Ron Glover’s NFL Recap: Week 12

Yesterday was a day of movement in the NFL, the N.Y. Jets officially moved the Tennessee Titans from the ranks of the unbeaten with a stunning win on the road. In Baltimore, Eagles coach Andy Reid moved his quarterback Donovan McNabb one step closer to the door by benching him with the Eagles down only three points at the half. Finally the Giants continue to move closer to the division title with a hard fought win over the Arizona Cardinals.

United Press International Donovan McNabb was benched after turning the ball over three times in the first half.

Ravens 36 – Eagles 7: When your head coach of 10 years doesn’t have the balls to tell you you’re being benched. He looses the right IMO to make a decision on who starts the next game.

Colts 23 – Bolts 20: Indianapolis is back in the playoff picture, while possibly knocking the Chargers out.

N.Y. Giants 37 – Cardinals 29: I’m convinced that that this team is a fine tuned machine.

Redskins 20 – Seahawks 17: The ‘Skins come away with a win in a nail-biter as Ledell Betts nearly fumbled away the game.

Falcons 45 – Panthers 28: The Falcons have made the race in the NFC Dirty South interesting.

Raiders 31 – Broncos 10: You see what happens when Jamarcus Russell gets a little run support.

Bucs 38 – Lions 20: Going 0 for 16 is looking like a real possibility for the Lions right now.

Vikings 30 – Jags 12: Jack Del Rio needs to get in line right behind Andy Reid for worst coaching job this season.

Bears 27 – Rams 3: Matt Forte is the reason the Bears are in the playoff hunt.

Bills 54 – Chiefs 31: I guess the Bills got tired of hearing about coughing up the division.

N.Y. Jets 34 – Titans 13: Are the Jets the best team in the AFC right now.

Cowboys 35 – Niners 22: Yesterday’s performance should keep T.O. quiet for two weeks.

Texans 16 – Browns 6: Andre Johnson may be the most consistant receiver in football.

Patriots 48 – Dolphins 28: Randy Moss made the Miami secondary his own private playground yesterday.

Steelers 27 – Bengals 10: The Steelers prepare for a stretch run with dates against the Patriots, Cowboys and Ravens.

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  1. des says:

    Reid just named McNabb the starter Thursday. This has the potential to get ugly if Donovan plays the way he did yesterday.

  2. It’s been ugly, expect the cover to get blown off this thinsg if/when they miss the playoffs and heads start to roll.

    Question if Kolb would’ve got the Eagles back in it and they lose by let’s day three points, who does Reid start?

  3. Temple3 says:

    People in Philadelphia are crazy.

    First things first. Most NFL teams do NOT have prolonged runs of excellence. There is an ebb and flow to franchises that is natural and fairly common. The Eagles are, right now, on the downside of their greatest run in franchise history since the Super Bowl era. The Eagles are an historic franchise, but not a GREAT franchise. They’re not the team that anyone thinks of outside of eastern Pennsylvania when they think football. The fan base has been mostly local. The success has been mostly local, and save for the unique talents of Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb, only a few players have established any sort of national notoriety while in Philadelphia.

    The franchise is firmly ensconced in the invisitiblity of large shadows cast from the north by New York and from the south and east by Dallas and Washington. With that said, fans of the Eagles have every reason to be proud. The team has had some tremendous achievements and produced some of the games’ best players: Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Bill Bergey, Harold Carmichael, Mike Quick, Wilbur Montgomery and countless others.

    None of that changes for a moment that what the Eagles have achieved under McNabb is unprecedented. Beginning in 2000, the year after Scott Pederson (who?) led the team in passing, the Eagles won 11, 11, 12, 12, and 13 games. They advanced to the conference championship game four years in a row and even made it to the Super Bowl in 2004.

    McNabb has over 28,000 passing yards and many times was his teams best rusher. Reid, for all his failings, perhaps relied too heavily on McNabb to put the franchise over the top. The fans who would rather lose with Jaworski than win with McNabb will eventually get all that they’ve demanded. The Eagles, like all franchises, will return to their norm…they’ll start losing again. For a franchise with a career winning percentage of .478, it’s going to be a long way down. When Rich Kotite had done his level best to ruin the franchise, erode civic pride and otherwise reinforce famous Philadelphian fatalism, it was this duo that will be summarily dismissed who saved a city from itself.

