Michelle Obama Addresses the Democratic National Convention

Michelle Obama stepped to the podium with the intention of endearing America to her husband Barack. She left the stage representing a passionate love of life, dedication and honor for her entire family. She spoke of her Mom, her Dad, her very successful brother and of course her love for Barack.

Her speech was as emotionally explosive as it was hardcore peace.

Yeah, she said what she was supposed to in professing her love for her country, yeah there were eyes not dry with the salt of the most hopeful and optimistic seas, but Michelle went over and beyond the script and smashed all the personal invectives shot her and her husband’s way…

but they have endured and remained positive.

The scene after her speech when Barack and Michelle’s daughters joined her on the stage as Barack appeared on the video screen hit me hard as a dad. You got a great sense there of just how proud Malia and Sasha are of their father. This moment should be one that’s broadcast for years during future DNC’s because it wasn’t scripted. It was a genuine moment that can’t be criticized.

It was simply normal. Isn’t that what it should all be about?

There was also a pride I personally felt to see a Black family being showcased with so much at stake and they blew it away.

Pundits and the like are trying to find anything that will expose a weakness. When it comes to Michelle Obama, there is none. She’s poised to go down as one of the most charismatic and influential first ladies in recent time–if not ever–because she’s successful in her own right and is nothing fake.

She even gave some words of honor to Hillary Clinton in a true expression of what this country should be all about–unity. Does Hillary deserve those words? Probably not. Like I said on a radio show last weekend, I lopped of her proverbial head with all the Bobby Kennedy assassination references. It’s crazy how that is all immaterial now and there’s this sympathy for Clinton. I guess America sides with Hillary on some points and that’s unfortunate. This convention should not be about her inclusion for her and her supporters personal comfort and security. This is Barack Obama’s moment and nothing should overshadow what is new and what could shoot an entire generation of children to aspire not the stars, but everything and anything beyond.

Clinton speaks tonight in a moment that could very much decide the election. Behave yourself Hillary. Your anger should be directed at your husband and your advisers, not Barack or Michelle Obama. You have loyalists whom are actually going to vote for the opposition.

Suck it up, stop pouting, be a woman and handle your business real, right and exact tonight.

Michelle Obama is definitely disparate of the former first lady.

Michelle is beautiful strength, smart confidence and most importantly, a real Mom. She’s the type of mother we should all want–if we don’t already have.

You can see the moments pushing their daughters on the swings while their book bags lay in the grass. You can see the diligence of helping them with their homework. You can see the tough love that will make them be.

There was no nanny influence on the stage, that was the heart and wisdom of Michelle shining through the light of those two beautiful personalities. We should all be lucky as parents and God bless them for it. There was nothing Washington fake about Maya and Sasha. They didn’t put on pandering pretty faces just for the sake of their father. How many children do you know of–outside of your own–that would behave as well as Malia and Sasha in that moment?

These are the moments I always want to reference. That moment could be something that spurs those two children to undeniable success and in saying this, my intent is not to disrespect what Michelle and Barack have done already to ensure aforementioned success.

These are the real soul model moments.

Michelle gave America something it should have already known. If you give a strong Black woman a platform to show here wares, she will not disappoint, in fact she will blossom even more than she already has in a time when a lot of women would have wilted. The Obama family is under the microscope and last night, they passed the lab with correct math.

The one thing that will be remembered about this election is that Barack has kept cool and brushed his shoulders off when the opposition has attacked–and they have attacked from all angles. America should simply look at that fact and understand what type of man they are getting in office, for we should all be tired of the negative.

The scrutiny heaped upon Barack and Michelle has not divided the party–or a nation–but galvanized a loving union that was already cultured, strong and real.

Thank you Michelle.

Barack’s sister Maya Soetoro spoke as well

7 Responses to “Michelle Obama Addresses the Democratic National Convention”

  1. Michelle Obama was informative and stunning, she is ready and able to lead the country as the First Lady. I was proud and moved by her speech and her daughter’s reaction to Senator Obama’s presence on the screen. What an amazing night. History in the making.

  2. Arlene Forbes says:

    My dad will be 85 years old on October 11 this year. I’m so overwhelmed with joy and pride with Barack Obama’s nomination for President of the U.S.A. My dad and his 11 children grew up in rural Southern Maryland. We’re all products of segregation and or jim crow.
    I am one of 8 daughters, and were taught to never use our race or gender to limit who we are, what we wanted to achieve, or go where we wanted to go in life. He told his 8 daughters that if we did use those two reasons as an excuse, he’d come after us himself and kick our black asses! It was an every Sunday night discourse my dad provided us before we were allowed to watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, Walt Disney and Bonanza. He has an eight grade education and didn’t need a college degree to teach us that. Life experiences through endless days of laborious farm work as a sharecroper of tobacco, we all knew that we had a choice of steering our own destinies.
    My dad is alive to see a man of color achieve what all americans should have the opportunity and not always a gurantee to achieve; there’s a difference. My daughters have witnessed another beautiful, smart, strong and loving black woman support her husband and care for daughters along with millions of other folks.
    Michelle had nothing to prove to anybody about who and what she’s about. She’ll never be white, nor does she or Barack have to be black enough for other black folks. Everything they are and are living for is not unatural to any of us. Instead of fearing what is unknown or different, they have learned to embrace what connects us all….LOVE!

    May the Blessings Be!


  3. michelle says:


    That was as beautiful as Michelle’s speech.

  4. Miranda says:

    Co-sign with Michelle!

    I dont know how anyone could have looked at Marian Robinson’s face and not get overwhelmed with joy and pride at watching this black woman see her two children on stage, you had to feel her sadness as she thought of her husband, a local precinct captain for the Democratic party for over 30 years……who had to be watching, just had to be. How could anyone look at that woman on Monday Night and not smile, cry, just get filled up? It was beautiful.

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