As Hurricane Gustav Touches Down, A Remembrance of Hurricane Katrina

I wrote Black Water two years ago after there was still slow response to renovate the damage Hurricane Katrina caused a year earlier. I’ve spoken to many athletes (Chris Paul, Jarvis Green, Bobby Jackson to name a few) and even Mayor Ray Nagin himself (for a piece regarding the reopening of the Super Dome) Here’s some of Nagin’s words:

“We honor and hold in remembrance those lost to the storm, but stand ready on the road to reclaim the dome, rebuild our city and cheer on the hopes and dreams of our New Orleans Saints.”

John McCain, the inexplicably described head of the Republican party even though he hasn’t won anything but his Senate seat, has used air time to pub Sarah Palin and also to make sure America knows his party won’t drop the ball like they did in 2005. Funny how this sentiment is reached during an election time is it not? We aren’t stupid and if Republicans think we can’t see all of these appearances as nothing more than election photo ops, they are crazy like that glue.

Enough of that. Here’s the anger I felt after the lack of a caring response and inspired by Spike Lee’s When the Levees Broke. Yes, this time they’ve seemed to get it right, but do not forget what happened in New Orleans no matter how much time passes. God bless everyone who is in Hurricane Gustav’s path. I hope you all remain safe.

Black Water

Almost one year later and the stench of death has yet to fade.
Bow your heads and pray, for this is a day that the Lord hath made.
Do you remember saying “Why are they taking so long?”
Bush, Rice, Chertoff, Brown, Blanco and Nagin: You all were wrong!

Jazzy melancholy melodies.
How many of us there were desperately and tearfully singing these?
Black water of casket cold despair,
Bush you suck, even Sean Penn was there!

Did you rest as heart broken Americans deathly clutched their chests?
Refugee pests labeled not in jest.

Cause for pause as we all collectively fight constituent pandering laws! Little kids of angered souls taking midget sips of water from military claws.

The government lied as Americans sighed.
Five babies cried when their mother died.
Behind red tape you continue to hide?
Tsunami victims supplied,
While Ninth Ward lifelong citizens are still denied?

What the hell was up with the cops?
As criminals float by on flat screen TVs, you, the city’s sentinels, take DVD’s?
Are they really necessities?
Good job Black cop, you just gave the media another stereotypical photo op!

Once proud mothers having wheel chair funerals, My God, is that right?
Republicans cover your asses, ’cause by our feet you will take flight!

You could have relieved continuous generations of pain,
But you did nothing but cowardly peer out of a caviar filled limousine plane.

Damn right people are mad!
Washington, I hope in hindsight you have faces sad,
Yes, almost one year later and you’ve still messed up bad!

4 Responses to “As Hurricane Gustav Touches Down, A Remembrance of Hurricane Katrina”

  1. Matthew Fudge says:

    To insinuate that the federal, state, and local government were all incompetent in their response to Hurricane Katrina would give them too much credit. To say they were incompetent would mean that they had good intentions but didn’t know what they were doing, which is wrong. They all had the resources. They just didn’t care. They weren’t gonna bend over backwards to help poor, disenfranchised, mostly black folks who don’t vote. They don’t have the power to hurt politicians, so they were treated as if they didn’t count, which is beyond shameful. Even with all we’ve been through as a people, I never thought I’d see something like that.

  2. Kwaku says:

    Ray Nagin handled Katrina like an incompetent buffoon. Why was this clown voted back in office? Is New Orleans a glutton for punishment or what?

  3. Mizzo says:

    Every single comment you have written on this site sucks. I would hate to be your life.

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