    Philadelphia doesn’t deserve better. I can’t wait to see the line of deserving cities who know what Eagle nation has so willingly squandered.

  4. Co Co says:

    What Temple said. 🙂

  5. Patrick says:

    Over the weekend, there was movement in the NFL landscape. We have just witnessed the beginning of the end of Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia. In Tennessee, the Titans according to Chris Mortensen/ESPN, says that team is likely to keep BOTH Kerry Collins and Chris Simms and that there are certain conditions in which Young would be on the 2009 team. However, it is becoming an increasing possibility that Vince will be moved.

    Plus, the Brady Quinn era may be beginning in Cleveland. However, the Romeo Crennel era may be coming to a quick close. I want the man to do well, especially being one of the few African-American coaches in the league. However, he came from New England witha reputation as a guru of sorts of being able to build defenses. Cleveland’s defense has been very inconsistent and have blown at least three games this year. An acquaintance that I met a few weeks back had said ,” the Browns just can’t finish”… and I have to concur, they can’t and the fans patience is wearing thin in Cleveland. Plus, that whole Kellen Winslow situation was particularly embarrassing as well. And don’t be surprised that someone such as Atlanta’s Mike Mularkey or Mr. Holmgren in Seattle may get a call in the 2008 offseason.

    Crennel is not only on the hot seat, but in the fire… Sorry, Romeo.

    I have to give some props to Matt Ryan. He has continued to do ‘alright’. His supporting cast and coaching is much better than Vick and he has taken advantage of it. MICHAEL TURNER is the real offensive MVP of the team and has been the one who has delivered wins to Atlanta. Ryan has been more of a manager, but Turner’s strong runner and being able to STAY HEALTHY has helped to keep the Falcons in the playoff hunt.

    As of now, the Falcons are 7-4, but if the playoffs were TODAY, the Falcons would be on the OUTSIDE LOOKING IN… I have always contested that Michael Vick will make the playoffs with his NEW TEAM before a Matt Ryan team gets there. I still hold true to that prediction, but the NFL season is a long season and usually rookies don’t hold up. The Falcons are competitive, but Carolina and Tampa are still ahead of the Falcons with five games to play. The Falcons got a tough road test in San Diego. San Diego is 4-7, but they have the potential to put 50 on the scoreboard and I guess Michael Turner will be amped for that game as well. It’s road game versus a veteran team so the Falcons can’t afford to stumble.

  6. The World Series Trophy hasn’t settled in my city one month and already the glitter has seemingly worn off. The sports landscape of my fair metropolis just got darker, thanks to the Eagles.

    Gotta watch Game 5 tonight.

  7. Temple3 says:

    The Browns can’t finish on defense because they can’t sustain drives on offense because they can’t convert 3rd downs because they can’t keep Kellen Winslow and LeCharles Bentley and Joe Jurevicius on the field because they can’t keep staph out of the facility because they’ve chosen to focus on other things because they can always blame the coach because…

  8. Temple3 says:


    Wait till the Cardinals take a bite.

  9. Eric Daniels says:

    I agree with all points but I see McNabb either going to Minnesota or Chicago for a 2 No.1’s in the NFC and proably Kansas City, Houston IN THE AFC for a No 1 and 3 pick. He cannot co-exist with Philly fans who want a ‘great white hope’ at QB, I wish he would go to Tampa but the Eagles will never let him go to a team they may meet in the playoffs. And all of the sudden my Bucs are in 1st place in the NFC South and if they win 4 of the last five I think they will get the number 2 seed in the conference which I think would bode well for getting deep in the playoffs.

    the last five games

    1. New Orleans -H
    2. Carolina – A
    3. Atlanta – A
    4. San Diego – H
    5. Oakland – H

    I think they can win the home games but Atlanta will be tough to play and Carolina which could have taken control of the division with a win showed they can’t stop the other teams running game with physical backs.

  10. I just wanna fast forward to the 2009 NFL Draft. Anything to get away from this. At this point I want to blow the whole thing up.

