John McCain Goes After Hillary Dems and Picks 1st Term Alaska Govenor, Sarah Palin

John McCain has just made 1st term Alaska Govenor, Sarah Palin his choice as vice president. She’s 44, with 5 children, is pro life (she will appeal to pro lifers because she has a child with Down’s Syndrome) and against gay marriage.

The self described Hockey Mom also hails from a very important energy state. He has to restart the conversation that he too can be a change agent. I guess after last night’s amazing pageantry, McCain has to do something drastic to make winning the November 4th election a reality. He’s going after the women and independent vote in one fell swoop. This is a huge roll of the dice and it proves the Republicans are scrambling to run an idealogical campaign of sorts.

She’s attractive (Miss Alaska runner up), young and poised to become a power player in conservative politics. Economic and social conservatives are going to love this pick I hear. Simply put, the Republicans might have created a star.

She is facing an ethics investigation in her hometown state for firing a state commissioner who refused to fire a state trooper. The trooper was her sister’s ex husband who allegedly physically abused her so there are supposedly some extenuating circumstances. I’m sure this will be something the Dems will go after even though she hasn’t been found guilty of anything.

McCain has shockingly picked a Hill outsider in hopes of shaking off any Obama luster achieved last night. Damn, this has made things interesting hasn’t it? Given his abysmal women’s rights record, what does this say to women?

Seriously, is Sarah Palin ready to be Commander in Chief given the fact that McCain is 72 years old?

This has become the change agents against the insiders. She’s a blunt but unpolished speaker and Joseph Biden honestly will smash her in a debate.

That being said, this shocking choice could change the dynamic of the election and the battle ground map will be more heavily scrutinized as a result.

McCain just picked up thousands of working class Clinton supporters who fit the 35-50 demographic and Sarah will give Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro props every chance she gets to garner even more of that all important and now disillusioned Hillary vote. McCain’s camp won’t be able to bring up the experience factor, but have pumped new life into their campaign. People will watch the Republican National Convention now just out of curiosity….interesting.

Hillary has to be pissed.

25 Responses to “John McCain Goes After Hillary Dems and Picks 1st Term Alaska Govenor, Sarah Palin”

  1. Co Co says:

    He had to pick a woman. It does two things, it gives him youth and it further reminds Hillary supporters that she didn’t get picked.

  2. Mizzo says:

    Stupid move that actually might work.

  3. thebrotherreport says:

    Yup, I agree with you both.

    I guarantee you he didn’t think this one up himself.

  4. Biker says:

    Great choice. She’s very down to earth, likeable, will pull the female vote from the dems and will be a breath of fresh air. Was it McCain’s idea…probably not…too good an idea.

  5. Miranda says:

    I don’t know…the one thing Hillary FEMS (feminists) coveted was the “experience” thing – they loved the “she’s more experienced than he is argument”…the only thing that would rile them up more than that is the thought of a woman with less experience who was a BEAUTY QUEEN. Oh hell naw, they mad as hell now. Remember when Jane Pauley got sorta kinda pushed out of the Today Show for Deborah Norville?? Remember why? This has “Sarah Palin, I’ve met Hillary Clinton and you are no Hillary Clinton” written all over it. Good luck wit that Mcccain.

  6. Mizzo says:

    Exactly Miranda. It’s kind of prophetic that Claude Johnson posted that link that I in turn posted.

  7. dee says:

    don’t think helps other than it gives license to those who wouldn’t vote for a black man but can now rationalize it in other ways now.

    its really an insult to thinking women and is the comparable of putting clarence thomas on the supreme court.

    i wish that these low information voters would just come out and say it “i ain’t voting for no n****” and be done with it. might be cathartic; might in the end help them get to a better place. if they would face their fears, they might discover that they’re not alone and americans will do what the best americans will do which is help their neighbors.

  8. vleeflo says:

    I’m not falling for the okie doke. This is straight playin politics. If you have to grab a female running mate to try to pull hilary’s voters so you can win the election then you have a big problem. McCain knew he was in more trouble after the democratic convention. I have been seriously considering both candidates equally. Not anymore. I am definitely voting for Obama. Stupid move IMHO.

