Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 12

Ted Ginn Jr. and the rest of the Miami Dolphins are going for the season sweep of the New England Patriots which would put the Dolphins in sole possession of second place in the AFC East.

Other games of importance include: N.Y. Jets at Tennessee, Carolina at Atlanta, N.Y. Giants at Arizona and Green Bay at New Orleans.

Philadelphia (5-4-1) at Baltimore (6-4) 1pm: With their season on the line the Eagles take their struggling running attack to Baltimore where the Ravens give up less than 80 yards per contest.

The Pick: Ravens 20 – Eagles 14

New England (6-4) at Miami (6-4) 1pm: The Dolphins have won four straight while the Patriots dropped a game or two they could’ve won. Expect Bill Belichick to be prepared for any trickery the ‘Phins may have planned.

The Pick: Patriots 24 – Dolphins 22

Houston (3-7) at Cleveland (4-6) 1pm: The Texans season is pretty much done, the Browns have to get on a roll and stay there for the duration.

The Pick: Browns 27 – Texans 21

San Francisco (3-7) at Dallas (6-4) 1pm: I really think the Niners are in a good spot for an upset. Frank Gore is back on track and if they can keep the Cowboys offense off the field, Dallas can be in for a long day.

The Pick: Cowboys 17 – Niners 16

N.Y. Jets (7-3) at Tennessee (10-0) 1pm: It ends here; the Jets are patient enough with their offense that they will not be frustrated into making mistakes against the Titans defense. The Jets defense is just as stout as Tennessee’s

Upset Special: Jets 24 – Titans 20

Buffalo (5-5) at Kansas City (1-9) 1pm: The Bills haven’t won in a month, the Chiefs haven’t won in about two. All of those near-misses pay offin a convincing win for the Arrowhead faithful.

Upset Special #2: Chiefs 31 – Bills 20

Chicago (5-5) at St. Louis (2-8) 1pm: The Bears are looking for someone to take their frustrations out on after last week’s embarrassment. I present to you the St. Louis Rams.

The Pick: Bears 24 – Rams 6

Minnesota (5-5) at Jacksonville (4-6) 1pm: The Jags aren’t dead yet so they still have something to play for. Both run defenses will be put to the test.

The Pick: Jags 21 – Vikings 17

Tampa Bay (7-3) at Detroit (0-10) 1pm: If the Lions can somehow make Tampa a one-dimensional team they may have a shot. Wait! Who am I kidding?

The Pick: Bucs 27 –  Lions 19

Oakland (2-8) at Denver (6-4) 4:05pm: The Raiders have dropped 9 of the last 11 to the Broncos. Make that 10 of 12.

The Pick: Broncos 31 – Raiders 15

Carolina (8-2) at Atlanta (6-4) 4:15pm: The Falcons know they let one get away last week at home. The Panthers are playing .500 ball away from home.

The Pick: Falcons 24 – Panthers 17

Washington (6-4) at Seattle (2-8) 4:15 pm: Jim Zorn and Shawn Alexander return home to Seattle looking to beat Mike Holmgren for the first and last time.

The Pick: ‘Skins 28 –  Seahawks 13

New York Giants (9-1) at Arizona (7-3) 4:15: Big time opportunity for the Cards who face the Giants, who may rest Brandon Jacobs (Knee).  Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw are nothing to laugh at either. The Cardinals are ranked 7th against the run.

The Pick: Cardinals 27 – Giants 17

Indianapolis (6-4) at San Diego (4-6) 8:15pm: This is the first of three straight home games for the Chargers who are looking to get off of life support.

The Pick: Colts 38 – Bolts 35

Monday November 24, 2008

Green Bay (5-5) at New Orleans (5-5) 8:30 pm: There is something special about football in New Orleans on a Monday Night.

The Pick: Saints 24 – Packers 20

Two Weeks Ago 7-7, Season 72-57, Upset Specials 3-1

72 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFL Predictions: Week 12”

  1. Miranda says:

    Question peeps…..if the Offensive Coordinator doesn’t quite “trust” his starting QB – is it the QB’s fault?? Exactly how could that even be rectified fairly?? If the OC doesn’t want to open up his playbook for the person who is supposed to run his offense on the field, then who is responsible for that “trust factor” being corrected?? If the starting QB isn’t capable of grasping plays, why is he the starter in the first place? Or could it be the OC simply has that barrier up, whether its a communication problem because of cultural differences or personality clashes or whatever?? Exactly what does it mean when I hear announcers say “The OC really trusts this guy and they’ve placed a lot of trust in him to run this offense”?? Shouldn’t that be the case with every starting QB?? No??