  11. Patrick says:

    Many people have said Michael Vick’s career is over, but he is only 28. Some say that Vick has to deal with state charges and wouldn’t be able to get past that. Well, in recent weeks, we have come to find out that Vick will be able to get the state case behind him by pleading guilty and receiving probation and paying a fine. And the settling of this state case opens the door IMMEDIATELY for a halfway house release potentially in matter of weeks, not necessarily late spring 2009 or the summer of 2009.

    Vick, for the most part, has reached the final legal hurdle and now its becoming a PUBLIC RELATIONS battle now. ESPN and ESPN RADIO and local news media are trying to play up the ‘new details’ about Vick which came from a federal report written earlier. Most of the accusations come from informants –with criminal backgrounds– i.e. Tony Taylor and Devon Boddie. However, ESPN and others are putting it out there as the truth in hopes of grossing out the mainstream public and influencing Commissioner Goddell.

    Vick had bad associations, but he quickly plead guilty and took the blame for everything…even stuff he might not have done. Remember this ..the Feds NEVER established actual dates or time in which dogs were killed. The dogs that were retreived from the propety were in good shape, but we didn’t find out about that until months later after Vick was indicted. The media frenzy and court of public opinion triumph the actual facts and rule of law.

    ESPN talks about new details from Kelli Naqi… What new details?

    A new detail would be an actual date of when this incident happened. If the evidence is so overwhelming, so clear-cut, why can’t the Federal Government provide an actual date/time of these dogfighting activities and place Vick there.

    “Sometime in mid-April” is very vague, especially if Vick was going to mini-camps in Atlanta during that time…

    Was Vick present when this happened? We will never know? But the court of opinion was so against Vick and the Feds knew it, DAMN THE DETAILS. 2+2 =5, the sky is really didn’t matter… This ordeal started with local police going onto the Vick-owned property without the proper search warrants, but that aspect of the case was never explored.

    Vick under-estimated the situation in April/May 2007 and in my opinion got bad advice from Falcon management to ‘lay low’ , but he reacted too slow in acting in HIS best interest and gaining stronger legal representation and under-estimated the contempt that ESPN and the local sports media had for him. Arthur Blank and McKay had already been trying to “legally” position themselves to get rid of Vick or try to use these incidents as leverage to re-work his contract at the time. The indictment was bad on the surface for Mr. Blank, but he had already sold out the Georgia Dome in advance during the summer of 2007 so regardless of how the Falcons did (record-wise), Mr. Blank got paid… and Vick’s contract was voided–killing two birds with one stone so to speak. The ‘unprecedented’ local and national coverage received more attention than President Bush lying about the Iraq War.

    Billy Martin was hired AFTER the Vick indictment. And at the point, Vick was toast and was at the Bush appointed federal prosecutor’s mercy. Vick could have taken this to trial, but it would have been an O.J.-like circus and he may not have been able to play. Plus, people such as Goddell and Arthur Blank may have been called as witnesses and OTHER PLAYERS around the NFL may have been supeoned such as DeAngelo Hall and other family members like his brother, Marcus. Vick decided to take one for the team– so to you have take in consideration family safety situations. Tony Taylor was a very dangerous guy with a dangerous background. Taylor had more to do with the goings on in that Virginia house and was the likely chief informant for the Feds, but dragging this out into a very public trial would have hurt Vick even more… going to prison in 2008 and resuming his career in 2009 may have been his best option…after being indicted.

    In the age of camera phones, videos and computer records, it was never proven that Vick actively supported dog fighting or personally killed dogs himself or attended dog fights. If video was available, it would have been submitted and ESPN would be playing that tape over and over.

    Vick had never been arrested in his whole life prior to this dogfighting mess, but his choice in friends (close and not so close) and the integrity of some family members undermined his life and had contributed to his downfall. Vick needed to take things seriously, and that Virginia house in which he owned was in his name. If he didn’t know everything that was going on, he needed to get that house out of his name. But Vick naivete or ignorance or casual nature that his friends will ‘do right’ came back to bite him big time.

