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Black Power

“Why is the American black man so complacent about being trampled upon? Why doesn’t the American black man fight to be a human being?”

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Fight the Power

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Friday Fire: Did the Yankees Pass Over Barry Bonds for Richie Sexson?

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Check out Costas Now when you get a chance. Great show about the state of baseball is airing the next week or so. The best part of the show was the exchange between Hank, Willie and Bob Gibson. America needs to appreciate talent as it exists instead of giving Willie Mays and Hank Aaron standing ovations 430 years later. Yeah they’ve been afforded a modicum of praise, but it’s a long time coming.

Gibson stayed in his chair. He was not giving those cats a standing o. Both hit close to .200 for their careers against the fearless fireballer. Supreme competitor even though he’s long since retired. He’s a legend that deserves any praise he gets and is a true G.

Had to be difficult for two of the greatest of all time because Barry was the 762 pound gorilla in the room.

Hideo Nomo retired yesterday. I’ll never forget when he and Dave Stewart threw no hitters on the same day and ESPN was lucky enough to air both games in succession.

This would be a common occurrence in Yankee Stadium

Barry Bonds a Yankee? Could it be? Not according to Brian Cashman:

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Friday Fire 2: What Are Your Thoughts On the Word Nigger? Should Anyone Use It?

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I copped Nas’ Untitled (formerly Nigger) and NYOIL’s Hood Treason. Both are hot and I’m not just saying this for my own interests.

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