NFL Sunday Week 4: Brett Favre Throws for Six, Terrell Owens Keeps Talking….

Posted in Blogroll, Ernie Johnson on September 29th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Sup with your boy TO D? I know he’s a beast but he’s gotta keep it together when he feels he’s not utilized properly. Did anyone see the look on his face when he sat alone on the sideline? TO, you are three and one. Quit crying and catch one of the 17 passes Romo threw your way. Didn’t you run the ball twice? They are trying to get you the ball.

Chill brotha chill.

Andy Reid is going to hear it in Philly this week. What was he thinking running three straight times on the goal line even though he has Donovan McNabb under center? I know Donovan is hurt, but he’s a big dude Andy. Run the sneak!

Brett Favre throws for six tds. Damn dude. You sure know how to keep your name on the front page huh?

Kurt Warner cannot throw that hospital ball at that point in the game. He’s lucky Anquan is going to be alright. Gaston if you do that, you better run like I’m chasin’ you.

Tennessee is for real. Do not sleep on the defense or Albert Haynesworth and that front four will make sure you don’t wake up.

New Orleans has a prolific offense, but it seems like the offenses they play against are as well.

Here’s the scores. Ron Glover will write the recap next week. I’m just a sub.

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