Jaquizz Rodgers and Oregon State Rock Shock #1 USC

(AP Photo/Steve Slocum)

Before I went to work last night, I happened across the number one ranked USC Trojans. James McKnight is a monster, so I kept the game on even though I wanted to see what was going on with Washington Mutual (DOW has dropped a moderate 115 points after a half hour of trading).

Man, who the hell is that little dude punching USC in the mouth with Pop’s fist?

Damn, Jacquizz Rodgers wasn’t going around the end, he was running straight up the gut and had 186 yards on 37 carries and two touchdowns in Oregon State’s upset of USC. Was a star born last night? His brother James had two touchdowns as well–one coming on a tip drill in the end zone–in the 27-21 win in Corvallis. James was the first to enroll at Oregon State and his more heralded brother chose to stay with the fam and head north by way of Texas. USC had no answer for the Oregon State attack and it was crazy seeing the Trojan coaching staff scratching their heads trying to come up with something on both sides of the ball. The playcalling was masterful. Oregon State faked the end around on most plays which kept an overaggressive Trojan defense on its heels.

The last time Oregon State defeated a number one team was against these same Trojans in 1967. That USC team–led by OJ Simpson–were stunned by the Beavers 3-0. I really thought this USC team was unstoppable. They are one of those teams that leaves your mouth open in awe because of their physical ability and talent. They have a bunch of NFL talent with cats the size of the state of Texas.

The problem last night was that Jacquizz got up behind those bigguns so tight, the linebackers couldn’t find him. His runs usually led to first downs and most of his yardage came from the middle of the field. Oklahoma should ascend to number one with USC’s defeat. This shakes up the BCS something fierce earlsky and should make for another dramatic college football finish.

2 Responses to “Jaquizz Rodgers and Oregon State Rock Shock #1 USC”

  1. GrandNubian says:


    I watched this one up until halftime. Oregon St. was faster, quicker and hungrier than SC. They wanted it more — you could see it in their eyes and in their body language. I think Jaquizz Rodgers became a star last night and he may become a Heisman candidate in a few years if he kepts running like that.

    Also…..I think that if Georgia beats ‘Bama, they’ll leap over Oklahoma and reclaim the number 1 spot. Up until this point in the season, they (Georgia) would have the better looking resume.

  2. Ralph Palacios says:

    I m a Lamar Mustang and what the Rodger brothers and Oregon St. football team did last season was great!And i think this season will be even more exciting to watch.Keep up the good work Jaquizz and James and you will succeed in the game of football and life good luck a big fan from the Rose-Rich area GO OREGON STATE!!!