Live Blog USA vs. Greece

Posted in Blogroll on August 14th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

This is the first true test for the US team. Greece runs crazy pick and rolls–42 in the 2006 World Championship upset. The US team has to play ball because the world would love us to lose.

Can’t be quick enough with the Greek names so this will have to do until a final box. My bad, I’m a good speller, but not like that my people 😉

Let’s Get It!

Kobe starts it off with a nice baseline jumper.

Vasileios Spanoulis with two jumpers.

Jason Kidd picks up three quick fouls and Chris Paul replaces Jason.

Looks like Kobe is fouled but no call. Kobe then gets a little frustrated and pushes the defender who flops like his name is Vlade.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Aquire Mo Williams In Three Team Deal

Posted in Blogroll on August 14th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

The Cleveland Cavaliers filled a need by acquiring Bucks combo guard Mo Williams. The 25 year old Williams was one of only 6 players (Baron Davis, LeBron James, Andre Miller, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade) in the NBA last season to post averages of at least 17.0 points, 6.0 assists and 3.5 rebounds. With the East finally loading up and getting back to respectability (even though I think the West was overrated both offensively and defensively), the Cavaliers felt they had to make a move to at least ensure they would remain among the Eastern Conference elite.

The other particulars of the trade were as follows: The Cavaliers send guard Damon Jones to the Milwaukee Bucks and forward/center Joe Smith to Oklahoma City. Milwaukee gets guard/forward Adrian Griffin and guard Luke Ridnour from Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City picks up forward Desmond Mason from Milwaukee.

Mo is a very underrated NBA player and fit the mold of a do it all guard they historically love in Milwaukee. It’s a new day and Mo gets a fresh start to show the world what exactly what he can do. Big pick up because when LeBron gets a little fatigued on the floor, Williams can pick up the slack. He’s very gifted offensively. Danny Ferry has a little quandary on his hands with developing guards Delonte West and Daniel Gibson. It’ll be interesting to see if he keeps both. If he does, both players will have to adapt to less playing time and also doing whatever Mike Brown wants them to do when they are on the floor.