Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 4

I’m gonna deem this as Throwback Weekend in the NFL to honor our game of the week and one of the NFL’s most bitter rivalries. The Washington Redskins visit Texas stadium for the final time to take on the Dallas Cowboys. Other throwback games with a little less flair include: Browns v. Bengals, Raiders v. Chargers, and Chiefs v. Broncos.

Sunday September 28, 2008

Atlanta (2-1) at Carolina (2-1) 1pm: We know the Falcons are going to nosedive sooner or later but this week they’ll hang with the Panthers until late in the game.

The Pick: Panthers 24 – Falcons 20

Cleveland (0-3) at Cincinnati (0-3) 1pm: I don’t wanna see an overrated Derek Anderson and banged up Carson Palmer. Someone dial up Brian Sipe and Ken Anderson.

The Pick: Browns 31 – Bengals 17

Houston (0-2) at Jacksonville (1-2) 1pm: The Texans are allowing teams to gain chunks of yardage at will. That plays into the hands of the Jags running attack. A possible 100 yd. day for Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.

The Pick: Jags 27 – Texans 7

Minnesota (1-2) at Tennessee (3-0) 1pm: The Titans face their best defensive opponent to date, as the Vikings unit looks to be rounding into shape. The Minnesota running attack will be tested as the Titans are 10th against the run. This one may boil down to the quarterback who plays closest to mistake free.

The  Pick: Vikings 20 – Titans 13

Denver (3-0) at Kansas City (0-3) 1pm: The Chiefs have to stand up to someone, and this is the week they do it. Coach Herm Edwards is running short on quarterbacks and patience. If the Chiefs lie down against the Broncos the paint will be peeling at that post game press conference.

Upset Special: Chiefs 24 – Broncos 21

San Francisco (2-1) at New Orleans (1-2) 1pm: Everywhere you look on the Saints roster someone is banged up, but they keep marching out there and slugging it out. They could easily be 3-0. The return home does the Bayou Boys good.

The Pick: Saints 31 – Niners 27

Green Bay (2-1) at Tampa Bay (2-1) 1pm: Let’s be real here, both defenses aren’t that good. The Pack are coming into a hostile enviroment after a physical game last week.

The Pick: Packers 21 – Bucs 20

Arizona (2-1) at New York Jets (1-2) 1pm: The Cards spent the week on the east coast which should help them this week. The Jets on the other hand could use a week off.

The Pick: Cardinals 24 – Jets 13

San Diego (1-2) at Oakland (2-1) 4:05pm: As a kid this was always the NFL Game of the Week. The Chargers are out to prove that their opening two loses were flukes. No better place to prove it than in The Black Hole.

The Pick: Chargers 38 – Raiders 20

Buffalo (3-0) at St. Louis (0-3) 4:05pm: The Bills lack of focus against the Raiders almost cost them last week. Don’t expect Dick Jauron to let up if they get a big lead. But the Rams make it close.

The Pick: Bills 27 – Rams 23

Washington (2-1) at Dallas (3-0) 4:15pm: The Cowboys have played two emotional games in the span of 10 days (Philly, Green Bay), I don’t know if they have enough in the tank for a Redskins team on a roll.

The Pick: Redskins 24 – Cowboys 21

Philadelphia (2-1) at Chicago (1-2) 8:15pm: Jim Johnson has young Kyle Orton in his sights this week, after an 8-sack performance last week expect some wrinkles added to the package. Donovan McNabb always plays well when he returns home. The Bears know that too. Brian Westbrook (ankle) is looking like a game time decision.

The Pick: Eagles 28 – Bears 13

Monday September 29, 2008

Baltimore (2-0) at Pittsburgh (2-1) 8:30pm: If you think Ray Lewis and the rest of the Ravens defense didn’t notice what the Eagles did to the Steelers last week, then you don’t know Ray Ray. Losing Willie Parker and Casey Hampton don’t help the Steelers in this one.

The Pick: Ravens 16 – Steelers 10

Byes this week: Giants, Patriots, Seahawks, Dolphins, Colts and Lions.

Record Last Week 8-8. Season 16-15.

34 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 4”

  1. origin says:

    Jinx Jinx JInx come on lose atlanta.

    Time to buy a Matt Ryan Voodo doll.

  2. Eric Daniels says:

    Harvey your Dawgs lost and pretty badly by the way, I think that there will be another 2 -loss team playing for the national title again this year. I pick my Bucs to win with a power running game and with Antonio Bryant they finally have another reciever to complement Joey Galloway until they trade for Boldin next year. (Super Bowl time again !!!) The Pack has no chance !!!!

