Notes from the TNT NBA Season Launch Conference Call

Posted in Blogroll on October 23rd, 2008 by Michael Tillery


Marv Albert, TNT NBA play-by-play announcer

Reggie Miller, TNT NBA analyst

Doug Collins, TNT NBA analyst

Jeff Behnke, Turner Sports executive producer

I took part in the annual TNT NBA Season Launch Conference Call. My quotes are at the bottom.

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The Unplayed Keys By Taylor Tillery and Autumn Hollis

Posted in Blogroll on October 23rd, 2008 by Taybay

My daughter told me last night this is the correct title and also said friend Autumn Hollis collaborated with the play. There have been many new readers on the site lately and I wanted to welcome you all with the reason that I be. I’m very critical of writers who don’t seem to understand how their work affects us all and this is why: I do this for my children,  my closest family and lastly, my friends. Everyone who knows me, knows this to be true. Mizzo Jr., is in love with the arts. I feel he’s the best athlete of all my kids, but sports doesn’t serve his soul and that’s perfectly fine. My love of sports was passed to my youngest children, Gaston and Taylor Jourdan. My soul of sports is embodied in the non-stop protection of their limitless future–whatever that may be. It’s as simple as that. When the dogs inevitably come after my children (like they do with so many seeds of others) with venomous pens, I want them to be ready to burn through their argument with action. What kind of Pop would I be if I was never critical of writers who do us all a disservice? So far, my youngest two have state and district titles in multiple sports. It’s very logical to say they’ll go on to college and continue their athletic careers. I wrote a piece on Gaston and will have one forthcoming on Michael Jr. My daughter Taylor, 12, who is tearing up basketball (triple double threat with blocks), softball (will not get caught on the base paths, hits bombs and will run down everything in the field) and field hockey (scores from everywhere), wrote this play and I wanted to post it just to show others just how much the work we do affects our children. When I initially got into the game, I made sure Taylor was with me whether I was on the field or doing an interview. She seemed to enjoy journalism so I would be remiss not to pass the wisdom and knowledge I’ve collected over the past three years in hopes she’ll find her own path to success. Now, I’m not the greatest Pop by any stretch. I have so much work to do to become the best father I can be, but my soul is happy knowing that I have great children and also a great niece. My niece Aivonna is a freshman at Penn State and is doing big things that hopefully her cousins will emulate.Vonni, as we call her, is a very talented writer in her own right and I will post pieces written by her as well. Taylor’s play has nothing to do with sports. It has more to do with family struggle and how that struggle helps us transition into the successful people we all aspire to become. I must note that my edits were at a bare minimum. This was all my daughter. A poem I wrote for Taylor entitled Daughter Daddy Eyes follows her play. Click the pics for relevant music clips. Thanks for reading.

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