DJ Strawberry Traded From Phoenix to Houston For Sean Singletary

Minor deal went just went down in the NBA. I don’t know if it’s been reported yet, but 2nd year sg D.J. Strawberry has been sent to Houston for rookie Sean Singletary. The move was made because Strawberry wasn’t going to get any burn this season with all the shooting guards the Suns have. Phoenix adds depth at the pg position and cuts down on Steve Nash’s minutes to keep the oft injured star healthy. Both players go to playoff teams so I’d say this move is good by all. Singletary was one of the most productive players at his position in college with both his scoring and passing ability. He averaged 19.8 points, dished out 6.1 assists manning the point for Virginia and was also known for his on the ball defense. He was drafted by Sacramento with the 42nd pick and subsequently was traded with Patrick Ewing Jr. and Ron Artest to Houston for Bobby Jackson, Donte Green and a draft pick.

2 Responses to “DJ Strawberry Traded From Phoenix to Houston For Sean Singletary”

  1. Rashad says:

    Good for DJ, he better do the most with this chance though

  2. Sean Singletary is a gem of a point guard. He is your typical tough, savvy, guard and he evolve into a leader with the Phoenix Suns.