Sherman “Jocko” Maxwell, the First Black Sportscaster, Dies At 100

Posted in Blogroll on July 22nd, 2008 by Michael Tillery

(Photo: Amanda Brown/ The Star-Ledger)

Complications from pneumonia

Jocko Maxwelll died this morning in West Chester, a town minutes from where I reside. Wish I could have met him and thanked him personally for what he’s done for all of us. Who knew of Maxwell? We have to write our history or it isn’t going to be written for us. It’s no one’s responsibility but our own.

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Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins Traded To Washington Redskins

Posted in Jason Taylor, Marcellus Wiley, Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins on July 20th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

JT gets his wish

Does anyone play their entire career with one team anymore? Damn…

Jason Taylor could have kept his talent in Miami being that I’m an Eagles fan. A 6’6″ defensive end coming around the corner is not good news for the NFC East.

Phillip Daniels was hurt on the first play of drills Sunday and Dan Snyder moved quickly to acquire the 33 yr. old, 12 year vet with a 2nd round pick next year and a six round pick in 2010 (2010 sounds like some real futuristic ish huh?)

For some reason he and Bill Parcels never got along after Parcels took over. Maybe Dat Dude was right (See you in a couple of days bruh).

Watch out for the ‘Skins. They have addressed most of their needs the past couple of seasons. Snyder has the reputation of a hardline businessman but the man is really putting his team in a position to win now.

Sunday Swerve: The Hood Treason Is a Classic Edition

Posted in NYOIL on July 20th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Listen people. I bought NYOIL’s cd this week and it’s the best thing I’ve heard in years.  Every track flows into the next. As I listened, I couldn’t help to smile. 

It actually made me happy.

Unreal actually brought me to tears (yeah I said it) the second time I played it because I strongly related. He speaks real rap on every track. If you want your soul enriched, go get it.

Thanks Chuck, Kris and everyone else who inspired this rap revolutionary.

Damn, it’s been a long time comin’…

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Black Power

“Why is the American black man so complacent about being trampled upon? Why doesn’t the American black man fight to be a human being?”

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Fight the Power

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Friday Fire: Did the Yankees Pass Over Barry Bonds for Richie Sexson?

Posted in Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Derek Jeter, Friday Fire on July 18th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Check out Costas Now when you get a chance. Great show about the state of baseball is airing the next week or so. The best part of the show was the exchange between Hank, Willie and Bob Gibson. America needs to appreciate talent as it exists instead of giving Willie Mays and Hank Aaron standing ovations 430 years later. Yeah they’ve been afforded a modicum of praise, but it’s a long time coming.

Gibson stayed in his chair. He was not giving those cats a standing o. Both hit close to .200 for their careers against the fearless fireballer. Supreme competitor even though he’s long since retired. He’s a legend that deserves any praise he gets and is a true G.

Had to be difficult for two of the greatest of all time because Barry was the 762 pound gorilla in the room.

Hideo Nomo retired yesterday. I’ll never forget when he and Dave Stewart threw no hitters on the same day and ESPN was lucky enough to air both games in succession.

This would be a common occurrence in Yankee Stadium

Barry Bonds a Yankee? Could it be? Not according to Brian Cashman:

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Friday Fire 2: What Are Your Thoughts On the Word Nigger? Should Anyone Use It?

Posted in Blogroll, Kenny Smith on July 18th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

I copped Nas’ Untitled (formerly Nigger) and NYOIL’s Hood Treason. Both are hot and I’m not just saying this for my own interests.

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The Silent Glove: A Father’s Wish For His Son to Reconnect With Baseball

Posted in Blacks in Baseball, Blogroll, Gaston Tillery, Jim Rice, Racism, Reggie Jackson, Rod Carew, The Yankees on July 16th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Dedicated to Gaston…

Called you Jigga way before Hov ‘96 stepped on the scene

First word football, named after Gaston Green

When you were not yet born, I was only 18

Point guard lean, quarterback gleam

Athletic skills mean, leader of the team

Father’s love, pushed aside, diminished and shoved

Maintain your focus Gaston, if you need, look above

Do you smell the leather? Son grab that glove!

Yes, of course the baseball dream is in me

My dream is mine son, not for you to blindly be

For this moment is your life, from 93 to Infinity…

On Wednesdays in the summer of 2003, my son and I would cross the street to the local high school and play “Fifty.”

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A Vision in BLACK

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We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this Earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Malcolm X

This may seem a bit capricious when compared to how I usually write, however its quite the contrary. A quiet storm has been on the horizon for a few years…its just that I do not talk nor write about the trouble on my mind very often. This is a message to the BLACK journalist, about how and why we are essential to the media.
Sheed AG

‘Sheed and AG at their best in North Philadelphia

I am not going to give the negativity within the media against black people in America any love or support by mentioning them. If you have been paying attention you would know exactly who and what I’m trying not to talk about.

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Barry Bonds: Blackballed!

Posted in Blogroll on July 15th, 2008 by Ron Glover

How can the game’s most prolific home run hitter have a clean bill of health, a desire to play, and none of baseball’s 30 teams are interested in his services?

Here’s my take on it.

