Hunting For the God Particle Via The Large Hadron Collider: Are You Cool With This?

I came across this while doing some research and thought I’d pass it along. On September 9th, there will be an experiment that concerns me quite a bit. Now, I’m no scientist, but I’m concerned enough to find out more about this landmark experiment and get your opinion.

I’m all for finding out how it all came to be but damn man.

Please check it out and pass it along. This is something that must be discussed.

Here’s the link to what’s posted below:

On Wednesday, Dr Evans will fire up the Large Hadron Collider, a 17-mile-long doughnut-shaped tunnel that will smash sub-atomic particles together at nearly the speed of light.

Built by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), the collider lies beneath the French-Swiss border, near the institution’s headquarters in Geneva, at depths ranging from 170ft to 600ft.

The aim of the £4.4billion experiment is to recreate the conditions that existed a fraction of a second after the Big Bang – the birth of the universe – and provide vital clues to the building blocks of life.

It will track the spray of particles thrown out by collisions in a search for the elusive Higgs Boson, a theoretical entity that supposedly lends weight, or mass, to the elementary particles. So important is this mysterious substance that it has been called the ‘God Particle’.

Scientists also hope to shed some light on the invisible material that exists between particles – dubbed ‘dark matter’ as no one knows what it really is – which makes up most of the universe.

But a handful of scientists believe that the experiment could create a shower of unstable black holes that could ‘eat’ the planet from within, and they are launching last-ditch efforts to halt it in the courts.

One of them, Professor Otto Rossler, a retired German chemist, said he feared the experiment may create a devastating quasar – a mass of energy fuelled by black holes – inside the Earth.

‘Nothing will happen for at least four years,’ he said. ‘Then someone will spot a light ray coming out of the Indian Ocean during the night and no one will be able to explain it.

‘A few weeks later, we will see a similar beam of particles coming out of the soil on the other side of the planet. Then we will know there is a little quasar inside the planet.’

Prof Rossler said that as the spinning-top-like quasar devoured the world from within, the two jets emanating from it would grow and catastrophes such as earthquakes and tsunamis would occur at the points they emerged from the Earth.

‘The weather will change completely, wiping out life, and very soon the whole planet will be eaten in a magnificent scenario – if you could watch it from the moon. A Biblical Armageddon. Even cloud and fire will form, as it says in the Bible.’

He said that attempts were still being made in the European Court of Human Rights to halt the experiment on the grounds that it violated the right to life. The court has, however, already rejected calls for a temporary delay in the project, and it is unlikely to come to a speedy decision about whether the CERN experiment should be halted for good.

Meanwhile Dr Walter Wagner, an American scientist who has been warning about the dangers of particle accelerators for 20 years, is awaiting a ruling on a lawsuit he filed a fortnight ago in his home state of Hawaii.

He fears the experiments might unwittingly create something he calls a ‘strangelet’ that could result in a fusion reaction that might ultimately turn the Earth into a supernova, or an exploding star.

But Dr Evans, the leader of the project, who has devoted 14 years of his life to building the vast particle accelerator, is dismissive of the doom-mongers.

In fact, he is so relaxed about the project, he even wears shorts to work.

He said that Prof Rossler was a ‘crazy’ retired professor who had invented his own theory of relativity.

‘We have shown him where his elementary errors are, but of course people like that just will not listen,’ said Dr Evans.

Meanwhile, Dr Wagner’s fears were ‘totally and completely’ unfounded. ‘There are thousands of scientists around the world who have been preparing this machine and they know what they are talking about, unlike these guys,’ he added.

Dr Evans says his real nightmare is not that he will destroy the world but that, with the cameras rolling, the machine will break down. ‘This is not the first accelerator I have commissioned, but the first under the glare of the whole world,’ he said.

‘My main worry is that we’ve got a huge amount of equipment and it is new. If something trips off, we are down for hours and we have all these Press people sitting around.