  2. michelle says:


    LOL! You crack me up man. That’s funny!

  3. michelle says:


    That should be the case but the brothers seem to have a harder road to travel. That’s just the way it is.

  4. origin says:

    Yeap Michelle it is the hardest for the brothas.

    The thing is Miranda these brothas at QB rarely have playmakers around them so how can the coach open up the play book.

    Then in the case of QBs like Mcnabb, he was set up to fail.

    But why wouldn’t it be different. Sh%$ as a professional I see the same thing with brothas and sistas in management. They give them less and expect them to succeed. I have seen a whole team of black engineers put on failing programs and expected to clean the mess up or get laid off. Where as their white counterparts were put on the programs with the least amount of problems.

    Or even young white engineers getting mentoring and training. Where the young black engineers were brought in and had to hit the ground running with no training.

    Yeap it is what it is.

  5. origin says:

    Just for a good laugh.

    Check out

    This is a pretend letter that a fan wrote on the eagles website saying that this letter is from Mcnabb.

    “Dear Philadelphia

    I had fun being your QB for 10 years , but I was angry just like you when the Eagles drafted me . I heard that you all were life long losers , and It was true . I would like to think all of the fans in Philadelphia that gave me a fair shake . I saved Andy fat arse for years when the cheap FO and his self gave
    me garbage like Thrash and Pinkston as starting recievers . I look forward to seeing you and the Eagles in the playoffs next year against me and my Vikings. WTF was I thinking , You all will still be losers the next ten year , but not with me .

    Donovan F Mcnabb

    HAHA I am sorry but that is too funny……LOL!!!!!!

  6. Miranda says:


    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! That is HYSTERICAL!! I love it!!

    Well Michelle, Origin – I see what you’re saying and totally agree…I just wonder how the commentators can say that with a straight face. It amazes me to see the difference in approach with black QBs…… and are their any black OCs in the NFL? I know the Colts OC is, but are their any others? It gets so frustrating to see and hear foolishness and no actual common sense from these announcers.

  7. origin says:

    Miranda I thought the Colts OC is white and their Defensive Coordinator is black.

  8. Miranda says:

    You’re right Origin, I was thinking of the Asst Head Coach/QB coach Jim Caldwell – I remembered him because he interviewed for the HC job with the Falcons.

  9. michelle says:


    Damn that was funny. Philly is the worse place for an athlete to play. So many of the fans here are idiots. They don’t understand injuries or bad play calling. When you are attending a game in Philly and aren’t cheering for the home team the fans are ignorant even in front of children. They yell out all kinds of crap. If I were an athlete I would NEVER want to play in Philly! I’m sure many of them don’t appreciate the effort McNabb has given over the years. Like they actually perform so well on their jobs.LOL!

  10. Patrick says:

    ….”To all the haters in Philly enjoy your 3-16 seasons with the golden boy kolb as the starter….”

    McNabb is definitely the scapegoat, and the Philly fans/local media want Mr. Kolb– you’ll get him..

  11. Patrick says:

    Black QBs will be at a crossroads in 2009.

    McNabb will be in a new place in 2009 or will he pull a Duante Culpepper and just retire?


    Vick’s career is at a crossroads with his career and Wasington’s Jason Campbell is a major slip-up from being benched and demoted..

    Minnesota may be a possible destination for McNabb, and there is always his hometown Chicago? Maybe Cleveland with Romeo Crennel if he manages to survive 2008?

    Vince Young is being pushed out of Tennessee, but where will he go? I wonder if Vince harbors angry feelings for the way Jeff Fisher brought the police in… Fisher may have destroyed Vince’s reputation and NFL career– maybe accidentally–but Fisher did definite damage… Vince can’t appear as the angry black man right now, because ESPN is waiting for Vince to react in some way and loop the response on ESPN RADIO and ESPN day and night….

