What Were Your Thoughts On the Vice Presidential Debate Between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin?

Where were the specific details regarding the economy? Why was Sarah Palin’s baby up at 11:00 pm? Immigration? Bailout? Restoring our global image? 159,00 jobs slashed in September–the most in five years?

Sarah Palin saved her ass by attacking Barack Obama. Because she’s butchered every recent interview, expectations of Palin were very low so I guess she gets a cookie for that. I thought it was embarrassing she never answered one question and made energy her answer at almost every turn. Biden was knowledgeable, Palin was not. She cracked me up at times ducking and dodging Gwen Ifill’s questions and even had the temerity to tell America she was not going to answer basically anything substantive.

I thought Tina Fey was going to do cart wheels across the stage. This is where America is my friends. We have been dumbed down and John McCain and Sarah Palin’s campaign is the result. Ifill, who in essence became the Black quarterback because of pre-debate scrutiny, was adequate in the confusing fog of Palin’s defiance.

I gotta say that as far as I’m concerned, Joe Six Pack and Hockey Mom number 4,080 can get hit by a bus. The right going after the media is ludicrous. Woman up and take your lumps Sarah Palin. You ain’t better than anyone else lady. What was up with her wanting more power for the Vice President? No more Dick Cheyney please. Ain’t no future in ya frontin’. John McCain pulling out of Michigan means his campaign is on life support.

13 Responses to “What Were Your Thoughts On the Vice Presidential Debate Between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin?”

  1. Temple3 says:

    She’s a lunatic.

  2. Co Co says:

    Mike, I’m not going to answer the question you ask. I am going to talk straight to the American people. 😛

  3. delinda says:

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry…I expected Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell us we’ve been Punk’d when she mentioned visiting soccer moms in the park…gosh darn it, she and her team of mavericks…insert finger down throat. She repeated the same rehearsed comments ad-nauseam, and her condescending ‘drill baby drill’ comment had me ready to jump off the cliff.
    Gotta give props to Biden, especially when got emotional about his family and the importance of this election. I welled up a bit when he did…notice too that Palin didn’t even acknowledge his pain…What terrifies me, is that Fey-,I mean Palin- did what she set out to do. Smile vacantly at the camera and pretend to know what she is talking about…those who are pro-Palin weren’t listening to her words-they just think she did well because she didn’t cry and darn it all, Biden could have cut lose on her jus a lil bit more…he was salivating to rip her a new one, but once again, the Dems showed class.
    And as far as sitting down with foreign leaders and ‘having a conversation’ with them…glad Biden set the diplomacy record straight and confirmed my view of the candidates…McCain and Palin are armed with a rocket launcher and a baby, while Obama and Biden are armed with a bottle of scotch and a spliff…. in my book, diplomacy is much more effective when you approach with a goal a peace as opposed to entering in attack mode because you’re suffering from post-traumatic-war-syndrome…

  4. SaraSD says:

    Gwen Ifill never addressed controversial questions of interest to American women. She did not ask Palin to explain her position on abortion, on rape, on domestic abuse and incest, on sex education on school violence or the drop out rate, on the separation of church and state, on privacy, on censorship, on hate crimes, on the environment, on animal rights, on social security, on elder care, or any real question about the declining income of “the fundamentals” of our economy, the American worker. She threw her questions about energy, which Palin does have an informed opinion on, because she actually does have some experience in that area. I think Ifill did a disservice to the American people buy softballing her questions and letting her get away with non-answers since it was more than likely our only chance to really get to know who she is and what she stands for. Rather than an exciting and informative debate it turned out to be a dull exchange of ides filled with misinformation and half-truths.

  5. Temple3 says:

    Coco, you slay me.

  6. Mary says:

    Sara Palin was so programed at times I really thought she was a Robot. Could Jhon MCcain not find a woman with a brain he must have looked far and wide to find a woman as dumb as Sara.

  7. Co Co says:

    Let’s talk about tax cuts and energy people.

  8. Okori says:

    Mizz check your e-mail.

    And I watched the debate last night with a few friends (a social worker and a Andrew Sullivan-type conservative) and we all agreed that Palin is all style, no substance.

  9. Dirt Smarts says:

    Palin won the sound bite war and may have won if there was such a thing as debate points, even if she only answered the questions she wished to answer. She may have won on “form.” Biden, in my humble opinion, won on “substance.” Whether or not you agreed with Biden, the contrast in depth of understanding was obvious. If they had allowed follow-ups or discussion between the candidates, I fear Palin would have folded. That’s why she does so poorly in interviews

    I kind of resent both of them doing the Bill-Clinton-GW-Bush-common-man-come-to-my-barbeque-eat-at-McDonalds thingy. We need leaders who actually know something and are willing to talk about what they know rather than pander. But then I guess I’d have to have higher expectations of the electorate too.

    Any worries of the moderator being biased seemed to be unfounded.

    I don’t think it changed many minds, as far as voting intentions. Palin groupies, in search of their own “Rock Star,” will continue touting her as the victor of the debate and covergirl for a CHRISTIAN-feminist revival. The fact that McCain has pulled out of Michigan will more than erase any PR points Palin may have made. I’ve been wrong before..I really thought McCain would choose Romney, who would have also kept Michigan in play.

  10. GrandNubian says:

    Well, gosh darn it…….I didn’t know that winning the “sound bites” category and avoiding questions would make people think you were qualified to be VP.

    “This is where America is my friends. We have been dumbed down and John McCain and Sarah Palin’s campaign is the result.”

    I couldn’t have said it better bruh. My wife and I watched this debate last night and we both concluded that it wasn’t even a contest. Joe Biden put it down….it wasn’t even close.

    People in the media (i.e. Pat Buchanan) kill me…..stating that B.S. about how she could relate to the public and how she seemed like an ordinary person. Well, i don’t think we need someone who’s ordinary; we need someone who’s extroadinary.


  11. vleeflo says:

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  12. leo says:

    she just doesn’t get it