‘We are not used to that. We are used to setting things up quietly and announcing it afterwards.’

Hmmm. What do you think now? There’s also thought that if this goes down the way the scientists involved believe, it might win my man Stephen Hawking a Nobel Prize based on his theory that black holes give off radiation.

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  1. Co Co says:

    This is crazy! 🙁

  2. michelle says:


  3. Temple3 says:

    sounds like you’ve been hanging out at Subrealism.

  4. Miranda says:

    Right now The angels are putting in transfer requests to GOD. They’re tired of dealing with the stupidity on Earth.

  5. kos says:

    I read about this last week on I know scientists want to know how things work, but do they have to try to re-create everything? And heaven help us if the experiment were to create strange or dark matter. The Large Hadron Collider is just a bad idea that they should have never let come to life.

  6. I’ve been reading up on this stuff for a while now and have been anxiously awaiting the beginning of this experiment. In the Physics world there hve been far too few major breakthroughs and one of the biggest trends has been to research String Theory. PBS had an excellent series on String Theory a few years back and it starred Brian Greene who has written numerous books on the subject and made them fairly digestible for the college educated. Anyway, the interesting thing about String Theory is that it has always been purely based in mathematical theory and suggests many additional dimensions and possibly parallel universes. Sci-Fi novels have written of this for generations as fantasy, but String Theorists believe it is more than just fantasy. The CERN experiment will most likely yield significant data to prove or disprove String Theory. Given that most of the renowned physicists of our generation have dedicated their entire lives to String Theory, this could be a major event. Also, people such as “kos” who posts above, severely misunderstand the power of the collider. Even if CERN were to create strange or dark matter, it would only exist for fractions of a second and never be stable enough to cause any damage beyond it’s subatomic level. The thought that this experiment is any threat to humankind is more fantasy than the parallel universes that String Theory postulates…

  7. HarveyDent says:

    I’m excited about what this atom-smasher is going to do because it could take these ideas out of theory and make them fact. Yeah, I have some qualms if whether these physicists have the ethics to match their level of expertise but the collider could be a quantam leap in our knowledge of how the world works and eventually can and will have an impact in our lives.

    I vote thumbs up on what these guys are doing but with reservations.

  8. aaron d.w. says:

    actually, the hadron collider has only an outside chance of answering questions related to string theory. but it does have the ability to detect a whole slew of particles that have been conjectured to exist at some time in the universe. finding the mysterious higgs-boson particle would have major implications on our understanding of the framework of the universe. i’m really excited about this project, and i hope that we find out more than we ever imagined. i personally hope that certain string theory predictions can be verified, as that would lend credibility to one of the most promising theories of modern science.

  9. kos says:

    JP> I understand there is a small chance, but that’s why they’re called theories. You don’t know what’s going to happen as a result. They could phase out after milliseconds. Or we might not have a chance to worry about it afterwards. You don’t know, I don’t know, only God knows. I just always wonder why do they have to try to re-create the big bang in the first place?

  10. M. Libby says:

    I’m really not sure why this experiment is necessary. Yes, it would be neat to know how the world and the universe as we know it were formed, but there are some things that just remain mysteries and should remain that way. I am very uncertain about this entire ordeal.

  11. It’s really too bad that they decided to name it “The God Particle” because that has religion entering into the debate when even this really has nothing to do with’s about science. They aren’t really recreating the Big Bang, they are just simplifying the experiment so that people will understand what they are trying to do. Although, people tend to get concerned that this experiment (on a very very small size) will somehow equate to the size of the big bang. It’s correct to say that you just never know, but the kinds of reactions they are hoping to duplicate are suspected to happen in the sun already I believe at a fairly regular interval. This is just the first time they will be able to recreate it and monitor the reactions to see how the world works a little better. Just as the universe is infinitely large, I imagine it is infinitely small as well and while they may discover small particles and come to understand an even smaller scale of the universe, it will likely only unlock keys to even smaller particles.

