The Time Is Right: Magic Defeat the Sixers on a Rashard Lewis Three

The Time is Right

Only the true Talib Kweli fans appreciate the power of this track off Liberation. Short, sweet and when the initial beat goes boom…instant gratification.

Wednesday night, a Rashard Lewis shot went bang precisely when his team needed the rock to knock. His three was the game-winner in a nationally televised contest. The Magic went up early, the Sixers took the lead late and the

Magic finished what they started.

Andre Miller’s desperation shot fell short at the buzzer.

The Magic came out hot at the start. Lewis had 19 for the Magic, and his game-winner was a continuation of the three he began the game with. Don’t start none, won’t be none.

Click on the pic to dig the rest on SLAM. Interviews with Rashard and Dwight Howard.

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