The Crazy Stuff People Do So Barack Does Not Get Elected

The Ashley Todd story is a hoax. Makes you wonder just how many people wanted this ridiculous story to be true but it also shows folks are losing their damn minds as election day approaches. Self mutilating yourself with a backwards B to bring negative publicity to Barack Obama is laughable but she must be disturbed to do something like this. I could care less about her personally because of her actions, but as a father, I hope she gets some help. Don’t be shocked if more craziness goes down the next 11 days so please, please, please be careful out there people.

Oh…another thing…if you are voting for Barack, keep the buttons and pins off your person because some fear Republicans are going to ensure an old ass law is enforced prohibiting public endorsing of a candidate in the polling place.

Then there’s this from Atlanta. Miranda what ya’ll got goin’ on down there?…

What year is this again?

9 Responses to “The Crazy Stuff People Do So Barack Does Not Get Elected”

  1. GAM says:

    This is disgraceful. Leave out the political implications for a sec, and just consider this as some white girl who lied about another black criminal. Forget Obama, that brother is fine.

    But what if she never got caught? Again, Barak is fine, it takes more than some 1960’s style fear-mongering at this point. But what about the brother on the Hill District coming home tonight? What about that cat walking too close to the white lady on the Northside. How many cops in Wilkinsburg would have been sweatin brothers a little more closely because of this?

    THAT is what gets me. Forget the election, this chick owes black Pittsburgh (and western PA) an apology. Forget Barak, he’ll be fine……..

  2. Mizzo says:

    I won’t believe that until he’s chillin’ back in Chicago after serving 8 years.

  3. des says:

    Susan Smith, 2008.

  4. HarveyDent says:

    Par for the course in GA as far that redneck dive owner. GA’s home and I still have some love for the area but I don’t miss living there because while this whole country is more racist than the mainstream and Obama would lead us to believe down there it’s almost like they just took the Whites Only signs down.

    As far as that dizzy heffa is Pittsburgh, I just have to shke my head to keep from smacking her stupid azz. Obama’s the right one because I have no use for people like her and anyone else who would tell such a dog ass lie.

  5. Eric Daniels says:

    Why should we be surpried folks, these people are angry and will push every racial button and intimidate black voters like in North Carolina and other early voting states. The Big Black Buck for sympathy plays well in redneckville and “The South” starts at the Canadian Border in my opinion. Like I said before Palin and Mc Cain along with the right-wing “Shock Jocks” have implied that there will be a race war and have inspiring violent rhetoric amongst their supporters and listeners.

    Hopefully every Law-Abiding African – American will take precuations and do what is neccesary to defend themselves, family and friends because I am afraid we are re-entering a period of racial violence we haven’t seen since the early 70’s and it will not end after Obama is elected if that’s the case.

  6. michelle says:

    This woman is an idiot!

  7. Miranda says:

    I hope the backwards “B” somehow stays visible forever – that it never fades.

  8. Jdubb says:

    Hey Fam..I want yall to check this out
    dont mean to hijack this thread but this totally relates to the wackiness that is making me very afraid for all of us in the next week

  9. Smack Adams says:

    Frankly, I’d rather in equal measure that Obama was neither Christian nor Muslim or Jew (I am Jewish). I want my President to be unswayed by any notions of religious “morality” or “justice”. Despite horrendous misapplication, this remains a nation of law and humanity, not religion.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing (yeah, I’m a lawyer, too. That’s right, a New York Jew lawyer. Gotta problem with that?), I accept Obama’s faith. And it dumbfounds me that people can hold in one mind the beliefs that (a) Obama is an adherent of a racist Christian theology embodied by Rev. Wright and (b) Obama is Muslim.

    They can all eat a bag of poo. (is profanity allowed here?)