    Vince and his agent are playing it cool right now, and Vince probably wants to be traded somewhere that he is wanted and work with a coaching staff that respect his skills as a dual threat QB. Many people forget that he had to deal with Norm Chow as his QB coach in 2006/2007.. The same Chow who was Matt Leinart’s coach at USC..The same USC team that Vince destroyed for 200 passing/200 running… That Chow signing was a sign of DISRESPECT to Young. Young fought through it and won Rookie of the Year with a 8-8 record in his first year and 10-6 in his second year and a playoff berth.

    Young has always felt uncomfortable and the Titans’ organization to me, has sent MIXED messages to Vince and undermined Young through the local/ESPN media that he isn’t a REAL QB and has a lot to learn. Norm Chow’s hiring was counterproductive and isn’t really talked about very much, but I believe it was very significant. Most FRANCHISE QBs have coordinators who respect their QB and are willing to tailor the offense around the QB strengths. With Peyton, he had Tom Moore and with Favre he had Holmgren for a long time or even McNabb with Andy Reid.

    I think San Fran would be a nice place for Vince to go with Mike Singletary as the coach, but Mike Martz would have to be FIRED…

  12. origin says:

    Brortha patrick not so fast with the RIP of Jamarcus Russell. Al Davis is a stubborn old man and I believe that he will give Jamarcus more chances then the avg. black starting QB gets. Second unlike most NFL owners Al Davis actually believes in surrounding his black QB with talent. See Syder……….and thats why I like Campbell chances in Washington.

    Shame that Troy Smith never got a real freaking chance. And probably never will.

    As far as Mcnabb brotha I believe that he probably will be in minnesota next year. Since the head coach is his previous offensive coordinator (he emphasized a more balanced attack) it makes sense to go there.

  13. Temple3 says:

    Y’all are buggin’. The Cowboys beat San Fran yesterday — and it wasn’t a dominating performance — except for T.O. I’m sure Nate Clements had his hands full. Isaac Bruce torched that sorry defense for a C-note. The Cowboys are not in a Super Bowl conversation yet. They aren’t even in a PLAYOFF conversation yet.

    Playoffs? Playoffs? Don’t talk to me about playoffs? Playoffs? (squeaky Jim Mora, Sr. voice)

    Seriously though, they still have some winning to do. Don’t be surprised if the ship of ego maniacs and diminished leaders gets caught up in their press clippings and lays an egg on Turkey Day — against lowly Seattle.

  14. Temple3 says:

    If Vince Young learned how to throw timing routes and cultivated a willingness to stand in the pocket, San Fran WITH MIKE MARTZ would be perfect for him. It’s seems to me like the greatest strength of one could mask the greatest weakness of the other. Young’s delivery wouldn’t be nearly as problematic running Martz’ deep digs and outs as it is running quick slants. Martz’ unwillingness to protect QBs while maximizing the number of receivers in routes would be great for Vince to improvise.

    The key, though, would have to be BALL SECURITY. If Martz could turn Vince into a prolific downfield passer, it would be his greatest accomplishment because Vince could also run for 600 yards in a Martz offense — if he was patient. I think it would drive their fans crazy, and it might take a year or 2, but the benefits could be unprecedented. The 49ers have one great old receiver and several young, talented receivers. They have Gore and Davis. If Martz ever gets Davis the ball, they could really become a prolific offense with Vince’s big arm. The biggest barrier to this “marriage” would be Vince accuracy. Martz might prefer to pick up garbage in San Luis Obispo than coach a passer like VY.

  15. Temple3 says:


    If it’s any consolation, Brett didn’t beat the Titans…the Jets did. The playcalling was magnificent. The trench warfare was dominated by the Jets. Kevin Mawae was routinely manhandled. Haynesworth was nicked up and knocked out (by his teammate). The Jets even ran a 14 yard delay to Tony Richardson off right tackle. That’s the same TR that used to block for Priest Holmes…so, this was a team effort.

  16. Miranda says:

    T3, look at my question earlier about OCs and the “trust” factor with their QBs……In theory Martz and Vince Young might be a good pairing….but what if that whole “trust” factor is the intangible that we know exists and plays a bigger factor than anything the QB can do physically? Basically, I think these pompous OCs simply look at Black QBs as just bucks – all brawn and no if damn football is quantum physics. They can’t relate to these guys for a myriad of reasons and the barrier is up. Like origin said earlier, we see this shit all the time in corporate america but we just make do because we can overcome it. A QB can’t overcome it if his OC is holding him back and its because of the “unseen”.

