NBA Opening Night!

(AP Photo/Paul Beatty)

Ahhh finally! Damn! I love football, but the wait for the NBA season is wick, wick whack. I’ll have the other two games posted as part of the TNT notes sometime after 12. Conference previews will be posted later in the week. Anthony Gilbert and I will be covering the Sixers opener against the Raptors tonight. For those in the area, the game has been moved up to 6 just in case Game 5 of the World Series is played.

Here we focus on the much anticipated debut of Chicago the Pooh Rose. Can you imagine playing in the NBA for your hometown team and beginning your career at home? There’s been a lot of hype on Pooh and trust he will shine as long as he stays out of trouble. I’m sure my man BJ will ensure a mature beginning to what should be a remarkable career. Derrick might change the way you currently view the position. I’ll go out on a limb and say only Oscar rivals his sheer athleticism at the 1.

Derrick Rose became just the second player ever to debut with 9 assists (Jalen’s late Dad Jimmy Walker had 10 and LeBron nine) and helped lead the Bulls to a 105-98 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. He showed his usual strength and athleticism and also added 11 points. His defense is what is gonna separate him from the rest of the pack and Derrick should win ROY based on his position and where he plays.

Expect multiple triple doubles from Rose this season barring injury.

Luol Deng led Chicago with 21. Tyrus Thomas will definitely benefit from Rose’s skills and had 15 and 10. Ben Gordon had 18 off the bench and did his usual late game make everything dramatics. Kurt Hinrich chipped in 15 off the bench as well. Chicago stated 6’7” Thabo Sefolosha to provide defense at the two spot.

Michael Redd tossed in 30 (4-8 from downtown) in the loss. Richard Jefferson added 15. Andrew Bogut only had nine. Dude has to show and number one pick prove this year or he’s gonna catch mad wreck from this spot.

Both teams debuted head coaches: Chicago with Scott Skiles and Milwaukee with Vinny Del Negro.

When I spoke to Michael Redd this summer, he seemed very hyped to prove just how steady a player he is. I say this is the year he becomes a bonafide superstar.

15 Responses to “NBA Opening Night!”

  1. Rashad says:

    I really hope Oden isn’t about to go all Sam Bowie on us. His MRI today is crucial

  2. thebrotherreport says:

    I’m ready for the season too man. Drew Gooden looks like Killer Khan.

  3. Chicago looked really good. I’m happy for them, and especially happy for Ben Gordon. I must admit that as a Lakers fan, I was cheering for LeBron last night against the Celtics. And speaking of the Lake Show, it’s not a good look to make Kobe angry because when he wants to turn it on, he can, and he will.

  4. Co Co says:

    If Michael Redd stays in Milwaukee he will not become a superstar. As a matter of fact he’s had superstar talent for a long time, it just ain’t happenin…..

  5. Mizzo says:

    Watch his progression Miss Co Co. That’s it…I’m calling the Rev.

  6. Okori says:


    If I was big Z i’d be very careful. Drew Gooden’s Killer Khan-looking behind is liable to try and break his ankle by jumping off of the press box onto his leg.

    *obscure WWWF reference over*

    and I think Rose and Beasley are going to be playing a game of “Can You Top This” all year

  7. Mizzo says:

    Killer Khan was a beast. He used to mess up my boys Rick McGraw and SD Jones.

  8. Okori says:

    *pours out a bottle of Sunkist for SD Jones*

    But the scary thing about Khan was always that he looked completely, utterly, bat-crap crazy. The guy like that is Ron Artest. I have no doubt that dude will cause an international incident if he is ever invited on an olympic team.

    And because I’m a draft geek…. Mizzo’s sixers are in the 2009 NBA Mock Draft done by are going to be picking Tyler Smith from Tennessee.

  9. thebrotherreport says:

    SD Jones was from South Philly. Used to crack me up with that “I’m gonna mount one last comeback for the fans before I get my ass whupped” dance.

  10. Okori says:

    a close cousin to the “I’m going to ball my fists up, yell out loud, and then walk right into something that sounds like a gunshot to the head” dance every guy in All Japan patented in the 1990’s

  11. Mizzo says:

    Yo that jump off the top rope knee to the throat was all bad news.

  12. Okori says:

    yo, Mizz, did you hear about what happened with Lute Olson? Apparently Brandon Jennings knew something we didn’t. Because now that whole program is crumbling.

    *more of a college basketball head than an NBA head*

  13. Mizzo says:

    I talked to Brandon out in Vegas this summer. I honestly believe he was sincere in making the move to become a pro.

  14. Temple3 says:

    Even though I just finished quasi-bashing Steph over at SOMM, I’d have to say that Rose and he seem to be fairly similar athletically.

    That’s a provocative statement. I think Ray Williams and Micheal Ray Richardson would want into this conversation…and Baron Davis. I think Baron can count on at least one vote from AK47.

  15. Mizzo says:

    None of those players have all the physical tools of Rose. Sugar was a bad boy and had size but could he jump like that? Baron has the thighs of Emmit but not the speed. It’s obviously open for debate. Spell it out for me and I’ll check it after I wake up before work tonight. There should be a pretty long piece on slam shortly about last night’s game in crazy illedelph.