A Year After Barry Bonds Became the Home Run King His Absence Begins to Sting

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Last year this time was such a proud time personally in the context of baseball. I couldn’t help but to smile for Barry Bonds broke the career home run record set by the great Hank Aaron. My only regret was not documenting the moment with my children.

I’d texted a couple of writers with “Happy Barry Bonds Day” and rejoiced with others who were very familiar with the Bay. It didn’t bother me Bud Selig had the look of a cheap department store mannequin as Barry rounded the bases. The raucous applause of the Pacific Bell Park (now AT&T Park) faithful had to sting Bud just enough but I’m sure he thought to himself that it would all be over soon.

Unfortunately, his hypothetical thoughts were right.

Dave Zirin wrote in May of this year: “All traces of Bonds, the greatest player in baseball history, have vanished from the Bay. The left-field wall no longer carries an image of Bonds chasing Hank Aaron for the crown. There is no marker of where Bonds hit home run number 756. There is no reminder that Bonds ever even wore a Giants uniform.”

Peter Magowan, who is set to retire as managing partner of the Giants on October 1, signed Bonds to a 6 year, 43.5 million dollar contract in 1992 before the new ownership took over in San Francisco. What was the biggest contract in baseball history at the time seems like a bargain now doesn’t it?

He’s deemed as saving San Francisco baseball, but who in fact really put in the work?

Barry and that’s why they love him in San Fran, for they told him so just yesterday.

We don’t know just how much Bud Selig was in Magowan’s ear obviously, but you know damn well Bud hated that Magowan was protecting his interests even as the steroid scandal gave baseball a financial windfall it still feeds off incessantly today. I’d surmise Bud forced Magowan’s hand to eliminate mention of Barry in the name of hypocritical baseball “integrity”.

Now, as Bonds remains unemployed after the team he made rich kicked him unceremoniously off the team, we wait…

we wait as many athletes creep, white lines dollar bill crease as the media turns the other way like it’s OK…

’cause in the end they only see their sons…

but not for Barry…

for he’s definitely not their son. If he was they would look past the indecency that’s embedded in a lot of us. Not in this case; they’d rather punch him in his face with a 20 year rabbit punch pace. First it was the surliness, then it was the Pittsburgh contract that they gave to Andy Van Slyke (who, what?), then it was he was a bad teammate and now PEDs?

we wait for jealously and envy to cease.

We wait and watch as many presumed PED users hit striped socked homers without a fan and media peep like they are Mitchell Report sound asleep.

We wait and watch real fake mustaches paint the Bronx sky a cruel shade of don’t blame George hypocrisy as the bomber’s chances of returning to the post season for the first time in a decade plus falls ridiculously by the New York second.

We wait and watch as yet another Black hero takes the brunt for another American defense mechanism. A defense mechanism of intrusion, unmitigated exclusion and Bud Selig propagates hatred confusion–but not.

But yet we wait and watch as through it all Black kids run from the game and the opportunistic dream that comes with it.

Why are our heroes slighted?

Do you want Blacks to play the game or not Bud?

You must not, or all this bitchass media and sheepish fan friendly collusion would stop.

You would think that writers would want Barry in the game because it would give them something to write about, but this is more about you Bud huh?

You walk, they follow. I will always find it incredulous that Bud Selig has escaped any serious and credible blame through all of this but it speaks of the people and their wishes.

And yet he comes back to the San Francisco applause of a number 25 dream. A dream of the best all around hitter since Hank, his godfather, Ted and Josh before that.

I want to feel it in my soul again. I want to hear the thunderous sounds of Barry’s cleats kicking up dirt in Tommy Lasorda’s face. I want to hear the distinctive crack of the bat that only Buck O’Neil knows. I want to see Barry’s timing mechanism soul model a generation of kids. Kids that cock to the left his San Francisco lid who shout and fight and laugh and gasp and clap for the biggest name since Babe ran through Sugar Hill and helped close with lightening speed a baseball racial gap.

‘Cause we see…

we see the blatant racism culminating through the impressionable offspring veins of the Bobby Baseballs who long to keep Barry out the hall because the one mark of 3000 hits he hasn’t cracked.

Oh really?

Baseball, I cannot give up on you despite the obvious contradictions you feed that seed the greed of the balding fan’s need for Barry to cease to succeed…

but yet and still the only way for that to happen is for YOU to ground his bat and pimp slap his back outta sight and outta mind. Outta mind until time erases this time until a sign is future era shown for Barry to become like Ali and Hank’s kind.

This is not about the man, it’s about the young Black fan’s mind whose tangled primitive slave ship thoughts don’t unwind until he’s way past his prime and another inferior talent takes his place in line.

I repeat, this is not about the man for who gives the moral standard at hand the right to smudge judge his San Andreas fault sized line in the sand?

What has Barry done?

Did he disgrace you, mentally displace you because he doesn’t acknowledge you?

So in turn you choose to Willie Lynch him because you know the mark he’ll set will be unattainable like the water on Mars you so seek?

Do you know how foolish this is? Do you know how stupid you look? Do you understand the pink socks and flip flops you put on your sons by blatantly engaging in this childish and whining behavior by publicly ostracizing a baseball player?

Again, a baseball player?


So the Tampa Bay Devil Rays think they have it locked up that much to not employ the greatest overall player (Sorry Jr.) of our generation because they can’t handle the distraction?

So Boston, who just got rid of Manny foolishly, doesn’t have the balls to stick Barry in the outfield even though he would have the green monster at his Black back?

Houston, I won’t even mention you.

Yet you call him old…

Yeah he’s old…like Barry Sanders old.

