TSF Football Friday

As we close out another preseason, the debate rages on as to if, when and how league officials should shorten the NFL’s dress rehearsal.

Case in point. The Super Bowl Champion New York Giants were dealt a crippling blow to their defensive unit when they lost defensive end Osi Umenyiora for the season with knee ligament damage. Giants GM Jerry Reese was on the horn to the retired Michael Strahan within 24 hours. Strahan, who is the newest member of Fox Pre-Game Show declined the Giants invitation to return for another season. For Strahan to walk away from several millions of dollars to return for one season tells me that his passion to play is gone. (WHEW!)

No problem the Giants will have a new defensive end in place by September 7th and it may come from the unlikliest of sources. The Philadelphia Eagles currently carry seven defensive ends, they will take six into the regular season. The quandry for the Eagles is whom to release; free agent signee Chris Clemons, who has appeared in one preseason game and currently nursing an injury or Jerome McDougle who despite an injury-plagued career has had his best camp and has impressed both Andy Reid and defensive coordinator Jim Johnson.

Donovan McNabb, Football, Philadelphia Eagles

For those who purchase the annual Sports Illustrated NFL Preview you’ll be surprised by who their pick is to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLIII, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Birds are picked to finish 12-4 atop the NFC East beating the Cowboys and Vikings in the Divisional and Conference Championship respectively before bowing out to the Patriots in Tampa.

Congrats to Adam Jones for being reinstated into the NFL. Here’s to you making the most of your second opportunity and liars out of those who wish otherwise.

I don’t whether to tip my hat to San Diego Chargers Shawne Merriman or shake my head in disbelief. Merriman has informed the team that he will play the 2008 campaign despite TWO torn ligaments in his knee. Merriman has tears in the PCL and LCL (that’s a new one) ligaments and has postponed surgery until after the season. I understand that the injury to L.T. in the playoffs last season probably didn’t keep the New England Partiots out of the Super Bowl, but who knows. He’s going into the season with the goal of making it to Tampa despite the injury.

But at what cost to the remainder of his career and life after football.

6 Responses to “TSF Football Friday”

  1. Co Co says:

    They aren’t going to shorten the preseason because they get to charge full price for the tickets so we may as well accept that. Coaches need to be smarter and just not play their starters…. I’m shaking my head at Shawne Merriman. I don’t think he’s thinking long term. This isn’t a broken pinky or something like that. Your knees are pretty important for football and life after football. This is not a good look. At all. 🙁

  2. I think they may take 2 preseason games and add 1 or 2 in the regular season.

  3. kos says:

    I think they’ll eventually add 1 or 2 games to the regular season and shorten the preseason to 2 or 3 games. There’s been too many complaints about the length of the preseason from players and coaches. Then, there’s the injuries that happen to star players in the preseasons. Of course, the downside of shortening the preseason is that a young, unsigned rookie free agent may never get the chance to prove that he can play it in the league. Watch out when the next CBA contract comes up. I have a feeling that’s when they’ll try to negotiate the length of the preseason and regular season.

    CoCo –
    I have to shake my head about Merriman, too. There is life after football, and he’ll never be the pass rusher that he should be this year, so it doesn’t make sense for him to play.

  4. Mizzo says:

    Shawn has one person to think about before he actually does the dummy move and plays and his name is Reggie Williams.

  5. HarveyDent says:

    The Giants are just salivating waiting for the Eagles’ cuts because any way it’s sliced they’re going to get a solid replacement for Osi be it Clemons or McDougle. Clemons because he’s still a young player with good upside and McDougle because he’ll have a previous relationship with Spagnoulo from his Eagles days.

    Eagles in the SB? Yeah, right. I want to know the reasons SI gives for that one because the WR by committee ain’t gonna be the answer but if the D comes along especially with the top three CB’s in the backfield then the season will be solid.

    Don’t do it, Lights Out, don’t do it.

  6. They shouldn’t shorten the preseason. Osi Umeniyora got injured and Carson Palmer broke his nose in Week 3. Well, that’s two guys. And there were 32 teams playing 22 starters on both sides of the ball. That’s 704 players, not counting backups, and maybe 20 people – and one All-Pro caliber player – got put down. So we need to scrap the preseason or make it shorter? I don’t think so.

    This whole “shorten the preseason” thing is just whiny bobblehead ESPN nonsense. I mean, has anyone of these bobbleheads ever WATCHED a Week 1 NFL game? They’re pretty gross. Penalties, turnovers, general sloppiness. It’s a mess. So they want to shorten the practice time and make these guys play earlier? Hug? And when a starter goes down in the regular season, wouldn’t you want teams to have the next-best guy ready to step in? And how do you find that guy: in the preseason vetting process. I say leave the preseason alone.