Isiah Thomas Rushed to Hospital In Suspected Sleeping Pill Overdose

Posted in Blogroll on October 24th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

There’s a report coming out of Purchase, NY that Isiah Thomas has overdosed on sleeping pills. Police were called to his home around midnight last night and he was rushed to the hospital unconscious but was breathing. Zeke is still in the hospital. Apparently his stomach was pumped of 10 Lunesta sleeping pills (he had a prescription so police aren’t pursuing an investigation regarding anything criminal). Don’t jump the gun and presume this is a suicide attempt as of yet but the number of pills being reported is an indicator. The Knicks have declined comment. Stories like this should not be reported until all facts are clear. I’ll post more on this as it develops.

The Crazy Stuff People Do So Barack Does Not Get Elected

Posted in Blogroll on October 24th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

The Ashley Todd story is a hoax. Makes you wonder just how many people wanted this ridiculous story to be true but it also shows folks are losing their damn minds as election day approaches. Self mutilating yourself with a backwards B to bring negative publicity to Barack Obama is laughable but she must be disturbed to do something like this. I could care less about her personally because of her actions, but as a father, I hope she gets some help. Don’t be shocked if more craziness goes down the next 11 days so please, please, please be careful out there people.

Oh…another thing…if you are voting for Barack, keep the buttons and pins off your person because some fear Republicans are going to ensure an old ass law is enforced prohibiting public endorsing of a candidate in the polling place.

Then there’s this from Atlanta. Miranda what ya’ll got goin’ on down there?…

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Don’t Call it a Comeback: Daunte Culpepper Wants Your Quarterback’s Job

Posted in Blogroll on October 24th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

This is an email I received:

“A number of teams have contacted me since my retirement announcement and have provided some important information that has caused me to reconsider returning to the League. As much as I have enjoyed my brief break from playing, I know that I love the game and I have some unfinished business in the NFL.  It has never been because of a lack of passion for the game but rather, the absence of a fair opportunity to compete and play that caused me to retire.  Now that there are some real opportunities that match my desire to play, I will choose the one that is the best fit for both the team and me so that I can continue my NFL career.  For the second half of this season, I hope to play a role in helping a team win some games.  I want to thank all of those who encouraged me to ‘keep a light on’ for the right NFL opportunity that would eventually come back to me.”

Working on an interview.

Rudy Ray Moore Goes Out Like He Came In–On Stage

Posted in Blogroll on October 24th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

This was sent to me this morning from Branson Wright.

I went to the Rudy Ray Moore (Dolomite) funeral in Akron last night. I went to support a good friend who was close to Moore. I also met Moore two years ago at a Cleveland Cavaliers event. It was the wildest funeral I’ve ever been to.

Moore was in the casket donning a hat, black suit, white pinstripes and sunglasses that continuously lit up.

Throughout the night, several mourners, and I use that loosely, crowded around the casket for pictures. The wake also included a showing of some of Moore’s movies and stand ups, which included so much cursing that the pastor had to leave the room.

The one celebrity that appeared was “Scorpio,” one of the pimps from “Ho’s up, Pimps down.” He represented. He wore a loud orange suit with all of the bling. But instead of flying or even taking the bus, he arrived in Akron from Chicago in a stretch Limo.

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Friday Fire: Which Athlete Has the Biggest Impact On Their Respective Sport?

Posted in Blogroll on October 24th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

This cat right here is my pick for the best athlete in sports. LeBron and Kobe are monsters and obviously so is Tiger, but Manuel Aristides Onelcida Ramirez scares the shit out of every single opposing fan and player when he steps into the on deck circle. Pitch to him with the game on the line and you might get fired. His 28 homers in the postseason are 1st all time–ahead of Bernie Williams (22) and Mr. October, Reggie Jackson (18). As a Yankee fan, I’m glad he got the hell out of dodge. His trade was one of the dumbest moves in sports history because it transformed Big Papi (though he is injured) into Robin without Batman’s protection.