  12. Eric Daniels says:

    Get McNabb a Franchise Back, they had a chance to get two in Johnson and Forte in the first round because Westbrook can’t carry the ball 25-30 times without wearing down but Forte is a clock-killing RB AND Donovan who I think is really hurting more than he admits needs a Terrell Davis type back who can carry the ball along with his great passing game so he will still be standing late in the season because Mc Nabb like Elway could never win a championship until he got a true power back. Nobody respects the Eagles ground game because they can’t get tough yards when needed.

  13. Patrick says:,0,7337851.story

    Vick’s cousin might have to serve time

    By Peter Dujardin

    HAMPTON – The man whose drug arrest in early 2007 triggered the search of Michael Vick’s dogfighting house in Surry County has been charged with violating the terms of his probation.

    Davon T. Boddie, Vick’s cousin, pleaded guilty in October 2007 to possession of marijuana with the intent to sell. A Hampton Circuit Court judge gave him a five-year suspended sentence, and ordered him to check in periodically with a probation officer.

    The 28-year-old, who now lives on 37th Street in Newport News, stands accused of not doing that.

    Boddie failed to “submit a written report at the end of each month to the probation office and to report as otherwise instructed,” according to a court document submitted by Boddie’s probation officer on Oct. 24. A hearing has been set for Dec. 19 in which he could be ordered to serve a portion of his five-year sentence.

    Boddie was arrested in April 2007 after a police dog sniffed marijuana in his parked Dodge Intrepid during a K-9 investigation of cars in a parking lot on Cunningham Drive in Hampton. Boddie was patted down, and 79 grams of drugs were found on him and in his trunk.

    At the time of his arrest, Boddie lived at a house Vick owned on Moonlight Road in Surry.

    Investigators searching that property discovered pit bulls and dogfighting equipment exposing a dogfighting ring that ultimately led to Vick going to federal prison. The NFL quarterback — once the league’s highest-paid player — is now behind bars in Kansas, and expects to be released next summer.

    Boddie told the Daily Press last year that he didn’t give up Vick and the dogfighting ring, and that authorities decided on their own to search the Surry County house after arresting him.

  14. Patrick says:

    ….”Nobody respects the Eagles ground game because they can’t get tough yards when needed….”

    Some are clamoring for Bill Cowher to replace Andy Reid and if Cowher comes then finally the Eagles can have that power running game– too bad MCNabb won’t be there in 2009 to benefit from that..

  15. Mizzo says:

    I can’t comment on this ish. It’s so depressing from a sports standpoint. Have at it.

    Bill Cowher bring yo ass.

  16. origin says:

    Very informative Patrick. I didn’t know about some of that stuff with Vick.

    As you stated ESPN is still spinning this Vick mess. The thing is I think they are trying to drum up fan support to have Vick suspended by good ol boy goodell after he is released.

    Eric I don’t think Mcnabb will be traded. His contract is for 10 mill next year. I think the only way he is traded is if he re-structures his contract so a team can trade for him (similiar to Mcnair to the Ravens). If not he will be cut because his cap hit next year is like a million or 2.

    Also Lurie is a cheap MFer………..imagine that a cheap owner in Philly………LOL!!!

    So Cowher isn’t coming to philly. Reid has 10 mill left on his contract, ain’t no way scrooge mcduck lurie pays andy the left overs of his contract plus pay cowher 6 mill to coach.

    And Patrick its still hard for me to believe that the titans would be dumb enough to let Vince go before 2010. I know what ESPN is saying but those punks spin everything.

    If they are dumb enough to let him go before 2010. Look for him to go to houston.

  17. Patrick says:


    It does sound crazy, but the contempt is so strong in the media for dual threat QBs– excuse me black QBs in general– from Taravris to Vick to Vince to Culpepper… that it is possible Vince will be traded or CUT. Will Vince be SILENT and allow himself to be played by the Titans organization during the 2008 offseason or will he stand up for himself and force the Titans to make a decision.

    Remember this is a country that elected George Bush twice despite his incompetence on display on a daily basis…anything can happen…

    What’s happening to Vince is somewhat unprecedented. He had an 18-10 record as a NFL starter and was permanently benched. Vince wasn’t allowed to grow as a QB but Titans management succumb to negativity directed toward Young and it infiltrated the organization. He wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt and Fisher and Titans management have proven they are moved more by local media and ESPN.

