not got them on something.

    I can see this mess even ending on some vick crap. Hold 30 years over the brotha head and hopes he pleads guilty. If not if they find him guilty on anything they try and throw the book at the brotha. Fine him so much he is paying back the government for the rest of his life like the Brown Bomber.

  5. thebrotherreport says:

    They’re trying to get at him for tax evasion too.

  6. kos says:

    What really pisses me off, is the only “evidence” that anyone has on Bonds is a book with dubious sources. The only reason there will even be a trial is there is an IRS agent that has no life who won’t stop ’til he can get Bonds head over his mantle. Rick Ankiel, Andy Pettitte, Jason Giambi, and just about every other active player in that report never had any real reprecussions. Why is Bonds the only one who HAS to fall on the sword?

    One thing that I’ve always liked about Bonds was his defiance. The last thing I want to see, is him bowing down to the powers that be. I’d rather see him never play again than to grovel like they want him to. They’ve already anointed Alex Rodriguez as the next home run king anyway. Watch your back Alex. You see how they treat you for not delivering in the post season. You always crave for the press to love you, just remember, they always have a dagger ready for whenever you mess up.

  7. origin says:

    Heck they already hate A-rod they are just waiting until he messes up in their eye. Or a great all american hope takes his spot. One or the other. Just look at the coverage the sports media did on his divorce.

    That mess shouldn’t have even been covered.

  8. Temple3 says:

    Boston is only an ideal situation for Bonds if you can KILL each and every Red Sox fan BEFORE he gets there. Otherwise, it’s like offering him a steak in a shit house.

  9. Temple3 says:


    You realize that Bonds is the only one on that list who has NOT admitted using these substances which Selig and his peeps were well aware of over 15 years ago.

    I wrote two pieces on this awhile back — and it’s worth noting that on the same day Bonds’ indictment was announced, Selig announced that baseball revenues had grown from $1.2B (pre-Steroid Era) to $6B. He said, like the bitch that he is, that he had to pinch himself to believe that it was all real.

    Bud is as happy as a Queer with a bag of dicks.

  10. kos says:


    Yeah, I didn’t even count Roger Clemens. I saw that the Mets club house guy has some proof that PED’s were sent to Roger’s house. Honestly though, if Bonds admitted to using PED’s, I believe he’d be just as unemployed as he is now. They’d just find some other excuse for why they wouldn’t employ him. Bud isn’t going to allow Bonds back into baseball for anything, even though he was the biggest draw in baseball for years.

    Isn’t it weird that the same ones on the message boards always pleading to let the court do their jobs for famous white folks in trouble, never extend the same courtesy to a black man.

  11. Temple3 says:

    Not weird at all.

    There’s a saying from way-way-way back that a friend of mine is fond of quoting, “For my friends I have justice. For my enemies I have the law.” The rule of law will always be applied to “out-groups” while the principle of justice will be upheld for “in-groups.” It’s a very simple principle predicated on cultural racialism and xenophobia.

  12. origin says:

    check this out,0,1332501.story

    So is the media reporting on this to throw everyone off track so that the news of GI JOE all american hero Clemens had roids sent to his house???

    Yall black folks better watch it with the gang signs…….yall sigmas, que dogs and kappas better chill with the signs. I don’t care what frat you belong to if you black and throw up a sign you gangbanging period.

    Thank god Mcnair is gone with that gang banger sign he throws up after every touchdown.

    Oh and ms Candice Parker you better not be throwing up no Delta or AKA signs either after you make a bucket.

    Thats a gang banger sign for all I know.

  13. Temple3 says:

    I found something close to that online from a Peruvian President back in the day…Not so long ago (1940). Oscar Benavides – “For my friends anything; for my enemies the law.”

    You get the picture though. I’ll have to pass that along to my paraphrasing friend.

  14. Temple3 says:


    Another drop of rain in an unending battle to separate Blacks from their culture — to make us over. Nice link ’cause it’s pouring.

  15. Matthew Fudge says:

    Want to know one of the main reasons Barry’s catching hate now? Because America doesn’t like angry, arrogant black men with no personality. Charles Barkley isn’t that much different from Bonds. Charles can act like he has no home training just like Barry can. The difference is Charles plays the media game. He can be outrageous and still make people laugh. Barry couldn’t do that at gunpoint.

  16. Temple3 says:


    America, does however, like angry, arrogant white men with no personality. Steve Carlton, Roger Clemens, Larry Bird — and on and on and on.

    Tickle my fancy and dig up some interesting shit from any one of those boring, surly bastards. Good luck.