  9. michelle says:


    She does not share women’s views on just about all of the issues important to us. This is a gun toting woman who is against a womans right to choose. Killing animals in Alaska by drilling there and destoying their home is also unattractive.

    Any woman who votes for Mccain because of this is a FOOL!

    Let me say this, if Mccain cared about women he would have selected a woman who cares about us.

  10. DavidMac says:

    We got yall, its over

  11. Okori says:

    Shaska! Didn’t Mizzo ban you?

  12. MODI says:

    Miranda, I truly hope that your analysis is correct, and it makes enough sense. Sure, it’s not the hardcore feminists that worry me — its all the other women. If people voted on policy, Bush would not receive two terms. But remember, many swing voters liked Bush because “they could have a beer with him”. Palin is a “hockey mom” with 5 kids. To hell with being a McCain heartbeat away from a presidency, they can relate to her.

    People are just stupid. Obama likes to say that he has great faith in the American people. I’ve got less faith.

  13. Temple3 says:

    Aging is difficult for women seeking power in a patriarchal society. Men are voting with their nuts. McCain ditched his first wife for a beauty queen. He ditched whomever he was considering for VEEP for another beauty queen.

    His would be the First Viagra Presidency in the history of the world.

    When he loses the election, the headlines will read, “McCain Goes Limp, Viagra Falls!”

  14. Miranda says:

    OMG…..the blogosphere is having a field day with this pick. Its like the late night comics are just gonna quote her and that’s it….this stuff just writes itself. She’s not the brightest bulb either…..I mean, when you don’t actually know what it is the VP does…well…

  15. ChrlsAngl says:

    I, like many, was shocked to see who McCain chose as his running mate. To me its a clear indication of a desperate attempt for a failing campaign.
    The little I’ve seen so far of her, she is ill prepared to answer the tough questions the media is throwing her way….ie. how can the Republicans even try on the “no experience issue, when you yourself have none”?
    She looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and her response was less than articulate to say the least. I think Biden will tear her to pieces…..should be very intresting, but I think McCain made a horrible choice for a running mate. Obama/Biden is my predicted winner.

  16. DaddysDarlin says:

    As a life long democrat, it didn’t matter to me at all who McCain picked. You see, I will be voting for him no matter who he picked!
    My party has thrown me and every other baby boomer out, Obama said ” I don’t need those people”, the hell he doesnt, we are the biggest voting block in the country!
    The corruption in the Obama camp, witnessed myself in Denver, the fraud in the caucus, voter registration fraud, the delegate intimidation, his close relationships with known criminals, his twenty year stint in a racist church, his inexperience, his arrogance, his Chicago style do anything it takes to win, and win at all costs, the corruption in the DNC, Howard Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, the way my party ignored all these facts and still pushed the only person who could beat McCain in November, the total disrespect of a former first lady, the sexism, the most vile names she was called, the way my party condoned this behavior.
    For these and many more reasons, Obama will never receive my vote, I own my vote!
    Now what I am afraid of is that he will manipulate the electronic voting machines, is someone watching them? Is someone watching the computer chips we put inside them?
    This is a man who will stop at nothing to win, be afraid, be very afraid, I am.

  17. DaddysDarlin says:

    P.S. Since when did having experience become a bad thing?
    Since Obama doesnt have any? So now your knocking experience? Whats next? If Sarah were a man, not one person would tell him he needed to stay at home and mind the children. Sarah better be ready because the democratic party doesnt seem to like many women in high places, they start attacking their own kind.
    I am through with the democratic party unless and until we can clean it up, one vote at a time.

  18. HarveyDent says:

    McCain and his handlers made a brilliantly cynical and totally political move with the Sarah Palin choice. Yeah, she has no experience or credentials other than her MILF/Cougar looks but she galvanizes the Repub base with evangelicals and the PUMA’s (Party Unity My Ass) who refuse to accept their candidate, Hillary, lost. Palin takes these ostensibly post-racial feminists off the hook because they can say they voted for McCain because Palin appealed to them because of her gender and not for Obama because of his race.