    There is a perception that Black Qbs don’t deserve to have a supporting cast–no franchise Rb, no great defense, no playmaking WR… David Garrard in Jacksonville have crappy WRs such as Matt Jones and Reggie Williams, McNabb endured it for a long time along with a RB who can’t get tough yards inside the red zone and at the goal line or even Randall Cunningham dealing with being the leading rusher for three consecutive years in the late 1980’s…

    The Titans paid Young all this money and for the most part the team overall has been successful since his arrival..and actually Vince saved Fisher’s job. Fisher would have gotten another job somewhere else, but Vince’s arrival and presence saved his job..on the flip side Fisher’s response to an alleged suicide attempt may have cost someone’s reputation and NFL career…

    Fisher’s actions put Vince in a box on the proverbial shelf and the Titans’ flip-flop attitude towards Young has complicated Young’s development as a QB.

    Either play him now or let him go to a team that respects his ability and is not moved by old school journalists who feel only people that look like Young should be turned into a WR or RB.

  18. Patrick says:

    For Philly fans, would yall have been happy if Michael Turner would have come to the Eagles and how much of a difference you think he would have made with McNabb?

  19. Patrick says:

    NFL Draft 2009

    Who will be the most productive offensive player or have the biggest impact?

    1. Ohio State’s Chris Wells
    2. Georgia’s Knowshown Moreno
    3. Florida’s Percy Harvin
    4. Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree
    5. Missouri’s Jeremy Macklin

  20. To answer you Patrick. 1. No. Not because he isn’t a talent, the Eagles could have Jim Brown back there and Reid would still find a reason to throw the ball. 2. See answer #1.

  21. Mizzo says:

    I’m taking Crabtree regardless of who is on the board. He’s a monster, so is the receiver for Alabama. Jones?

  22. KevDog says:

    Leave it up to me I paint the White House black….Ain’t no future in Yo frontin’.

    RIP Breed.

  23. michelle says:


  24. Temple3 says:

    Those Gold Shoes are lighting Aaron Rodgers up.

  25. Temple3 says:

    Patrick — out of that group, I’d take Crabtree easily. I like his size and power. With that said, I would love the Manhandler – my nickname for the Oklahoma free safety (#5 – Harris) that abused Crabtree and everyone else on Tech every time they even thought about scoring. There will be room for him in Pittsburgh. With his size and range, it would be a wrap.

  26. Temple3 says:

    If Michael Turner was an Eagle, the team would be no worse than 9-2. Frankly, I can’t think of a game this team loses with Turner — unless they go out of their way to play p^$$!!#!

    Quick question — what should Fisher have done? What do you know that he didn’t know? What’s the worst case scenario under your plan? I’m not being an ass here, I’m being serious. I’ve heard Fisher get blasted by folks, but I don’t really see it. Show me. Thanks.

  27. origin says:

    Man Mizzo they need to give Rose and Mayo the co rookie of the year awards now.

    Them brothas are the truth!!!!!!!!

  28. origin says:

    Hughes at the buzzer………… d@MN Rose is unreal.

  29. origin says:

    And you had folks saying that Ricky Rubio would be a better NBA pro then Rose.


    Lets see him be the leader of a team and dominate like rose his rookie year in the NBA.


  30. Patrick says:


    I think Coach Fisher cares for Vince as a person, but he showed very hasty judgment in the way he handled that situation. He didn’t have all the facts and he acted ‘on his own’ based upon subjective info from a relative (Mom) and other people’s insinuations. Additionally, we didn’t know the timeframe of all the events that other people were alleging about Vince and neither did Fisher. Vince hadn’t been missing for 24 hours or apparently six hours. Vince is a grown man, not 12 years old and Coach Fisher should have exhausted the resources he had within the Titans’ organization. And MAYBE THAT’S WHY MOM CALLED FISHER FIRST. However, Mom should have given more detailed, pertinent info about his state of mind. When people call 911, things get emotional, but the operator has to have relevant information, an accurate picture of the situation before deciding the best course of action.