    Rest assured, we are all safe and sound with this project being carried out at CERN…

  12. KevDog says:


    I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of Science, The Scientific Method and what it means to call something a Theory in the scientific world.

    A Theory implies the grandest statement that can me made about a realm of scientific knowledge and is based on the sum of the evidence, knowledge, thought and understanding science can piece together.

    We live in a video-game world where sound bites and snap images overwhelm rigourous thought and accumulation of knowledge and skill.

    I’m no particle physicist, nor do I claim to be one. But I took enough theoretical quantitative chemistry and advanced math courses to get an idea how deep these guys’ knowledge goes and how safe things have to be in order for the physics community to come behind this project as it has.

    That a couple pf kooks want to stir up fear-for centuries-the prime weapon uses against scientists and science- is not surprising, nor relevant.

    Science is a double-edged sword to be sure and I completely understand HD’s misgivings about how we as a morally challenged species might handle the power we gain from science. But I also know this: We as a species benefits from the advances of science, we always have, on averge and we always, presumably will.

    For all the people killed in wars, destroyed by technology-the practical application of the fruits of scientific knowledge-there are billions more whose lives benefit, indeed exist BECAUSE of science.

    In 1800, the entire human population was 300 million, now we stand almost 7 billion strong. Life spans are outrageous and the lot of human beings, when politics and our own violent nature doesn’t get in the way, is simply inconcievable compared to even 100 years ago.

    If the scientists are being honest, there is only good that come from this experiment and the knowledge gained will definitely help in the quest for the salvation of our species.

  13. Navin Lamervich says:

    the american spirit of recklessness prevails. cowboys to the end. this is an ameican experiment even if it is located under europe. those in charge are europe is controlled by amerca, which is invested by Isreal

    this issue is like debate over carcinogens pouring into the environment to which minimum levels of exposure are established, that have no positive meaning.

    the carcinogens will cause the epidemic of cancer that occurs in the world.

    again, its like debates on whether or not to put something into play that may or may not cause cancer.

    cancer is almost always fatal so why take the risk? use something else, until you can make the doubtful article safe.

    if an experiment may take the world with it why make the experiment?

    this is simple common sense that is absent from what I see emmanating from america and americans all the time…from this debate right here on starting 5.

    certainly as we go along and more information comes to light about our world, from safe experiments, we would be able in time to carry out experiments that are now very suspect with safety.

    so why not wait?

    but I hear the american reckless spirit loud and clear here in support of the foolishenss.

    if there is doubt about the experiment and the results can eliminate the planet why take the chance at all? why must the safety of all the world come down to the arguments of differing groups of scientists from a small group of countries?

    as a kid growing up in my country I was hepped up on americans and americanisms…and I thought you guys were the last word.

    now I am afraid of the very thing I that excited me then, for the danger in amercian intelletual organisation is clear.

    it is all a bunch of pointless ego-tripping foolishness, cowboy recklessness, idiocy actually…dangeorus activity that serves no useful purpose…in fact will be uterly dangerous to the species even if we dont destroy the world with the actual experiment.

    it is a certainty that anything discovered that may be used at this time will be weaponised first, before any other use is made of it.

    if that is the case we can expect futuristic weapons that will eliminate the balance of terror in the world, that keeps us all safe from wholesale mass murder of ordinary people everywhere by america.

    and this new weaponry will be turned against ordinary americans as well, without a doubt, as your freedoms have already been curtailed in the looming american police state.

    all the chat here on this issue seems quite ignorant indeed, devoid of any sense of proper analysis of world history and experience..or your own experienc as americans living in the world

    at this very moment your country is engaged in the murder of milions of people in the arab world. if america had weapons that neutralised the Chinese and Russians imagine what would take place on planet earth?

    Immediately Iran would be vaporised, probaly Afghanistan and Syria.

    and the blac people of the world? ashes.

    is this this what yu guys yearn for?

