Elton Brand and the Sixers Defeat Baron Davis and the Clippers

Posted in Blogroll on November 23rd, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Waiting for the EL on a Friday is something different. People’s personalities are on display in full flavor, adding to the excitement waiting to happen.

This one cat in particular set the mood right. I knew what was playing on his iPod because as he rapped the lyrics loud enough for those in Mt. Airy to hear. The track happened to be Once Again It’s On by State Property—more specifically, Hov and Beans. I thought to myself, It’s cool, he ain’t hurting anybody. But what he did was giving the night hype. Yeah, the hype where I knew this night would be right.

This was a night I circled because Baron Davis, Al Thornton and the Los Angeles Clippers were coming into town. This would be the first night Elton played against his former team—and the coach who thought Elton bounced on him without so much of a word.

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