“I Got News For You John McCain. We All Put Our Country First!”

Barack Obama looked right into the camera and definitively pointed when he said the above words.

I work nights. I haven’t watched anything but the convention the entire week to ensure I got a full sense of how to describe what I saw last night.

It just so happened that as I walked into my place of employment, I ran into my boss. We were the only people in the building, so I turned on the TV in the rec room and we watched Barack’s speech together. Now this was an awkward moment because I’m sure he pegged me as the Black guy Barack supporter, and I was cool with that because it is what it is.

Politics as you all may know are a sore subject amongst men. People have been shot, stabbed, grabbed and rehabbed after a simple political conversation that began with two friends having a beer. Being the type of person I am, I live for new experiences, so I was ready for this.

The tribute I thought was above average but predictably spoke to a specific demography I felt weren’t watching these events as closely as some of us. That’s cool because the one thing he has done this entire campaign is to make sure he covers all bases. So as Barack progresses through his speech, my boss was critiquing this and pejoratively laughing at that.

Even though he was seeking a response, I remained reticent for I knew Barack would shut him up at one time or another. Up to that point, I hadn’t spoke directly to this cat. He simply saw me as “Big Guy”. So he’s going on and on about every single point Barack is laying out and I began to envision a big ass fly swatter chasing dude around the room until…splat!

The proverbial fly swatter in this case turned out to be Barack’s words…naysayers. You should have saw the look on his face. He turned beet red because he felt Barack was specifically speaking to him. I chuckled (Ron Glover called me at this very second. My bad brotha for rushing off the phone) but didn’t put his emotions on blast because I’m allergic to pink slips.

Something happened after that moment. We began to have a constructive discussion on race and politics. He was very honest with his words and I respected that. He was a little set in his ways and spoke of interracial relationships as in the context of Johnny Weismuller playing Tarzan.

Dude was off the chain and it took me a while to bring him back to the actual middle but when I did he opened up his mind and listened–at least for the moment–to what I had to say.

I gave him small primitive thoughts because I knew damn well he couldn’t handle Wesley in Bensonhurst.

He asked me a lot of questions about Barack’s Mom and also about why his Kenya born Dad stayed away even though he had this intelligent son.

I couldn’t answer the latter but in having respect for the former I tried to give him a perspective he hadn’t heard before.

Basically I told him Barack was as intelligent as they come and transcended race in almost every single aspect besides the color of his face. His experiences growing up in Hawaii, having a White mother and an Indonesian stepfather had to give young Barack an syllabus in race most couldn’t get down with the entire time they attended college.

See there’s assimilation and there’s realization.

Assimilation in my opinion is becoming the culture you seek to become a part of. Realization to me is understanding said culture and shaping your thoughts around its primitive meaning and then advancing your thought to handle that culture at every turn.

Barack has done this. He knows he can’t totally pander to the Black diaspora or he won’t get elected. He couldn’t have Sankofa, Temple3, TBR , AXG or I as a running mate because–at least me at least– I would Radio Raheem their asses until you saw grandmas and pop pops from Manhattan, Kansas doing the Flava Flavgold fronts, lid sideways, yeah boy and everything.

Here’s the crux of the conversation. First, he was shocked I knew so much about the political landscape and was taken aback because of this Big Guy box he’d set me in and secondly Barack wowed him with his public speaking talent. He still had some reservations about how Barack is going to pay for all his rhetoric, but he saw Barack in a new light last night.

He told me he wanted to continue the discussion, asked me where I went to school and headed out door a little bit different than when he came in. I don’t know how long this sentiment is going to last, but America is beginning to understand the dynamic change Barack is speaking of is in fact advancing thought.

Honestly, the speech was Barack supporter pedestrian only because he wasn’t speaking to us. That’s not to say his speech wasn’t historic for it was one of the best political speeches of all time. To be able to fill Invesco Field with 80,000 people for a party nomination speech is amazing.

You know my thoughts on this so I won’t continue to belabor you, but yet and still, please understand the magnitude of history being made and judge yourselves accordingly regardless if you like Barack Obama or not. Years from now, we won’t remember the speech but we will remember the moment.

Tribute preceding the speech

Entire speech

8 Responses to ““I Got News For You John McCain. We All Put Our Country First!””

  1. thebrotherreport says:

    As he stood there last night during the ovation, my eyes automatically welled up. I don’t know why, it just happened. I know we’ve all waited for this moment, many longer than we have. He lived in the moment last night and for all of the talk about him going soft on McCain he challenged him on several fronts.

    My favorite moment was when he quoted McCain as saying, “‘He would follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell,” “But he won’t follow him to the cave he lives in.”

    My girl thinks they really can’t find him. I told her this morning, If they can find Saddam Hussein in a hole in the ground in Bagdhad, you better believe they know where Bin Laden is. Don’t drink the Fool-Aid these Republicans are handing out.

  2. DavidMac says:

    You know that the election is over now right? We got it, McCain/Palin 08, it is a done deal. She has shored up the Conservative base in a way McCain couldn’t. She also is a trump card for us in the realm of identity politics, not to mention she has the most executive experience of everyone, McCain, Obama, and Biden. Obama should have swallowed his bride and took Hillary, but he messed up and gave it too us.

  3. MODI says:

    Thanks for that story mizzo. Obama’s ability to assess each situation and read the pulse of the moment is simply amazing. Whether it was his “race speech” in Phile, his “patriotism” speech last month, or Thursday’s masterpiece. What he has done to navigate through this campaign has been brilliant — all while maintaining a sense of self. Or an act of “realization” as you distinguished. Even if I had no opinion on politics, the man is lightyears ahead of McCain — just on pure competence.

  4. Miranda says:

    Davidmac, are you kidding? Political Barbie has yet to even be vetted. This is sheer comedy. The Obama camp doesn’t even have to do anything but sit back and watch McCain completely self-implode. Its unbelievable what’s coming out about this woman. I feel really bad for her and her family because she is the sacrificial lamb to revive McCain’s dead campaign. Who told the McCain campaign that all they needed to do was find a uterus to put on the ticket and it would be all good?? LOL. Her speech today in PA was met with boos when she tried to invoke Hillz name again, or maybe they were just booing her, who knows, the speech was God-awful. They’re gonna blame this woman for the GOP loss in November and that’s a real shame.

  5. Okori says:

    I asked it once before, and I’ll ask it again. Didn’t you get banned Shaska?

  6. Miranda says:

    Where’s Davidmac to tell us how Palin’s 17 yr old being unwed and pregnant is a political plus??

  7. DavidMac says:

    God it felt so good to be a Republican, but more importantly, for the most part, a CONSERVATIVE last night. Starting with Michael Steele, then going to Romney, Huckabee, and ending with Guiliani then exploding with Palin.

    It nice to see the conservative wing of the party represented and we are excited. They tore Obama a new one and this race is wide open again. Like I said before, it is over for Obama.

  8. Thanks for the article on this years election! Very informative… and timely! Keep them coming.