    I am very happy I am approaching my sixty-fourth year. I have lived a bit. I am concerned for my children..for all the children.

    but what hope is there fwith an insanely led and rampaging amercia, conditioned by generations of movies to think in the abstrack about the world in daredevil and reckless ways with everything..everything totally.

    what I see here for the most part if pure foolishness, but most of you dont know any better given the way you have been brought up.

    but the world must face the consequences of what was wrought on the american continent for almosy 400 years now.

    man! what a situation!

  14. HarveyDent says:

    Damn, Kev, I see you didn’t sleep in those classes you took at Stanford. If I ever get sick, I’m doing a Sarah Palin and being flown out to Cali from here in Jersey to let you treat me.

    Go on, Doc, because I bend my knee to your knowledge.

  15. Navin Lamervich says:

    “If the scientists are being honest, there is only good that come from this experiment and the knowledge gained will definitely help in the quest for the salvation of our species.”

    when was the last time the word of a simple family doctor could be taken seriously.,,far less these ego maniac big-wigs.

    do you believe GM experts and their justification for the modification of food plants and farm animals?

    as far as I see all opinion in science as in all things western is calculated on and dominated by some financial consideration…..polarised around money/class interests-. this attitude is engrained in society, embedded….and all are now born so conditioned at all social levels.

    if the scienists are honest is a pretty skimpy premise on which
    to base such gung ho support for a dangerous experiment

    I bet no one comments on my post! a newbie you all will see that I am a scientific novice and ignoramus…which I am!

    But the way of the world is clear and the dominant power is a socially eggregious thing. nothing that is done in their name can be trusted from the point of the peoples interest.

    this experiment is straight out of the heart of power. who funded it and who owns it and the results of it?

    this experiment and its potential appears to me to be the mother of all social dangers.

  16. Naming it “The God Particle” sounds nice but it’s wrong.
    It’s nowhere near the accomplishment of God. Unless the scientits can just say “I am” and the particle comes into being, its not the same thing. Much like the theory of the “speed of thought” being much faster than the speed of light.
    IMO- It’s still a human (limited) immitation of the original.

  17. Navin,

    you are a lunatic and way off topic. Is your concern the spread of “americanism” or the end of the world. As an American myself, I still share your sentiments on the ethnocentrism of many of my fellow citizens. However, your cowboy analogy is as almost as far off base as your belief that the conflicts in the middle east having relevancy in this conversation. While I am sure there is a WMD connection here somewhere, we are talking about a WORLD-WIDE physics community that is behind this. Only a few doomsayers campaign your line of thinking and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were led astray by some scientologist faction paying homage to Tom Cruise. Wouldn’t that be ironic?!

    Science is not the issue, government and most often the blending of church and state is the far greater concern. 64 years on this earth and you haven’t figured that out?!

  18. Navin Lamervich says:

    Ha ha! james raise up!

    the spread of amerianism and he end of the world saems the same to me.

    is there a doubt with the project…and does the doubt concer serious consequences that may not be reversable…correctable?

    as I said if that is the case why take the risk?

    messing with the food seems the same. the modification of food opens up a box of dangers they have referred to as pandora’s

    nd there appears to be a slew of threatening experiment on the drawing boards.

    there is the principle right there. danger? do it anyway! cowbwoy, mpotiomn picture stuff.

    you all gave that to the world. we have suffered mightily with it. I see it in growing confrontstion with Russia at the moment…the same reckless guh ho! atitude that affects the scientists as well.

    thats the attitude the underpins all that is american. it is reckless, woiht care and simple common sense.

    common sense says if there is an unacceptable risk, do not take the chance.

    its like beting on horses! if the bet is not worth taking then. dont! greater experience and imporved skills makes possible tomorrow what is not possible currently

    so dont take the damm unnecessary risk!

    whats off topic? if you cannot make the necessary connections thats your problem. its not a problem for me

  19. Navin Lamervich says:

    opps! no edit button! sorry about the typos! its late!