    Yeah, right. I still have my crisp dollar bill ready for anyone who thinks Obama will win this. He has some good points but this country is on such a retrograde path that Diebold will not have to steal this election for the Republicans.

  19. Mizzo says:

    Well since the Republicans are sending this country straight to hell Daddy’s Darlin’, I guess you’ll be sitting at the end of the pitchfork.

    You must be very well off (and without sons) because the last eight years have been straight bullshit.

  20. vleeflo says:

    Daddy’s Darlin:
    You must be fooling yourself if you can honestly look at the Clintons and tell me you don’t see career, do and say anything to get elected politicians. Obama threw a little hiccup into their plan to get in the white house again. Hilary didn’t think Obama would get any support. The jokes on her. Most polls show the race in a statistical dead heat and in fact some polls are now moving in Obama’s direction with McCain’s VP pick. The Clintons are the same type of politicians as Obama and they just got smacked in the face by someone who wasn’t afraid to get dirty with them. Please check Bill Clinton’s record and tell me Hilary hasn’t been playing politics for the last eight years. Don’t tell me she stayed with Bill because she loved him and wanted to keep her family intact. That’s bullshit!! She stayed married to Bill to further her political career. They hoped to get back into the white house and then start grooming Chelsea as the heir apparent. Vote for McCain if you wish but don’t talk about dirty politics regarding Obama unless you are willing to take an honest look at the Clintons and their political history.

  21. Miranda says:

    Harveydent, look again…Gloria Steinhem and Co are pissed as hell at the Palin pick…i’m telling you, if there is one thing a old feminist hates more than her belief that a man trumped her, its the thought that a cute young beauty pageant gal did. And there are no millions of PUMA people, not even thousands, probably not hundreds..its a facade GOP faction – its like 50 people, they’re just LOUD and the msm is culpable in creating this illusion of some big renegade group. Hillary’s campaign is still $22 million in debt. Those are not Hillary democrats, and I’ve got $22 million reasons to believe they arent.

  22. michelle says:

    If Obama’s daughter was pregnant the right would have a field day with this informantion. Republicans are a trip. WHAT HYPOCRITES!

  23. origin says:

    I knew it would be like this, I have said it was McCains to lose before he even announced he would run. Its the way politics work. McCain was the clear choice for the republicans because of his military background and because he paid his so called dues. Loses to bush, then endorsing him later even though he hated him.

    McCain is backed by big money. Now he has a white woman as his VP. Its a wrap. This move ensures that the yuppie soccer moms get a women in office that looks like them. This helps the republicans get the middle class yuppie soccer mom vote for the next 40 years. Similar to how Lyndon Johnson civil rights bills help to ensure that the democratic party got the black vote sibce the 60s. Now white women all across america who thought Obama beating hillary meant that white women were now second class citizens. Have a savior in McCain and Palin.

    Yeah open minded folks won’t vote for him because of Palin. But open minded folks weren’t going to vote for mcain in the first place.

    Also we are talking about america, land of the free home of the sheep. As long as McCain looks like 70% of the population he is going to the white house.

  24. Lee says:

    Strikes against her:
    1. McCain just pulled her name out of a non-vetted hat.
    2. She’s against birth control (even among married couples) I guess that’s why it’s OK for her child daughter to be pregnant.
    3. Crazy Pro-Life. Hell bent on overpopulating the planet (see #2.)
    4. Granny with a gun
    5. Wants Alaska to become it’s own country
    6. Was for the bridge before she was against it
    7. Kill the polar bears and mooseses.
    8. Drill, drill, drill our way out of trouble
    9. Science is for dummies. We home school!

    Get an education, don’t vote for another term of Bush failures!

  25. Sofia Singh says:

    john mccain seems to be a very reasonable and intellegent guy but he is not as charismatic as obama-~.