Sacramento Kings Forward Ron Artest Traded to Houston Rockets For Bobby Jackson, a First Round Pick and Donte Green

Most thought Ron would land with the Lakers

Our boy Ron Artest is getting his wish and is on the move:

The Rockets will give up guard Bobby Jackson, a No. 1 draft pick next season and another player that the individual with knowledge of the trade could not name. Rockets general manager Daryl Morey declined to comment.

Rookie forward Donte Greene, whom the Rockets acquired in a series of draft-night trades, will be included in the trade and is considered a key to the deal for the Kings. But because Greene signed July 14, he cannot be traded until Aug. 14 and the deal cannot be finalized or discussed publicly by team officials until Aug. 14.

The Rockets are also expected to acquire rookies Patrick Ewing Jr. and Sean Singletary another player or players in the deal to make the money match, but both have partially guaranteed contracts and are likely to be released. The Rockets will also send the Kings roughly $1 million.

The Rockets had previously signed guard Brent Barry this month and are in talks to keep free agents Dikembe Mutombo and Carl Landry.

I think this trade should put to rest questions about Tracey McGrady being shipped elsewhere and is exactly what Houston needs.

There’s no question there’s been a soft as tissue paper element in Houston. They’ve had too much talent lately to get bounced so quickly in the playoffs. 20+ straight means nothing if you can’t do shit in the playoffs.

I still question the draft day trade a couple of years back that sent Shane Battier to Houston for Rudy Gay, but maybe this deal reconciles any questions of toughness.

Missed you at Webb’s this year Bobby Jax. Good luck to you brotha. You glad to go back home?

I might have a few minutes with Ron forthcoming…we’ll see.

14 Responses to “Sacramento Kings Forward Ron Artest Traded to Houston Rockets For Bobby Jackson, a First Round Pick and Donte Green”

  1. Diallo says:

    Houston’s perimter defense is gonna be sick. Now Adelman can throw Ron Ron and MR. BATTIER!! at Kobe? That does not portend well. Good thing Adelman is the coach and will eventually screw things up. Otherwise, I’d be scared to death of Houston.

  2. This is a MAJOR move for the Rockets as Ron Ron is just the type of player they needed to turn the corner in the Playoffs. I was praying that he would become a Laker, however the Lakers, Spurs, Hornets, and Suns are going to feel the effect of Artest in Houston.

  3. thebrotherreport says:

    With probably the best interior and exterior defensive players in the game; the Rockets have shot past Dallas and Phoenix, making it a 4-team race in the West along with the Lakers, Spurs and Hornets

  4. Jerold Wells Jr. says:

    Forgive me if I’m not in love with this trade. When I first saw it I was like… Houston? For who? I most definately gave this move the stink face.

    Okay just a few questions.

    What position is he gonna play?
    Ron’s game is brute force. Sure he has a nice jumper but he’s at his best banging bodies and finishing at the rim. The block is taken. Yao ain’t giving up touches to post Ron Artest, I’m sorry.

    Why add him in instead of having him replace someone?
    Artest is an upgrade over Chuck Hayes and Carl Landry so why not try to get value for one of them?

    I guess that was only a couple of questions but I’m gonna take a wait and see approach to this move.

  5. thebrotherreport says:

    My 5 would be:

    PG Skip
    SG T-Mac
    SF Ron-Ron
    PF Battier/Scola
    C Yao

  6. Temple3 says:

    I think it’s a great trade for the Rockets. Artest is an unselfish player on both ends of the court. The offense does not need to run through him on any level. Artest can score from alot of places on the floor and in a lot of different ways. He doesn’t need to stand on the block. He knows the game and he’s not an ego baller…he’s about getting it done one way or another. Also, he’ll be the toughest guy in the locker room and now the Rockets will FINALLY have a grown-ass man willing to guard Carlos Boozer when it counts.

    The Rockets defense is going to make shooting guards and small forwards around the league wilt. McGrady should be the happiest player in the league.

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  8. Roberto says:

    The Rockets are going to have the roughest defense since the bad-boy pistons. They are HUGE! Their line-up is big as hell. Tmac and Ron on the perimeter= a miss match for one of them. Tmac can pull up and hit jumpers in anyone’s eye and Ron is all about powering to the bucket. Dont forget about Barry popping 3’s and Skip improving. Scola/Landry and hustle/rebounding maniacs too.

    The Rockets are “The Real Dam Deal”

  9. I think the Rockets play defense too well to be called soft as tissue paper — regardless, I like the trade. You never know how these things will pan out, but it’s obvious that Houston couldn’t stand pat if they wanted make waves in the West. As much as Artest is known for his defense, I really think he brings an offensive prowess the Rockets have needed. He’s a legit threat to score 20 and gives Houston a Big Three in the Celtics mode. Combine that with their defense and I gotta say, they’ll be fun to watch.

  10. Mizzo says:

    The soft as tissue paper is a criticism of their resolve and nothing more. A team with Yao and McGrady should be playing for a championship not the fourth or fifth seed year in and year out.

  11. michelle says:

    After this trade I see LA and Houston in the western finals next year.

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  13. Eric Daniels says:

    The Rockets are still soft, Yao Ming, Shane Battier and some of those Rockets needs to develop some toughness in the playoffs or Mc Grady will continue to be knocked out of the first round.You can go on 20 game winning streaks but can Artest make these more tougher in the half-court come playoff time?

  14. shobi says:

    The Houston Rockets are the best in the west, Rockets and Celtics in the finals