  20. So now you’re saying that this project, led by physicists of all nations, has been entirely influenced by the americanization of the world and thus, almost the entire physics community world-wide is simply hypnotized by the American dream? Please note my rolling eyes!

  21. Navin Lamervich says:

    not hypnotized..dominated!

    is there a problem with this?

    just look at the idiotic amrican stand-off with Russian at the moment, drawing in the western europeans into actions clearly against their own best interests, and which some of them particularly… the Italians do not appear to like and are not interested in, in the least.

    but they all appear to bend to American power..for a little while yet at least

    there is little that happens of this kind that happens in the western sphere of incluence, is not american dominated, and its purpose set accodingly.

    I mean even the leader of this project is an american. what does that tell us?

    you must remember too, that this project has an awful provenance.

    there was a similar mashalling of scientifc expertise back in the 1940’s called the Manhattan project.

    then there was the thalydomide havoc, and all manner of scientific attack on the people of America and the world, between then and now.

    I mean the Jewish people..who in my estimation must be deeply involved in this ‘collider’ project….for eg are reputed to have used many hundereds of Sephardic kids for terrible radiation experiments. they were reportedly sent to america for this purpose.

    and this is only one reported horrible Jewish action in their region of the world, and elsewhere by proxy. and of course when you say American you might as well say Jewish.

    there has been development of an AIDS seed the world wih AIDs appears also to be he result of a marshallng of scientifc forces for evil end.

    hen again if one lists all 3 or 4 horrible deseases that have hit the world over the past 30 years…every one is reputed to have emanated from some american-western laboratory.

    it is said often these days that there are too many people for the system and monoployc capitalism wihses to wipe away at least half of the current worlds population.

    when this is said..oir was said in my presence… it always was with eye, ear and brains, cocked towards america….as the major potential actor in such a development… as the power tool of the minority elite that owns the wealth of the west…and seeks to own the enitre planet.

    if you are so keen you can get into it…see for yourself. but I am certain you all this already.

    then again I take the stated “big Bang’ discription of and reference to the project to be propaganda. most by now know the Big Bang is nonsense, so that is just for popular consumption.

    this experiment like all such that emanates from the west will have an evil imprint and potetntial for humanity, as long as the america-the west remains polarized as it is…all the wealth and power concentrated in few hands..and who would pay for and control such a projet as this..if not concieve of it in the first place

    this ‘collider’ project is bound to be aimed at weapons creation and the aquiring of other massive power that could give America-the west advantage in the world.

    it was right to try to stop it first on scientific grounds given the historical experienc the world has had with western scienc.

    then it was necesary to go further on the basis of the most certain weaponsation of the results of these experiments..if we dont kill-off ourselves…that if successful would likely give the west military advantage will result in human reduction and enslavement

  22. Navin Lamervich says:

    if yu wish cutting edge and safe scientific experimentation, and the elongation of advanced technology in line with human development and progress, then fight for real american democracy…an end to the ameican empire and the terrible american-western mischief in the world.

    the end of the empire should lead to revolutions all over the planet, result in people centred democracies, that can in peace, go about their national business and self interests..driven by the peadeful needs of all their people..not just one elite section of them

    and even if a totally revolutionary world does not immedialey result, so what! as long as nations whatever their political stripe can exist inviolate, we will have a different world…without the rule of capiltalist expansion that makes for constant war, plunder, piracy and mass murder.

    for humanity to be safe from itself, systems of democray must emerge with peaceful relations between nations based on the people’s interest as a whole… with no minority part of them dominating the whole shebang.

    only then will all that humanity does become peaceful and conducted in the interest of answering the question…the real question of humanity: How does, or how can humanity survive indefinetly in an evolutionary universe!

    stop the damm collider! stop it until such time as as experiments of the kind, which must be carried out …can be done with the species in mind…not just one minority section of it

  23. Navin Lamervich says:

    again I have to apologise for my post -September 14th, 2008 at 11:16 am .

    phew! I must remember to post..if I post again…when I am up and on the ball.

    poorly written as that post is I did make somes things clear about my take on this issue I believe.

    those who paid for this and any project owns it and the results of it.

    we dont know the real reason behind the project in the first place…cannot trust what we have been told is actually the truth.

    we do know the results of science so far has benefitted the rich minority in the world…and here is no reason at all to believe the results of this ‘collider’ project will be any different.

    anything at all that may give the current power in the world further advantage I am loathe with, suspicious of.

    thats all! I look at everything from such an angle, assess everything in this way.