    ….. “Apparently, much of the police report is wrong, thanks to Mike Mu, Young’s local marketing manager. Mu called the team therapist, Sheila Peters (Young doesn’t have a personal therapist), saying that Young had left his home without his cell phone, “threatening to quit and was speeding down the interstate with a gun in his car after talking about suicide.” Reports had previously stated that Peters had spoken to Young, which wasn’t the case….”

    There was a lot of mis-information out there and Fisher over-reacted (in my opinion).

    Fisher needed to talk the security folks/legal/counselors with the Titans organization and let the security folks make the final decision in regards to addressing Vince–not Fisher himself. Let the security folks ask the questions to the people who were ‘concerned’ about Vince. If Vince was in Nashville, just obtain all his favorite spots from Mom or the close relative/friend and proceed from there.

    When you call 911 or the police, it immediately becomes a PUBLIC matter….

    Temple you had mentioned worst case scenario …well the way the story unfolded this was the worse case scenario and Vince Young’s reputation will be somewhat tarnished and his NFL playing career is in a holding pattern. Additionally, the mainstream media who already were skeptical of his overall intelligence and skills as a NFL QB prior to him even being drafted just provided more fuel to the proverbial fire.

    …… “Not having all the facts available to us and approaching the matter prudently, we contacted Metro Police to make them aware of the situation and asked for their assistance in locating Vince,” the Titans said in a statement Tuesday. “He was located at a friend’s house, where we made contact with him.

    “He then came to the practice facility, where it was determined that those initial concerns by his friends and family were unfounded and he returned home without incident,” the Titans said.

    Young left the facility by himself in his own vehicle after speaking with Fisher and officers, police said….”

  31. Patrick says:

    Along with Michael Crabtree, Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant has NFL talent and reminds me of Anquan Boldin.

  32. Temple3 says:

    and he acted ‘on his own’ based upon subjective info from a relative (Mom) and other people’s insinuations.

    What are you saying? That Fisher should have ignored or filtered or delayed processing criticial concerns expressed by Vince’s own mother?

    “Apparently, much of the police report is wrong, thanks to Mike Mu, Young’s local marketing manager. Mu called the team therapist, Sheila Peters (Young doesn’t have a personal therapist), saying that Young had left his home without his cell phone, “threatening to quit and was speeding down the interstate with a gun in his car after talking about suicide.” Reports had previously stated that Peters had spoken to Young, which wasn’t the case….”

    What matters in this paragraph other than “interstate” “gun” “car” and “suicide”? If Michael Mu is not a first-hand source, I need more information to make sense of why a media report after the fact has any bearing on Fisher’s actions. I am assuming that he heard what Mu said either directly or indirectly.

    Patrick — all in all I’d say Vince made out like a bandit. You have to remember – those four words in quotes up top were not first uttered by the Titans or the media or the league or even Kerry Collins. They were uttered by one of his people — so that means he has to held accountable for how those four words came to be uttered — right or wrong. The media may have bungled the details, but those buzz words – interstate, gun, car and suicide – sprang from some source and young Mr. Young bears some responsibility for that.

    The worst case scenario for Vince’s mother and Coach Fisher was that Michael Mu was entirely correct…that Vince did do everything alleged and actually lost his life — or worse for Vince than dying would have been to survive an accident that claimed the lives of others.

    So, this little bit of tarnish is nothing compared to the worst case scenario that the leader of the Titans franchise contemplated for the Young family. I have to say you’ve not made a compelling case for why Fisher bears responsibility here. I’m still more than willing to listen and welcome additional information you may have. I will say, though, that Vince Young better be tougher than this. It’s simply not the end of the world. He needs to handle his business and move on.

    If you want to assign critical blame, you could begin with an overzealous police force or the local/national media or Vince’s buddy. Either way, when a young man who holds the economic future of many thousands of people between his ears disappears and is unreachable and an associate uses the words interstate, gun, car and suicide, a PRUDENT coach who respects the mother of that person would act just as they did.

    Like I said, if you’ve got more holla back. I’m all ears.

  33. Patrick says:

    …..”What are you saying? That Fisher should have ignored or filtered or delayed processing criticial concerns expressed by Vince’s own mother?…”

    Temple, I am not saying Coach Fisher should have ignored Vince’s mother. He could have acted more prudently in concert with the Titans’ security team. Fisher isn’t judge and jury on a situation like this. There is a protocol and there is a reason why organizations employ the security folks– for situations like this. Fisher had other options available and he didn’t use them. Fisher over-reacted–period. That’s all I am saying. Calling the cops is the ‘nuclear option’.