Take the top twenty home run hitters and add up their intentional walks and compare them to Barry’s.

How many home runs would the cat have hit? 1000? Base his walks–both intentional and unintentional intentional–on his home run per at bat and the numbers right now would be more astounding then then already are.

Do you understand this man hit 28 homers in basically half the at bats of a normal player’s season?

Do you understand that in 2004 he hit 45 homers in 373 at bats? In a 600 at bat season, what the hell does that translate to? Do the math yourself because after all you do consider yourself smarter than us right?

This is the most incredible omission ever in the history of sports and all you dumb ass Black writers who me boss capitulate behind the not so influential pack just to keep a job you most likely won’t have when their nephews graduate anyway?

I must stop now because this will become something it’s not. Just think this all started with a little kid running around in the Candlestick Park outfield as his father became Jay-Z’s 40/40 futuristic dream, his godfather became legendary yeah I missed two years because of the war mean and as his cousin Reggie blasted three into the New York night two consecutive Tommy Lasorda teams?

So they all caught mad wreck and you wonder why he hates you and is robotic despondent to most humans at the quickest slight?

All Barry wanted to do was play baseball with all that damn talent, but you Albert Belle poked his Pop and prodded and kicked and spit–like a bitch–and real fake syringe his caricature stuck to the point you are actually surprised he doesn’t give a ….?

I thought as much…

G’damnit you all suck!

But you still sit him…

because you know that through all of this…he’ll still hit ’em.

11 Responses to “A Year After Barry Bonds Became the Home Run King His Absence Begins to Sting”

  1. ronglover says:

    I was glad to see that he showed up yesterday.

    I hate to keep overstating this, what was once shameful becomes more an more criminal as each day passes.

  2. Matthew Fudge says:

    Sure, it’s criminal. But people can’t handle the truth. I’d love it if Bud came out and said, “Hell yeah, we all looked the other way, me included. After the ’94 strike, something had to get the sheep, I mean fans back. Sentiment doesn’t pay the bills, money does. More fannies in seats means more money in pockets. Grow up.”

  3. Miranda says:

    The fans gave him a rousing, thunderous applause….but I thought it was the “fans” who needed to be protected from big bad black Barry? Maybe the Giants fans didn’t get the memo.

  4. MODI says:

    firstly, great piece mizzo on multiple levels.

    I really share the sentiments here. IMO this is the third greatest travesty in the history of the sport. First is obviously segregation. second is the blackballing of Curt Flood and third is this (but arguably 2nd). Flood and Bonds is far worse than the Black Sox scandal because it isn’t hidden.

    What makes it so unconscionable is that it is in broad daylight and the mainstream media is silent. And NO SPORT has more tight ass media members than baseball who pride themselves on protecting the “integrity of the game. I mean even the writers that HATE Bonds need to stand up and say this is fucked up and call out the collusion?

    Where is Mr. Baseball conscience Bob Costas who barely gives barry a blip on his Baseball HBO special this past month? This shit is every bit a media collusion as it is an owner collusion. And media are supposed to be watchdogs…

    Honestly, there are a million issues that make me mad… but few that me me sick… this Bonds shit is one of them

  5. Temple3 says:

    DRS #1 Bob Costas (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel) is really a piece of work. It’s guys like him, Peter Gammons, Rob Neyer and the like who undermine the attempts at integrity that baseball perpetrates. Frankly, this sport is simply a joke. The game is routinely manipulated in order to produce desired outcomes: lowering the mound, narrowing the strike zone, changing stadium dimensions, and on and on. Baseball is a historic hodge podge of bullshit. And I don’t actually mean the “game” itself – as its played on sandlots around the world — I mean the MLB manifestation of the game.

    This MLB brand has ALWAYS been a bunch of bullshit…hot, shiny bullshit, but a stinker nonetheless. I didn’t see it as a child, but the blinders are off. That’s why I always said Barry should have told the HOF to kiss his ass. I understand that the HOF and MLB are distinct entities, but the connection is so close that support for one entails support of the other. If EVERY team can close their doors as one and preclude Bonds from playing, he has a perfect obligation to retain ALL achievements for his personal collection.

  6. TC says:

    I agree with Temple that Barry should tell the HOF to kiss his ass. It’s a disgrace how Barry has been treated. He’s absolutely the best player of the past 35 years. I don’t care whether he did some shit or not. It’s beyond a travesty. And it really is the silence of the play-by-play men, the prominent journalists like Bob Ryan, Gammons, Bill Plaschke, Mariotti, NYT reporters…whose silence is complicity with Bud Selig. People with consciences, 50 years from now, will look back, and wonder what confluence of factors prompted writers and the baseball execs to blackball Barry. The Rays….the Yanks….the BoSox…..the A’s, the White Sox, the Indians? No one could offer this astonishing player even a small contract? Barry ain’t playin’ for money. He doesn’t need that. The man wants to play. Anyway. Great piece as always man, and I think the fans spoke loud and clear during Barry’s appearance. I hope he appreciated the rousing applause. Yeah there’s ignorant white people who don’t appreciate the injustice and double-standard faced by Barry, but I do believe (as a white person) that the injustice here is so blatant that more and more people recognize it every day. And that applause was not empty. Hell, I think a lot of people at ballparks recognize that even if Barry had done a little steroids, even if he hadn’t, the man is still scary good. And have no doubt, you don’t boo a guy-as he would hear on the road-coz he’s a 0. You don’t boo guys you don’t respect; at least I don’t. Those boos come from jealousy. Yeah, I think it’d be sweet if Barry stiff-armed the HOF.

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