  17. Temple3 says:


    Once again this boils down to a question of ownership. Quarterbacks are really not the owners of the offense until they make it their own. The offense is owned by the Offensive Coordinator who creates the playbook and takes it with them wherever they go to look for work. The playbook is like a resume and a book of business. Quarterbacks really need to understand the philosophy behind the system.

    For example, I would have to say that the Eagles offensive system is predicated on cowardice. Deceit and retreat are the fundamental precepts by which this team plays football. The architect of this offense apparently lives his life the exact same way. Exhibit A: the drug dealing under his own roof. Exhibit B: 58 passes vs. the Bengals. Exhibit C: using a coordinator to tell a 10-year associate he’ll be benched in a game they trail by 3 points.

    So, as a player — you have to truly understand the man, then the system will make complete sense. Screens, draws, quick slants – finesse, evasion, trickery. That the Eagles. It’s a style. It’s not a championship style, but it’s a style.

    It seems to me that Andy Reid, for all his years in the game, has forgotten that the key to the 49ers success and the Packers success was every bit as much about Roger Craig and Tom Rathman and Edgar Bennett and Dorsey Levens as it was about the genius of guys like Walsh and his disciples from Holmgren to Reid to Mariucci to Gruden to Morninwheg. John Gruden never forgot the power lessons. That’s why when he won his only SB with Tony Dungy’s squad, he used Michael Pittman, Keyshawn Johnson and Joe Jurevicius to overpower the EAGLES in a pure beat down game.

    Frankly, if McNabb can’t see this for what it is — $!!#! him.


    Contrast the Eagles with the Colts and you’ll see a tremendous difference. The Colts have grit, toughness and resolve. They win close games and not merely because of Manning. They win because the offensive coordinator values power and deception — and knows that deception is predicated upon the frequent and effective use of power.


    As for younger QB’s, I’d say the same advice holds for them. If Vince thinks the offensive coordinator’s job is to make life easy for him, he’s got another thing coming. The OC’s job is to make life easy for himself by convincing ownership, management and coaches that his offense is best run by someone who’s run it before — either in college or professionally. Most of these guys are not great “teachers” of the quarterback position. So, VY is going to have to go for self — and that means getting into the head of someone who has mastered the art of offense. Martz may not respect him — but that’s immaterial. If VY is to be great, he’ll surpass much greater hurdles than the disrespect of historically inconsequential men like Mike Martz. If he is to be a victim of other people’s demons, then he’ll succumb.

    The choice is his. He should take in stride exactly what Kerry Collins has done. The Jets made Collins look worse than mediocre. Vince needs to be watching tape and paying close attention on the sidelines to the communication, game flow, leadership, psychology and technique of leading the team. The Titans wouldn’t have drafted him as highly as they did if they didn’t believe in him. He needs to have a bit of faith in that and trust that just because it doesn’t look the way it’s supposed to now doesn’t mean it won’t be different very soon.

    Vince Young is a twisted knee away from reassuming the starting role on a 10-1 team heading into 3 winnable games before hosting the Steelers. He should be preparing now instead of being angst-filled about things beyond his control…and that preparation begins by embracing the Titans offensive philosophy — power running, attacking deep downfield with big receivers and attacking the seams with quick, mobile tight ends. For Vince, success in this offense is going to require little things like mastering changes in cadence, calling audibles based on down and distance, making pre-snap reads that mitigate run blitzes on 1st down because the team needs to stay out of 3rd and long…stuff like that.

    If he’s not doing that now, we’ll ALL know as soon as he steps on the field.

  18. Temple3 says:


    Just one more thing — it occurs to me that conduct in team meetings would be very important as well. I don’t the case with these teams, but QBs can really demonstrate their engagement and commitment to the process by raising questions during meetings.

    How many times have you watched a game and known exactly what play was coming simply based on who was on the field, the formation and the down and distance? It happens all the time. If a casual fan notices this stuff, shouldn’t a QB stand up in meetings and tell the OC, “Coach, I think we need to look at different personnel packages on 3rd and 3 or less. Maybe we should get ‘So-and-So’ into the game because he’s got great hands, has been practicing well and teams won’t expect us to go to him.”

