Live Blog USA vs. Spain Men’s Basketball Gold Medal Game

Posted in Blogroll on August 24th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Hmmmm, let me see here. How should I pump this? There’s not much else to say but Spain is going to get that ass busted. No future in your frontin’ folks. All of that imbecile media programming ya got going on in that head of yours is about to get blasted out of your psyche like it should have a long time ago. This team can’t even beat themselves. Their poor free throw and inconsistent three point shooting has still led to 20 point blowouts. Flash is making hey you look at me plays before the opposition knows what the crowd is cheering about. They’re stunned for a reason. They are stunned because this team has the athleticism of say the biggest and baddest Liger in existence. You want to watch it perform, but you’re scared as hell as well.

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