    Barkley is as different from Bonds as Clemens, Bird and Carlton are alike — and still, we’re stuck with this chasm of perception which cannot be bridged by your infantile suppositions.

    You’ll have to dig deeper on this. Being surly, snarky, nasty and the like has seldom been a barrier to many a “Good Ol’ Boy.” If you’re older than 15, you should know better.

  17. Temple3 says:


    A nation CHOCK FULL of boring, underachieving AWM’s relate profoundly to the bubbling anger in Silent Sams like Randy Johnson — but despise Bonds. They love the contemptible antics of bad boys like Christian Laettner. But they hate Bonds. LOL.

    And if you can find a quote worth reading from CL or RJ, add it to the pile of Sleeping Pills served up by Lefty and the Hick from French Lick.

    Oh, you doooo Slay Me. ROTFLMBAO!

  18. Miranda says:

    The bleaching of MLB is damn near complete.

  19. origin says:

    Almost sista…………if they could just get them dark latins out of the league.

    You know pedro, vlad, big pappi and the rest.

  20. Mizzo says:

    My bad that I don’t have anything up yet people. I’m almost done a piece about why Blacks are leaving the game at a young age through a story with my son Gaston. I hope you enjoy it. It should be posted around 6.

  21. Temple3 says:

    If Black folks want to reclaim a position in MLB, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING stopping established players and retirees from using public space to operate leagues they OWN and OPERATE to the enrichment of youth across the nation.

    There are no laws or real irreducible barriers to creating a true pipeline of MLB quality talent by investing in leagues for youth. The dollars expended on just one bullshit ass European car could provide a down payment on a lot; leverage a sponsorship-partnership with local, regional and international businesses; and buy uniforms for about 40 years.

    If you’re in a Limited Edition Maserati or Ferrarri and bitching about MLB, shut the fuck up. If you’re a broke ass, write the proposal or shut the fuck up. Free your mind, impose your will. Be the change you want to see. It’s not up to them…it’s up to me and you and you. Make it happen or keep it movin’.

    Always in love.

  22. Temple3 says:

    That might have been a bit over the top. But in all seriousness, it is important to appreciate our legacy of establishing pipelines of truly productive lineages. This can be done in baseball as well. If basketball dynasties have been built all over the nation at the middle school, high school and AAU level, there is no reason the same cannot be done in baseball.

    Anyone wanna discuss the roadmap, hit Mizzo for my info. or hit me at my site.

    Be well.

  23. Temple3 says:


    Gaston’s story needs to be told. Thanks for sharing.

  24. thebrotherreport says:

    We’re in the second season of a youth neighborhood baseball league in my old neighborhood, we have about 4 teams that play each other for most of the summer. Mostly to learn the fundamentals and build a love for the game.

    Two brothas in any All-Star game where cats aren’t skating has to cause concern.

    Me and some of my friends have a summer basketball league kicking off on next week, and flag football in the fall. Trying to keep the youth busy and out of trouble.

  25. Mizzo says:

    Yeah it’s really a story about coaching–or lack thereof. Also just did a two hour interview with Webber. He had some very interesting things to say about basketball, sports, life and music.

  26. boney says:

    I think it’s sad that Bonds isn’t on a team, but I also don’t feel like he truly could contribute much at his age anyway. If we want to be honest about it and not turn a hateful eye towards it, Bonds’ batting average in recent years has been his worst run of his entire career. He can’t play the field anymore, so helping the Mets is out of the question. He could’ve helped the BoSox part time, but Papi is coming back and Manny is a butcher with the glove anyway so putting him at DH when Papi is out was the answer…

    I think Bonds deserves better than what he’s gotten but I also believe that his declining abilities, overall, has lead him to not be signed with a team. He’s not going to take a minor league contract, and why should he?

    About black baseball players:

    Growing up, I played baseball. Little tikes to College. My experience from it was that much like how the soccer teams in high school were formed from the male hispanic population, the baseball teams were all white guys. The only sport that had true integration of the races was football, where it was 50/50.

    I played on 3 teams (that I can remember) my entire “career” that had 1 black baseball player on the team. That’s from little league to college, even the travel teams where players were picked from the area didn’t have black players on the teams. The teams in my later years were all white. We played teams in Newport News and the Hampton areas that were mostly black, but all other teams had the majority of whites on the team.

    Scrolling through some old sets of baseball cards (1989 and 1990 respectively) the racial split was, at best, 90/10 whites or hispanic to black. Of course there were no japanese players, just goofy looking white guys and a few black players here and there. Most of the black players, I found, played for the Detroit Tigers (oddly enough).