    I have no rose-tinted glasses for science as an end in itself. it is not!

    I simply saw the article in my travels in search of good sports reportage and political commentary.

    I bad times for me… when I could hardly be at my best..

    my approcah to anything elitist is wariness, suspicion, alertness….

    …starting 5 however, is an excellent if utterly chauvinistic…actually elitist… publication.

    no matter I enjoy passing-by every now and then.

    I will resume that trajectory relative to TS5!

  24. WillUK says:

    Navin, You are completely off this planet. I tolerated your nonsense until your started with the anti semitism.
    I’m Western European, and I thank America for all that it has done, driving science forward over the last 60 years, while Europe was bankrupt.
    Without American vision and courage, we wouldn’t have put people on the moon and Western Europe would have been run by Communist Russia.
    21st Century Russia seems little better. It appears that they have forgotten that the Cold War ended nearly 20 years ago…
    Keep up the science! I can’t wait for the results of the research at CERN to be published. I think it’s wonderful when we use our brains to learn, in order to improve our understanding of the universe and the world around us. It is also to be applauded that this project involved the global community. Science is all that we can be sure of!!

  25. Navin Lamervich says:

    any mention of jew or jewish is anti semitic eh!

    and am I anti-sciene by expressing the reservations i have about minority control of scientific reaserch, experimentation and the results of these?

    and blac people are the those who are most threatened by this very minority controlled or elitist science arent they…or rather arent we?

    and most of you here..if not all…are African American arent you…and not one concerned or cautious voice in all this?

    WillUk is sweet! and whats his name claim I was the only source of comedy here.

    He hasnt seen Wills’ contribution yet perhaps!

  26. Mizzo says:

    NL I’m cautious about anything that might affect us all. I posted this piece because of that concern.

    You two are having your own debate that’s why we are staying out of it.

    Be Peace.

  27. Navin Lamervich says:

    the people who control scientific research and weaponise first, the results of all technological elongation of research and expermentation….just ridiculously lifted a madman into Geogian power called Saakashvilli, while arming him to the teeth with state of the art weaponry, smart weapons, short of nuclear weapons.

    from what I understand, the Russians, short of these smart weapons themselves, warned the west that it these were used by the Georgains against their troops, they would retaliate with tactcial nuclear weapons in Georgia..and no doubt the west reined-in the Georgians.

    all over the planet there is the threat of use, and actual use of this insane technological advance in weaponry, including cluster bombs all over the place.

    currently injury from any hand gun, the power of which has been vastly increased, means severe bodily harm to any unlucky to get shot.

    yet thse guns in tandem with the spread of the crack epidemic has spread globally, taking vicious toll on ordinary people the world over, in related gang violence..literally shutting down social activity in from which I come for example.

    we see currently the utter greed and irrsponsibility of the financial sector that dominates western life, who have deliberatly organised the most god-awful robbery of the ordinary people of the world actually….the completing act of which has been the take over the economy by the american government/governments all over…which actually is saddling the people and generations of them to come in effort to validate and make safe the theft… effort to ensure the plundered riches stay in the hands of the thieves

    every western govenrment and political party is complicit in this massive, global robbery. they are all criminally complicit in this crime…every leader and president and prime minister..every opposition party , the entire status quo.

