Anyone that knows me knows how I feel about this city and it’s teams. Not a blind loyalist, but a strong supporter of the home teams. For the last 25 years we’ve waited for a winner.

Through losses I still can’t explain, I’ve blamed everyone and everything from Billy Penn to the Rocky Statue . Watching the World Series with cautious optimism I knew better than to get ahead of myself, I’ve been down this road before and the sting was too great to bear again. Once more my faith as a fan would be tested.

Tampa Bay’s Rays beat the Boston Red Sox and were looking to once again (check the history) deny Philadelphia a championship.

Things were different this time, pitching ace Cole Hamels was the hot arm going in. Carlos Ruiz, whose batting average hovered around .200 for most of the season got hot, a sure-nuff home run by Evan Longoria is kept in the park by incoming wind, pitcher Joe Blanton turns on a fastball for his first career home run on the biggest of stages. Ryan Howard, left for dead in the series, validated his MVP status by putting two tracers in the left and right field seats. With the Phils up three games to one, Mother Nature played her hand, suspending game 5 until last night.

Finally, underrated third baseman Pedro Feliz drove in the winning run to clinch the Championship.

After some champagne, some whoppin’ and hollerin’ and some tears. I woke my son to tell him that the Phillies were Champions of the World.

2 Responses to “PHINALLY!!!!”

  1. michelle says:

    The fools were out last night on my way to work. Please people calm down a little!

  2. MODI says:

    That Pedro Feliz hit was huge, and Lidge’s season was amazing.

    And off topic, never realized just how quick Lou Williams was before tonight…