  3. HarveyDent says:


    I submit to your superior prognostication skills. Damn Dawgs. The minute I jumped on the bandwagon it derails right under my azz.

    Roll Tide Roll!!


  4. Temple3 says:

    Nice picks. We finally agree about what Jacksonville is going to do. I totally agree on Washington. I really like their chances to pull this one out. That’s going to be a great game especially if their corners don’t get abused. I am wondering, though, how they’re going to tackle Barber and Jones. Marion is that dude. This is his year.

  5. Temple3 says:

    I’m surprised you picked the Vikings on the road. Anything is possible, especially if they win on special teams and turnovers. The problem is that’s a strong suit of the Titans. These teams really are so much alike (right down to the benched QBs)…I’d really like to see this game from the trenches. The grass will be screaming all day.

  6. Mizzo says:

    Uh….Go Redskins?

  7. Miranda says:

    Did you have money on the Chiefs!?!?!? Did you have some geechee woman put roots on Denver’s D??!?!? WOW

    First UGA…then the Falcons!!! What a wonderful Monday! And FAMU won the Atl Classic!! Oh this will be wonderful! I work with some of the most irritating UGA fans in the state…seriously…and for some odd reason these same people hated the Falcons right up until last season…hmmmm…wonder why? Oh well! Tomorrow will be a good day!

  8. michelle says:


    LOL! Guess those dirty birds came back down to earth, so did my 49ers.

  9. michelle says:

    Where is Diallo? His boys are going down tonight!!!

  10. michelle says:

    Not to change the subject but how about CC who pitched for the third time on short rest to get the Brewers into the playoffs. Is he great or what? Nine innings without an earned run. Santana was as good for the Mets. WOW!

  11. michelle says:

    Ok, maybe I spoke too soon on the Cowboys losing.

  12. KevDog says:

    Hey Miz, can you drop me T3’s email address?

  13. Mizzo says:

    Just sent him a text Doc. I’ll write something up on Carsten Charles when I get home from work Michelle. He’s a beast and actually should get mad votes for MVP and Cy Young. Santana as well.

    Yo D…”Where You At?”

  14. Temple3 says:

    Nice throw by McNabb over Urlacher.

    Jason Campbell put on a clinic today.

    JaMarcus has a way to go, but he throws a pretty deep ball.

    The Chiefs will compete as long as Huard is the QB.

    Bulger gets his job back as soon as Linehan gets fired. Manana?

    The Bills are legit, but they’re gonna miss Roscoe Parrish as soon as they play a real defense.

    The Jaguars are going to struggle all year…nothing easy.

    The Chargers and Broncos are not the teams to beat in the AFC. (I don’t know who is – but I don’t love either of these squads.)

    How’d you like to be Green Bay’s GM on the eve of Favre throwing 6 TDs (career-high) and Aaron Rodgers clutching his shoulder?

    I like Matt Forte and DeSean Jackson….great rookie showcase for the league.

    The Falcons are a joke. The only reason for the delayed laughter around the world is the Detroit Lions.

  15. Temple3 says:


    Send an e-mail to my blog.

  16. KevDog says:

    T3, can’t. Went to the blog, couldn’t figure out how to do it. Could you drop me a line at my email address?

  17. Miranda says:

    T3…is it just me or did it look like JaMarcus didn’t even give his full effort to throw that ball 80 yards?? I think dude can sling it 90 easily….he did that too effortlessly…if only the dang WR had caught it!

  18. michelle says:

    Well the Eagles gave that game away. Sorry Miz, TBR, and Harvey. Looks like all of our favorite teams lost today.

    Looking forward to that CC piece. That brother is amazing!

  19. thebrotherreport says:

    3:40 left, two timeouts, 4th and 1 down four. I’m not taking points off the board, kick the field goal. Put 7 in the box and dare Orton to beat your secondary. And they criticized Mike Tomlin last week?

  20. GrandNubian says:

    Looks like the Eagles aren’t as good as we thought they were….

  21. GrandNubian says:

    Favre was impressive with his 6 TDs but I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back next next and threw 6 INTS……

  22. thebrotherreport says:

    I wouldn’t say that, last night just proved how much Brian Westbrook means to the offense. And once again Andy Reid outsmarted himself.

  23. origin says:

    Mouse Davis Jr. does it again. The fool didn’t even want to run the ball the all game until the last 5 minutes. Then Mouse Davis Jr. (Andy Reid) decides to run the ball 4 straight times on the goaline.

    It just amazes me time and time again how the eagles are one of the biggest Offensive lines in the NFL but they can’t push Defensive linemen out the way when it comes to running the ball.

    I swear with all that passing Reid does I don’t think the OL even remembers how to run block.

    I swear passing over 70% on the bears with crap WRs………what a fool.