    and where do we go from here now…. for if there is no social revolution to change this sitaution in the ineterest of the people….does it not devolve into some crazy enslavement scheme of the people by the elites if they get away with this..shutting down the people in fear of eventual revolution?

    it is the very same status quo we are asked to trust with these giant reseach projects and scientific movement in total.

    it is the very same people who have reputedly taken the results of the massive Genome project, to build up genetic weapons for potential attack on the various peoples of the world.

    there are now reportedly attack weapons in western armories, tailored to the specific ethnic qualities and signatures of the various ethnic groups of the human species.

    thats right! we are asked now to be comfortable with, be gung ho! even in support of the collider thing about which the spin is already lies, full of Big Bang terminology which any sane and knowlegeable person must realise is misdirection.

    but misdirection for what purpose save to hide the dangers the project poses to the p[eople of the world

    we can be absolutely confident that if there is no planertary danger from the experiment itself, the results are bound to be weaoponised first…before it finds any positvie use in benefit to the ordianry people of the world..if the results every find any such benefit , as long as this current staus quo remains in place.

    chances are the human species faces the double danger of the project actually being deleterious to planet, aas well as the weaponisation danger, regardless of what i call the idiot confidence displayed by WillUK and the other fellow who called me a lunatic.

    I have heard that type of ‘confidence’ before, in discription of the disasters the previous ‘condifence’ covered up.

    there was Al Gore recently with his global warming business.

    From such as Gore that had to be some sort of scam that is has actually been revealed as already. he himself has investments in projects emananting from the very scare he mongered.

    it does appear that there is a climate probem, very real and of major concern to humanity. but it is clearly not what Al gore raised. and of that i was so certain from the start that i outlined it to some friends of mine, who are now fully aware of what I meant, in the revelation that it may be climate change indeed but certainly not what Al gore chatted about.

    to back myself up I cited the Green Revolution for eg., the Alliance for Progress, Monetarism, Thalidominde, Aids as related to vaccination programs in Africa…. across the spectrum of attack the same spin and propagdndistic methodology

    the list is endless really, of the atrocites conceived of and fleshed out by this murderous status quo in the world..and actually carried out on the people of the planet.

    and I am now asked to be happy about this Collider business?

    look NL..WiilUk! be serious will allya! I would have to be nuts not to be concerned about this project. it simply does not have a good provenance.

    and all this nonsense about european science and its contribution to the world, moving the species forward and all that crap….would the human species not have advanced scientifically without the rise and expansion of western Asia…the so called europe?

    and at this current moment of european corporate monopoly..isnt that very fact of monopoly the single greatest check on human technological advance…social advance generally?

    if at the beginning capitalism was a spur and incentive to technoligcal advance what is it now at the death of capitalism if not a fetter on advance as it is clear?

    monpoly shuts down expansion in order to maintain concentration of all in the world in the few hands this has setteled into at the moment. does it not follow that if humanity canot make use of the full stage we have arrived at, exhaust it, and so make way for more, clear the decks so we may move on and forward, we will stagnate… as were in stagnation now?

    what about ‘grow, expand or die?’

    and how do we clear the decks if we do not cater to the needs of the planet, of all the people…or the people of the world in their various national/cultural contiguities, are free do so, to cater in the needs of all their people, on an on-gong and developing basis?

    and would not the resulting systems of democracy, to facilitate such inclusion allow for a massive and comprehensive focus on scientifc reseach and technological elongat, that would dwarf what currently obtains….and be done very safely, for the mad minority, with scarcely a human concern, would be long gone, and there would be no need at all to jeopardse humanity’s chances in search of advantage in weaponry?

    I dont understand some of you at all.

    it is as if as soon as one presents an alternative perspective that may challenge established ideas, they become lunatic, anti semitic, racist etc.

    to hell with that.

    this is what i think and I am prepared to look at it constantly with the view of updating myself as i go.

    I have no use for castigating anyone….always looking for new valid ideas and information….and try not to do it myself, even if I find NL and WillUk to be very funny indeed