A Historic Moment For All of US: Barack Obama Officially Becomes the First Black Man To Win A Party Nomination for President of the United States

Last night was as unique a moment as we’ve had in our nation’s history as Barack Obama becomes the first Black man to win a major party nomination for President of the United States. It was a moment where there was national unity–at least for one night–for one party. The Democrats have kicked off the convention season with a boom bang and for the most part have stayed away from the paradigm of attacking John McCain and the Republicans. In doing so, they have expanded the electorate.

They’ve done so by showing a sense of pride, hard work and also by showing the world they are family first strong. To see Hillary Clinton personally move to suspend the roll call in progress so the national delegation could nominate Barack Obama by acclamation gave me goosebumps.

I’ve been hard on Hillary and I won’t apologize for slamming her regarding constant assassination references, but I was thoroughly impressed with her stepping aside and doing what she had to do yesterday–with a smile.

Look, to those out there who are done with the political process, can’t you feel a new wave evolving? At least give Barack and Biden a chance to prove themselves before you primitively rush to judgment. This is a groundbreaking time akin to a child seeing what’s under the tree for the first time–and that child hasn’t even opened anything yet.

Keep everything in perspective? Yes, it’s all love now, but at least be happy with that current love.

Don’t be all grumpy saying this and bah humbugging that. What does that prove? Seriously. I challenge any of you here at TSF to give me a reason why I shouldn’t see this moment with Christmas eyes. Eyes that can still look in the mirror and be able to see Malcolm and Martin’s reflection flash.

I’m proud of Joe Biden. He’s a hero of mine because he’s endured and hopefully will bridge a gap for those who still live in the past. He lived through the difficult script the world threw in his lap. If he would have quit the Senate way back in 1972, we might not have the moment we are currently living in. Slow it down people. Take more prominent steps and understand you are living the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.

Yeah it’s taken us 40 years, but find solace it’s happened in our lifetime. Before Barack burst on the scene none of us thought this actually was going to happen while we walked the earth. Now that it’s here…and I gotta be honest…there’s this apprehensiveness to embrace the moment for what it is. It ain’t for us.

It’s for our children.

We have to help make them aware of the gift they’ve received.

Let them dream…please.

Do this for your kids: If you are capable, watch this once in a lifetime speech with them. You can explain afterwards to give them objectivity and put it all in the proper context without over hyping the moment. I know their attention spans are probably off the chain, but this moment is their life.

They will see the world differently from here on out and in paying homage to the past soldiers who’ve sacrificed everything for us, we should also jump over the line and step into the future so they feel this real without prejudice.

Barack is going to speak tonight in from of 80,000 people when he gives his nomination speech at Invesco Field.

Do you understand what he says tonight will be referenced 500 years from now? Look, we all have our differences with society. We all have our differences with an institution that has proven time and time again that it doesn’t give a Buzz about us when it comes down to it.

This may be the start of something…

If Barack Obama falls on his face because of his own doing, then at least we can say we gave him a historic shot.

Most Americans should cheer at what they are going to see tonight because it has never happened.

Barack Obama, in becoming the first Black man to accept a major party’s nomination for POTUS, is speaking 45 years to the day of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. You just ain’t right if you don’t understand the magnitude of what is about to go down. I gotta wish Barack love here. He’s about to do something as ambitious as any public speaker ever.

Go get it brotha, go get it!

Here’s the speeches from last night and some comic relief:

I see you Slick…

When I saw Biden’s wife and mother and also when he hugged his son on stage, I fell into the moment with him. Good things happen to good people.

This is hilarious…

Just for the principal of it…

10 Responses to “A Historic Moment For All of US: Barack Obama Officially Becomes the First Black Man To Win A Party Nomination for President of the United States”

  1. Co Co says:

    I’m happy for Barack and all that he’s been able to accomplish thus far, but most of all I’m happy for the older minorities who now walk with an extra pep in their step and speak with pride about being able to witness such a thing in their lifetime. Even if he doesn’t win, the fact that he’s the first black candidate who really had a legitimate chance is something we can all be proud of.

  2. delinda says:

    I think this election has surprised a lot of people, especially those who didnt think Obama would even get this far. Now, as he’s poised for office, and with the collective hope of our nations real soul waiting for victory, things will either get ‘Woodstock’ for us, or very, very ugly. I hope and remain hopeful, that love conquers all and we can usher in a new era with our heads held high. So far, so good. Get em Obama…

  3. michelle says:

    I’m speechless!

  4. thebrotherreport says:

    As the camera panned out into the crowd last night you saw alot of misty eyes Black and White.

    If that doesn’t move you, have someone check for a pulse.

    They panned on a Black man probably in his 70’s he was in a chair and from looking at him you can tell he had been through it. I’m sure being there last night made his journey worth it.

    I’m sitting here with images of police dogs, fire hoses, sit-ins and marches playing back in my mind. Last night was what they were fighting, marching and dying for.

    We’re almost there people…we’re almost there.

  5. Gyangstah says:

    I get the feeling my kids are going to ask me about this day…and I’m not even American. A proud day for us all, indeed.

  6. Miranda says:

    I’m thinking of all those little old people that were voting back in the GA primary in Feb. I mean, average age of the voters and the poll workers where I vote must have been about 70, 75. Of course its in a senior citizens complex, but still. Anyway, the people were openly excited about “Ba-rack-a”..lol…that’s how this lady said it. I wish I could have seen their faces yesterday.

  7. Mizzo says:

    Ba-rack-a lol Is that like Ofer? That’s what my pop calls Oprah.

    Could you imagine the joy they must feel? I’m just so glad so many seniors are getting to see this. It must be incredible. If you are 60, you’ve seen it all and this has to be the most amazing opportunity for them.

  8. Co Co says:

    Older and Middle Aged people are amped right now. Not to mention us younguns! I’m still not sure when it gets right down to it that this country is ready for a Black President, but I wish him well.

  9. Temple3 says:

    I have to admit to being totally surprised that he pulled this off. Hindsight is 20/20 and I can see it now, but on the front end, you could have had a house, car, wife and 2 kids on the cheap if you wanted to bet last year.

  10. Claude says:


    Thanks for your comment on my post earlier! Didn’t know you were from Delaware.

    Doesn’t the top photo above remind you of one of those triumphant Mandela soccer stadium moments?

    By “bitch-slap” in my post I meant something like this:


    If you recall, something similar happened the other way around with Dukakis and Bernie Shaw. This time I think the Republicans will be on the receiving end, or maybe I’m just wishful thinking.

    I don’t like the us vs. them mentality this year, because many disenchanted Republicans may vote for Obama. I think their strategy oughta be to target at least some of their message towards these pseudo-independents.