    Like I said before Harvey it looks like this will be mcnabbs last season in Philly.

  24. thebrotherreport says:

    3:40 left, two timeouts, 4th and 1 down four. I’m not taking points off the board, kick the field goal. Put 7 in the box and dare Orton to beat your secondary. And they criticized Mike Tomlin last week?

  25. Temple3 says:


    JaMarcus can throw the ball at least 70 yards from his knees. I saw it on ESPN while he was at LSU. He has to have to strongest arm I’ve ever seen. The Raiders approach to games simply doesn’t make sense to me. Frankly, they should have beat the dog shit out of the Chargers yesterday. Javon Walker caught the first 2 passes of the game…34 yards, then didn’t catch another ball the entire game. It’s not like people can cover him. They play as if they’re trying to throw games because Al D. needs to take a loss on his income tax. I have no idea why the Raiders brought in Ashley Lelie…he couldn’t catch a cold in Siberia. McFadden needs to work on his hands and his all-around game. Right now, guys like Felix Jones, Matt Forte and the like are better football players.

    TBR: In all fairness to Reid and Tomlin – I don’t believe a team deserves to win when they capitulate inside the 5. I think you have to give the Bears some credit. Last year, Mike Brown (that dude before Ed Reed-Troy Polamalu-Bob Sanders) announced his retirement. He’s back and while the Bears still miss a healthy Tommy Harris, Brown makes a difference. He allows guys like Briggs and Urlacher to really attack the middle. Buckhalter made a great attempt, but the Bears simply won that matchup. Also, it was precisely because Brown was on the field (and capable of stacking up plays on his own) that Alex Brown was able to loop around on the last play.

    Sometimes the other team simply handles their business. I can’t blame the Eagles for running like that. Everyone expected them to pass. They went against the conventional wisdom. Since Donovan’s receivers put on a clinic on how to drop passes, running wasn’t the worst idea.

    Tactically, I think the Eagles just missed Westbrook. I’m fairly certain he scores from right there regardless of what the Bears do. Some guys just have that goal line capacity. Payton had it. Marcus Allen had it. LT2 has it. The Eagles played very well against a tough team on the road. They don’t have Kevin Curtis or Westbrook. LJ Smith was invisible. What do y’all expect?

  26. Temple3 says:


    I think my comments were actually more for Origin…

  27. thebrotherreport says:

    No problem.

  28. GrandNubian says:

    No one can deny the impact and importance Westbrook and McNabb have on the Eagles’ offense, but outside of those two, someone else has to elevate his game in the event that one of them is out of the lineup.

    And besides, McNabb & Westbrook don’t play defense. Not saying that Philly doesn’t have a good “D” (they do), but they have to be consistent every week and on Sunday night they were not.

    The Giants are 3-0. The ‘Skins and the ‘Boys are 3-1. Philly is 2-2. If they aren’t careful, they’ll find themselves on the outside looking in.

  29. thebrotherreport says:

    The Eagles had two turnovers inside their own 30 both led to touchdowns (Jackson Fumble, INT) granted they could/should’ve stopped them, but the defense went right back on the field. No excuse but turnovers don’t help the defense either.

    It’s no way I’m in panic mode after 4 games (maybe 8)

  30. GrandNubian says:

    LOL…..i’m not saying panic is inevitable; I’m just saying that Philly needs to be careful or they won’t be playing in the postseason.

  31. thebrotherreport says:

    I got you, I was thinking last night that Sunday is a “must-win” just to keep pace. I’m laughing because I’m approaching panic mode.

    Reid needs to see how much Shawn Alexander has left in the tank. All I need from him is 5-7 touches a game (I would put it in his contract.) Booker isn’t the answer. Why didn’t they line up Klecko as a fullback on that play or put him in Shoebel’s (the guy that missed the block) spot?

  32. GrandNubian says:

    “Why didn’t they line up Klecko as a fullback on that play or put him in Shoebel’s (the guy that missed the block) spot?”

    I have no idea. I stopped trying to figure out Andy Reid’s mentality a long time ago. 🙂

    Well, after last night the Steelers and Ravens both may have their eyes set on Shaun Alexander.

  33. thebrotherreport says:

    Well we know who won’t (Reid).

  34. Miranda says:

    T3…..let me just quote you:

    “He has to have to strongest arm I’ve ever seen. The Raiders approach to games simply doesn’t make sense to me.”

    “I have no idea why the Raiders brought in Ashley Lelie…he couldn’t catch a cold in Siberia.”

    (sigh)……….where have I heard all that before? Oh…yeah…that’s right…I live in Atlanta. Might I introduce you to offensive coordinator Gregg Knapp?