    Of course it’s just me, and my experience of baseball in the Northern Virginia/DC area. I don’t think I’d be wrong in saying that baseball, at least in my generation, has been all that popular for anyone other than white people or latinos.

    It’s a shame it’s not more popular than it is, it’s a fun sport to play and a fun sport to get involved with, with your kids. People say it’s boring, but when you’re involved in it, it’s really fun. There’s nothing better than taking your son to a baseball game man, I think Mizz can confirm that…

  27. Matthew Fudge says:


    “Dig deeper on this”? “Infantile suspicions”? OK. How about Mark McGwire or Joe DiMaggio? Neither of those guys were close to warm and cuddly. Sammy Sosa? “Baseball been berry, berry good to me!! with an Uncle Tom smile on his face. They all get the media pass. Yes, there are exceptions. Ted Williams’ legacy is intact even though he could be an a–hole to the press and the fans. People forget this now, but behind Willie Mays’ image was an angry black man who had to deal with prejudice for almost his whole career. All that being said, I still stand behind the opinion that being an angry black man hurts him in the court of public opinion. He doesn’t play the “game”, so he’ll never get the leeway that someone like Jason Giambi is still getting.

  28. Bryante says:

    I’m praying for Barry. I have not watched a game this season because no one has signed him. I’m a BIG baseball fan. He has not been convicted on anything. What’s up owners! Most of your stadiums are empty. Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oakland and others. He will bring people to the game. Didn’t the fans vote him in as an All-Star last year despite the allegations ?

  29. Temple3 says:


    The point is simply this – and I’m not quite sure that your response nailed it. There are no Angry Black Men getting love in this here nation. That’s not surprising and is to be expected. Your original point was this his ANGER, and LACK of PERSONALITY rather than his BLACKNESS was the reason for getting the national gas face.

    Given the list of names I rattled off, it’s fairly obvious that being anger, furious, boring or even a fuck up is not a barrier to “white” guys getting love.

    I don’t know where you’re going with this. Do you? Sammy Sosa has no bearing on this conversation – exempt to amplify your uncontested and obvious point that buffoons like Barkley can get love 24-7. No news there.

    Deal with Carlton, Clemens, Christian, Larry and all the other boring guys who would ruin a family vacation or night at the bar who STILL get love every single day. McGwire was/is boring as hell and until he went all Witness Protection, the media and the fans were falling all over themselves to suck him dry. Same went for Joe D. Those, my friend, are not exceptions…they are the RULE which you seem hell bent on ignoring.

    Perhaps you should simply buy Barry Lamar Bonds some paint.

  30. TC says:

    Don’t have much to add to what folks have said here. I’m a Dodger fan but I’ve been telling my Dodger fan friends that our innocent, nonsensical, shit-talking rivalry with the Gnats has nothing to do with this.

    As far as I’m concerned, Barry Bonds is the greatest player of the last 40 years. Period. End of story. Even if he took a little sum’in-sum’in. I can remember as a 10 year old who did his book reports on athletes and teams and whose first (and usually only) stop at the library was SI….sometimes some love for “Sport” too, the hype re: Barry as a skinnier youngster. He was super fast, he had power. He was the second-coming. Of course, this is before the blogosphere, sports-bloviating on the radio etc….but at least to my ears, there was a lot of anticipation of Barry. I remember watching him play the Dodgers on channel 11 here in LA; Pirates wearin’ those gangsta ’80s Pirates uniforms with the ugly-ass caps. Anyway……point is…well, it’s not unfathomable to me that Barry’s been done like this. I have to admit, I didn’t have a lot of sympathy for Barry till about five years ago…but the disparity and double-standard has become so glaring in these past few years…it’s become so surreal to see the man hyped up by the sports media and then………..nuttin’. It’s like the way Stalin’ did Trotsky. I’m sure y’all heard when he became President he excised any mention of Trotsky from the history books. There are pictures which have been compared, side-by-side. Same pictures, but one is the original, the other is after Stalin came to power. Stalin and Trotsky standing together, brothers-in-arms. Then when Stalin and him become rivals, the pictures are doctored so Trotsky didn’t even exist. It’s just terrible. Karma will be a bitch for bitch Bud.

  31. HarveyDent says:


    Karma will be a bitch for MLB as a whole for taking part in this because I won’t just say the ‘B’ word but also the ‘C’ word for COLLUSION with what is happening to Barry Lamar. Future sports fans will read about the curious case of the homerun king and sadly shake their heads and wonder what the hell their ancestors were drinking that we would allow the greatest player of probably three generations to go out like this.

    Jesus wept indeed.