Ron Glover’s NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

Alright TSF Family the argument was brought to me last week that the New York Giants should be ranked number one instead of the Tennessee Titans due to the impressive wins that the Giants have mounted both in and out of the Conference. What I am going to do today is allow you, the fan decide who sits at the top of the NFL food chain this week.

But for now I’ll list the top two as I see it.

1. Tennessee Titans 10-0 (1): Okay so three of their wins came against teams with winning records. But isn’t 10-0 still 10-0?

2. New York Giants 9-1 (2): Their resume is impressive but for arguments sake the ‘Skins were not at the level they are now and the ‘Boys were without Romo. Next time around both teams should be playing better ball.

3. Carolina Panthers 8-2 (3): The backfield tandem of DeAngelo Williams and rookie Jonathan Stewart is one of the most dangerous and overlooked in the NFL.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-3 (6): Big Ben did everything but throw for a touchdown in a game that both teams needed. Once again the Steelers defense did not allow a 100-yard rusher.

5. Arizona Cardinals 7-3 (5): The Cards have won three straight all in the sorry NFC West. Validation is needed in the next two weeks against the Giants and Eagles.

6. Tampa Bay Bucs 7-3 (7): With Ernest Graham out for the season the running game will fall back on 33 year-old Warrick Dunn.

7. New York Jets 7-3 (12): Okay, I’m a believer!

8. Miami Dolphins 6-4 (13): Four in a row for the Dolphins who will be playing for sole possession of 2nd place Sunday against the Pats.

9. Indianapolis Colts 6-4 (18): The Colts may not catch the Titans, but they have put themselves in a prime position for a wild-card spot.

10. Washington Redskins 6-4 (4): They had a chance to put the Cowboys out of the playoffs and couldn’t. After Seattle they face the Giants and Ravens in consecutive weeks.

11. Baltimore Ravens 6-4 (8): The Ravens face the Eagles, ‘Skins and Cowboys in the next month.

12. Dallas Cowboys 6-4 (15): The  Cowboys saved their season and hope to gain momentum against the Niners and Seahawks in the upcoming weeks.

13. New England Patriots 6-4 (9): Bill Belichick has to be kicking himself for surrendering the division lead to The Mangenius.

14. Denver Broncos 6-4 (19): Does anyone get the most out of the obscure player than Mike Shanahan?

15. Green Bay Packers 5-5 (23): Rebounded from back to back losses to blow out the Bears at home. Division may come down to the final meeting with the Bears on 12/22.

16. Atlanta Falcons 6-4 (10): Good teams don’t drop games like this at home. If the Dirtys don’t win another game, they’ve done more than we’ve all expected.

17. Chicago Bears 5-5 (11): Did they even see the Packers coming?

18. New Orleans Saints 5-5 (22): The Saints have to get on some kind of roll with the Packers, Bucs and Falcons in next three weeks.

19. Buffalo Bills 5-6 (14): I really thought they would get themselves together against the Browns on Monday. Now they’re fighting to stay afloat.

20. Minnesota Vikings 5-5 (16): Their loss to the Bucs Sunday has turned the NFC North into a three way dance for the division title.

21. Philadelphia Eagles 5-4-1 (17): Changes need to be made.

22. Cleveland Browns 4-6 (25): The Browns are playing like they believe the can back door themselves into the postseason.

23. San Diego Chargers 4-6 (21): The Bolts would probably need to win four of their last six to win the AFC West.

24. Cincinnati Bengals 1-8-1 (28): Last week’s tie may as well have been a win for the Bengals.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-6 (20): All the Jags can do now is win games and look for help.

26. San Francisco 49ers 3-7 (29): The Niners have a rough stretch at Dallas and Buffalo before the N.Y. Giants drop by.

27. Houston Texans 3-7 (24): The Texans have lost a lot of momentum, will try to regain some of it at Cleveland on Sunday.

28. Kansas City Chiefs 1-9 (26): Amidst everything that went on in this lost season, the Chiefs may have found a keeper in Tyler Thigpen.

29. Seattle Seahawks 2-8 (27): Face the Redskins and Jim Zorn on Sunday.

30. Detroit Lions 0-10 (30): With three straight home games can the Lions get a win. I think Dante Culpepper improves those chances.

31. Oakland Raiders 2-8 (32): Every week around this time I think about how far this franchise has fallen.

32. St. Louis Rams 2-8 (30): At least they’re in double-digit scoring this week.

Movers and Fakers.

Indianapolis Colts +8

Atlanta Falcons & Chicago Bears -6

Thursday Night Football

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 8pm: The Steelers and Bengals are both coming of tough games. I’ll give the nod to the home team

The Pick: Steelers 27 – Bengals 13

13 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Power Rankings: Week 12”

  1. Mizzo says:

    E-A-G…ah nevermind…

  2. ronglover says:


  3. Mizzo says:

    If anyone is having problems viewing the site, please hit me up at with the exact problems you are having and I’ll get it fixed. Thanks.

  4. michelle says:


    You mean my 49ers aren’t number one?????LOL!

  5. Sorry Michelle, maybe next year 🙂

  6. michelle says:


    I hope so. I want the 80’s back!

  7. ronglover says:

    Couldn’t hurt, minus Reaganomics if course.

  8. Eric Daniels says:

    The Bucs are doing it on defense while the offense is still stuck in second gear. This team will go out in the first round if we don’t our offense together.

  9. Miranda says:

    I think it is absolutely hilarious that Adam Jones was reinstated and due back on the field for the Dec 7th game against the Steelers….that is hysterical!! The sound of a thousand heads bursting at the news was music to my ears! HA! And it was soooooo classic Jerry Jones….to see such a blatant use of rank-pulling was positively beautiful. I think a tear fell as I read the announcement. Notice how the initial media reports came from the Dallas owner and not the league….. I doubt he even conferred with Goodell – LOL! that’s just how gangsta it was……Jerry Jones reinstated Adam Jones….Goodell was just informed about it.

  10. Mizzo says:

    Interesting observation Miranda. I certainly wouldn’t doubt its authenticity. Their season is on life support.

  11. Miranda says:

    Mizzo..their season is DONE….but Jerry’s gotta give it the old Cowboy try in December and that means all hands on deck….so all the fake moralists throughout the sports world who THOUGHT there was really some authenticity to this whole “protect the shield” nonsense can kick rocks.

  12. michelle says:



  13. GrandNubian says:

    I say that until someone beats Tennessee, they’re the top team in the NFL. And yes……10-0 is still 10-0.