Kermit Washington’s Remarkable Redemption

Posted in Blogroll on July 30th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

One of the most misunderstood athletes of all time gives some words to our friend, Dave Zirin.

Washington’s talent was very unappreciated because of “the punch

Former National Basketball Association player Kermit Washington has never asked for redemption. He’s lived it. It’s a tragedy of history that Washington is best known for what will forever be known as “the
punch.” On December 9 1977, the LA Lakers played the Houston Rockets. Washington, engaged in an on-court fracas, heard footsteps, turned, and threw a roundhouse fist. It connected with Rudy Tomjanovich, fracturing his face about 1/3 of an inch away from his skull and leaving the Rocket All-Star passed out in a pool of blood by half court.

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Sacramento Kings Forward Ron Artest Traded to Houston Rockets For Bobby Jackson, a First Round Pick and Donte Green

Posted in Blogroll on July 30th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Most thought Ron would land with the Lakers

Our boy Ron Artest is getting his wish and is on the move:

The Rockets will give up guard Bobby Jackson, a No. 1 draft pick next season and another player that the individual with knowledge of the trade could not name. Rockets general manager Daryl Morey declined to comment.

Rookie forward Donte Greene, whom the Rockets acquired in a series of draft-night trades, will be included in the trade and is considered a key to the deal for the Kings. But because Greene signed July 14, he cannot be traded until Aug. 14 and the deal cannot be finalized or discussed publicly by team officials until Aug. 14.

The Rockets are also expected to acquire rookies Patrick Ewing Jr. and Sean Singletary another player or players in the deal to make the money match, but both have partially guaranteed contracts and are likely to be released. The Rockets will also send the Kings roughly $1 million.

The Rockets had previously signed guard Brent Barry this month and are in talks to keep free agents Dikembe Mutombo and Carl Landry.

I think this trade should put to rest questions about Tracey McGrady being shipped elsewhere and is exactly what Houston needs.

There’s no question there’s been a soft as tissue paper element in Houston. They’ve had too much talent lately to get bounced so quickly in the playoffs. 20+ straight means nothing if you can’t do shit in the playoffs.

I still question the draft day trade a couple of years back that sent Shane Battier to Houston for Rudy Gay, but maybe this deal reconciles any questions of toughness.

Missed you at Webb’s this year Bobby Jax. Good luck to you brotha. You glad to go back home?

I might have a few minutes with Ron forthcoming…we’ll see.