A Dream’s Shadow Cast For the Dense Shallow

Something to be said and not just thought…

I saw a dream…

A dream reticent as cattle

Strong like Red Wood log

Revisited as 1968 fog

Oh my…will you be kind

Festering in a not so absolute mind

But it is mine

I look to the mirror

Reflections Malcolm, Martin

Nothing In the Middle

Who fights for the fighter

True like a balcony wind

Soft yet furious

Merry it is not

Wild organized hatred oh so magnificent

Will the wind change

Oh no…for only the stone soul in me recognizes so gangster

Bridges in Juno vacancies in Hanoi

Growling bellies of so many little boys

Patriarch hearts never smart

Where will the creativity start

For the love it is to be

Shallow so shallow we only see

Me so mourning in the morning of chaos


Scared to react but we all have to face its fact

Facts that counteract a hope smacked but lacked a basic evolutionary track

My daughter’s eyes cry to my hope lies to the anger wide

People know thy name

Recognize the game

It’s 40 years the same

Don’t let him see the balcony of this day hypocrisy

He holds so much like the passion of Omarion’s touch

Black boy crutch

Lusts just as much

Don’t point Jesse

Say it isn’t so

300 million need to primitively grow

Love bestows and holds a mighty groundswell when he not becomes cold

This is my thought brought on by Martin’s scream

He cannot smile in that moment like Malcolm

Motorcade like John

Jackie’s beauty he needs to grow old with

Until he sees Malia and Sasha with white dressed kiss

Run Malcolm, Bobby and Abraham

Your site he must not see

Not for me

But for the baby of Black maybe

Cradles of Christmas eyed hope

If lost, how must we cope

Too pure addict’s dope

Avalanches slip slope

January laughter must be

Many sons must see

Black will flee

Like John Denny

One dead on the penny

Has torn too many

He must sit mighty stone atoned for yet unborn Washington mall stares

Can you promise he’ll never wander through the cross hairs?

Life ain’t fair

But why too must I be scared?


I neglected to post this because I’d thought everyone already knew of it…especially on TSF

Here you go veeflo:

Here’s another of merit. Thanks Delinda:

NYOIL on the strength. Hit me up brothaman.

REGISTER TO VOTE. Don’t complain about shit if you don’t.

3 Responses to “A Dream’s Shadow Cast For the Dense Shallow”

  1. vleeflo says:


  2. I pray that the man is not in the cross hair either. I’m concerned that people will not vote. This is one of the most important elections ever…more so than the fiasco in 2000.

    Good poem man. Keep up the good work! I also appreciated the celebrity video, as Halle Berry made her cameo. That’s always a good look!