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Billy Packer Out, Clark Kellogg In As CBS Final Four Analyst: Kellogg Interview Shortly After National Final Included

Posted in Billy Packer, Blogroll, CBS, Clark Kellogg, Final Four, Gus Johnson, Indiana Pacers, Julius Erving, Lew Alcindor, National Final, Ohio State University on July 15th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

One of the best the biz has to offer. Can’t wait to see him do the Final Four

After 27 years with the network, CBS and Billy Packer have decided to part ways. Packer and CBS mutually agreed to this last year. Packer did a total of 34 Final Fours. Can you imagine seeing that many great games?

In steps a very capable Clark Kellogg…

“With his unquestioned popularity and performance over the years, Clark Kellogg earned all rights to this top spot,” Sean McManus, president of CBS News and Sports, said in a statement Monday. “Like Billy Packer, Al McGuire or any of the most highly regarded broadcasters, Clark is an original voice with his own style and perspective.”

I’ve always admired Kellogg’s work. He sees the game from a player’s vantage point and has a very intellectual and professional approach to his analysis. Since this was announced yesterday (7/15), I have an interview I conducted with Clark shortly after the National Final over the phone after the jump.

Here’s a statement Clark just sent: “I’m extremely grateful for and excited about this wonderful professional opportunity. I’m very much looking forward to it. The NCAA Final Four is one of the premiere sporting events in the world and I feel privileged to be part of the CBS announcing team.”

Thanks Clark. Best of luck to you.

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Is Philadelphia Turning On Ryan Howard?

Posted in Blogroll on July 14th, 2008 by Ron Glover

Last week, I tuned into a little sports talk radio to get the city’s pulse on the 76ers acquisition of Elton Brand. The Philadelphia fans are very much looking forward to the upcoming NBA season to say the least.

There was another topic on the show that was of greater concern to me. It has been the Philadelphia Phillies fans treatment of star first baseman Ryan Howard this season. Howard has won rookie of the year and league MVP in consecutive seasons and leads the National League in home runs and RBIs despite being left off of the All-Star team. But for some reason the fans are pointing to his Major League leading 126 strikeouts and 13 errors (tops among first baseman) and his desire to earn $20 million per season. WHY? Read more »

THE NEW YORKER Too? What the Fuck!!!

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Damn it’s been a rough couple days for Barack. First this then this!?!

When is this motherfucking shit going to end?

Yeah I’m mad, but trust I know what I’m talking about here. Don’t buy this magazine if your life depends on it people.

So what that NEW YORKER readers are gonna get it, does that really matter outside of New York? Is the dude turning pages whistling from Manhattan, KS really going to read a 15,000 word “serious” piece on Barack Obama?

Hell no!

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Gilbert Arenas Keeps Promise, Signs For Less and Still Gets 111 Million

Posted in Antawn Jamison, Gilbert Arenas, Washington Wizards on July 13th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

One of the best interviews in sports

Gilbert Arenas wants desperately to win. He’s one of the most eccentric players in the L, but he sho nuff gives it too you straight. He’d promised the Wizards he would take less than the max so they could have enough cap room to sign other players to make the team a viable contender in the East.

AG and I went to a couple of Wizards/Cavs playoff games (fellas the Wizards pr staff is just ridiculous…especially that one in the blue dress (or was it green?) huh AG?) and you could visually see just how injured Agent Zero really was.

Yes, Arenas did sign for 111 million, but for a player to turn down 16 million dollars from his own team is just unheard of. Gil, what about Zero the 25? How’s he gonna get the kicks he needs?

Dude is loyal as well. He informed the team he would not resign unless they kept Antawn Jamison (which they did at 4 years, 50 milllion).

In signing for 6 years with a talented team—who happen to play in one of the most sickest arenas–Gilbert IMO, has moved into the upper echelon of real rap athletes.

He’s not going to pick a ball up until August, but trust he will be back in full force come training camp.

Good luck brothaman.

America Goes Nuts Regarding Jesse Jackson’s Off Air Comments About Barack Obama

Posted in 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama, Blogroll, Ernie Johnson, Jesse Jackson, NYOIL on July 12th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Without Jesse, there is no Barack

As I sit here a sports writer a little perturbed three White athletes got off (media coverage) because of Brett Favre’s right to change his mind (he’s a legend, when he’s gone, he’s gone), I have to step out of my box and write from a very neglected corner of my soul that is about to become the most vocal. I’m very appreciative for the NYOIL interview for it made peace the steps I personally need to take in whatever happens to me personally and professionally.

Just got off the air on WVON 1690 in Chicago–Curtis Monday’s Dollars and Sense show. I was part of a panel that included Jill Johnson–who works in IT and has done some stuff with the Department of Defense, and Bonita Parker, Chief Operating Officer, Operation Push.

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NYOIL Interview Part II: Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop!

Posted in Blogroll, interviews, NYOIL on July 11th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

No intro. Starting right where we left off. Hood Treason out now! Move ya mind and go get it.

Michael Tillery: One more question brotha that I’ve always wanted to ask a Hip Hop artist. What the hell happened to Hip Hop after the 90’s explosion of mad talent and creativity that had so much promise? Why did it level off after say…1995?

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