Where Is Shawn Andrews?

The biggest surprise of the Eagles training camp isn’t Lito Shephard and Brian Westbrook showing up despite their contract squabbles, but who isn’t there.

Offensive lineman Shawn Andrews has been a no-show at camp for “personal reasons” that have not been disclosed by Andrews or his agent. The Eagles can fine Andrews up to $15,000 for each day he misses. As of this moment, no fines have been issued.

He calls himself the “Big Kid”, but for his first five seasons in the NFL, Eagles right guard Shawn Andrews has been a man amongst kids in the trenches. The two-time Pro Bowl selection has been a mainstay on an offensive line headed towards a major overhaul as soon as next season.

Whatever is keeping Shawn Andrews away from training camp has accelerated that process.

Andrews has not been at camp since Saturday, and while he and his agent Rich Moran have told the Eagles it is not a contrctual issue, it may be a while before he shows up.

Speculation has run rampant as to Andrews condition, I’ve heard everything from, he may have put back on the weight that he lost after his rookie season to depression.

I can’t begin to try and figure out what’s going on in his life but, I know that many of these young men are put into pressure situations from the day that they’re drafted. They obligate themselves to helping out family, business endeavors (that sometimes don’t pan out), etc.

Whatever the case may be with Andrews, I can only hope and pray that he comes out of it a stronger person mentally as well as physically.

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