    …”Vince made out like a bandit…” Actually, the media (ESPN, the Tennesean and VY haters) made out like a bandit with all the negative publicity and Vince was OUT as QB for the Titans. If Vince felt bad then, he really felt bad during the fallout .

    This is a case of unintended consequences. Fisher may have meant well and it turned out that everything was overblown by all parties and it will leave an indelible mark on the career of Vince Young. When we talk about ‘buzz words’, CONTEXT has to be included and Fisher hadn’t talk to Vince personally so he was going strictly on the assumption of other people deemed as close.

    Temple, we may agree to disagree on Fisher’s culpability and unintended consequences of his actions that were in the name of ‘helping Vince’. However, I agree with your statement.

    ….”It’s simply not the end of the world. He needs to handle his business and move on…”

  34. Temple3 says:

    I guess for me the issue is as simple as the fact that police departments routinely keep shit quiet for years when they want to. In this instance, it didn’t happen. I don’t know that the police haven’t put the hush on things for the Titans before. The reaction doesn’t seem nuclear to me…it seems like a fairly rational decision — given our competing worst case scenarios:

    — Temporary loss of livelihood; retained income.


    — Permanent loss of life or long-term incarceration.

    I’m more than willing to heap a pile of blame on Jeff Fisher, I just can’t see a reason why. Perhaps you’re minimizing the fact that VY was alleged to be in a car without a cell phone and that time was a factor. Maybe Fisher could have covered his ass by calling “Security,” but they couldn’t effectively deploy vehicles to safeguard other citizens.

    A part of me is looking at this from the perspective of a father of 18-month old twins. If I’m on the road, I don’t give two shits about VY or Fisher or him being benched. I care even less about his being distraught and contemplating suicide on the highway. Nonetheless, if he is on the road the same time as I am, I DO NOT want to the Tennessee Titans security team on I-75 trying to finesse VY back to the huddle. Maybe Jeff Fisher understood that very simple thing as well. Either way, based on the very, very, very little that I know – he made a sound, safe decision that served the best interests of the most people.

  35. Temple3 says:


    Maybe this will help. I don’t think Fisher did thought he called the police ON VY, he called them FOR VY. And, then we’re back to where you highlighted all those unintended consequences. I feel you. Thanks for clarifying your positions.

  36. Patrick says:

    I feel where you are coming from in regards to Fisher and VY.

    ….”It’s simply not the end of the world. He needs to handle his business and move on…”

  37. origin says:

    So Patrick and Temple who you guys got for MVP of the NFL.

    I got Farve as MVP….shoot he will probably be MVP of the superbowl too.

  38. Patrick says:

    Favre is the MVP favorite, but Drew Brees is on pace to break Marino’s record. However, the Saints must make the playoffs. And Kurt Warner has to garner consideration as well. The Cardinals got the NFC West on lockdown so Warner’s chances have been enhanced, but if the Cards were able to beat the Giants this past weekend, he may have been the frontrunner over Favre.

  39. HarveyDent says:

    T3 & Patrick
    Thanks for the point/counterpoint you guys have been having the past few points. This is what people who troll on this site and others like this one don’t understand and that is differing viewpoints don’t have to degenerate into an online flame war. You gentlemen supported your opinions with reasoned arguments while acknowledging the opposing view like adults and it was a pleasure for me to read them no matter what side of the discussion I was on.

    It’s a shame I have to commend you guys for behavior that should be par for the course but when you hear and see so much negativity and strife in life and in the media then civil attitudes unfortunately have to be applauded.

  40. Temple3 says:

    Thanks Harvey. I like Patrick. He always come with a very thoughtful approach AND he swings for the fences. No bunts, no bailouts. That’s all good, all the time. If he came another way, I’d have gone Flame City…and I hope he’d do the same to me if I came weak or rude. It’s funny, but you can tell from folks writing whether or not you could have a beer and watch the game with them OR if you’d have to hit them upside the head with the remote (or the whole damn TV).