    I think that approach beats complaining about the OC. Of course, if you are stuck with a dude that simply wants to pass on every down, then you are a bit screwed.

  19. Patrick says:

    origin, I may have been hasty in my judgment of JaMarcus. Al Davis is committed to JaMarcus. He is only 23, and Sunday, he had a great day versus the Broncos.


    Russell nearly perfect for a day

    His passer rating: 149.1, with a 158.3 score being the perfect triumvirate of completion rate, downfield success and scoring.

    “Like I said, it’s going to come but I don’t know when,” Russell said. “Today’s one of those days that it came.”

    With that, the No. 1 overall pick of last year’s draft finally had a performance to match the gaudy diamond jewelry he wears after each game.

    Russell completed his first nine passes before overthrowing tight end Tony Stewart in double coverage with 1:01 left in the third quarter. His next throw was dead-on – a 4-yard strike to Ashley Lelie crossing the middle of the end zone.

    “He was on his money today,” Lelie said. “He wasn’t waiting for us to get open. He was anticipating us getting open, and when I turned around, the ball was there.”

  20. Temple3 says:

    Patrick – great quotes.

    To me, that should be the easiest part of the game. A QB has to know (just do the math) that you cannot routinely complete passes if you wait for receivers to become open. If everyone in the secondary runs a 4.5 or better, then the ball simply cannot be thrown fast enough to reach a receiver before a defender tips or intercepts the ball — unless it is thrown BEFORE the receiver is open.

    It seems like every year, someone has difficulty with this concept. Ben Roethlisberger has been one of the worst offenders this year. The o-line is not great, but he must “shoulder” the burden as well.

    I like JaMarcus. He’s been skewered by the media, but he’s also used to playing with very talented receivers and behind a power running game. He played with Devery Henderson, Dwayne Boyne, Craig Davis and Early Doucet — that’s not to mention Joseph Addai, Justin Vincent, Jacob Hester and others. So, when the Raiders have a healthy combo of Fargas and McFadden, they should be able to do some things.

    We’ll see.

  21. Miranda says:

    “The offense is owned by the Offensive Coordinator who creates the playbook and takes it with them wherever they go to look for work. The playbook is like a resume and a book of business. Quarterbacks really need to understand the philosophy behind the system.”

    I understand….but I don’t understand…(understand??lol) – I get it, but I don’t get it. Its so twisted to me. Actually. I’ll take a quote from Grady Jackson when he got released from the Falcons last year. He was asked by one of the Stews if it was true that he wasn’t playing within the scheme and if he was “freelancing”…his response was “Man…..its football!” LOL

  22. origin says:

    Great points Miranda, patrick and Temple.

    But as I said before its all about ownership who will give these men an honest chance………..not a n*&^#$ chance like james harris talked about.

    If all the so called great black QBs who have came into the league over the years had owners like Al davis, Snyder and Jerry Jones. They would have multiple championships.

    He11 even having a good GM/coach goes far.

    Look at Moon’s, cunningham’s and Culpepper’s careers with Dennis Green.

    Only thing that held these dudes back IMO was that the vikings ownership was cheap and would only spend money on one side of the ball. So like a real GM IMO Green decided to spend that money on the offensive side of the ball and actually surround their QBs with talent.

    Think about it something is foul and fu%ked up with a league in which bums like Palmer, Anderson and etc can be surrounded with talent for freaking years. But a dude like Mcnabb can never be surrounded with anything.

    The eagles traded their 1st round picks 2 years in a row. Yet Mcnabb needed help on the offensive side.

    Yet I watched as the steelers signed WRs and RBs in the 1st and second round to give been help.

    Look I saw for years Cunningham in Philly have no freaking OL and no freaking RB. Its the same sh%$ all the time.

    As Miranda said its not just in the NFL but also in NBA. I brought this up last year how you would never see white superstars surrounded with crap even in the NBA.

    Another thing Temple even though I don’t really watch the NFL games I know that the jets win as a team. They run the ball and play solid defense. But as stated I believe that they will win the superbowl. The road was set for that fool Farve last year but he threw those picks in the Conf. Championship game.