Isaac Hayes Found Dead

Posted in Blogroll, Kenny Smith on August 10th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Isaac was a baaaaad man. This has been a weekend not so nice

First Bernie and now Isaac Hayes? Looks like the Man upstairs is organizing a party for the ages. I grew up on this man’s music. My Pop used to bang Shaft, Walk On By and Never Can Say Goodbye. People we gotta get in shape because this is getting crazy. I’m sure Chuck, Cube (the segment before me) and I will all be in a little shock on the show tonight with all this bad news goings on. More will be posted here as this unfortunate story develops. My stomach hurts. Here’s a few of his hits. R.I.P brotha.

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Sunday Swerve: The Marvin Gaye Edition

Posted in Blogroll on August 10th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

*If anyone is up at approximately 11:50 pm EST, I’ll be on Chuck D’s On the Real/Off the Record show tonight discussing sports. Ice Cube appears on the segment just before me. You can also listen to the 11-1 am show on XM Radio 167.

Miss you brotha, miss you

I found Marvin’s box set while looking through some old stuff. Big relief because I thought I somehow lost what was a beautiful gift. Marvin sings your thoughts and was just an incredible performer. Many have tried, but they’ll never be one quite like him. Here’s some of his tracks.

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