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Posted in Blogroll on December 1st, 2008 by AXG

The college basketball season has begun and UNC is emerging as an early season favorite. However as games are played and student athletes battle for supremacy, it’s interesting to measure how far the game has grown in the past 27-years. In 1981, the women’s game wasn’t as advanced or applauded as it now. In fact, ESPN aired the UCONN vs. Oklahoma women’s game in the primetime TV slot on Sunday, featuring super sophomore Maya Moore, against the dynamic Paris twins. As I look the landscape of how the game is revered and played, it pails in comparison to the best three teams of the modern era.

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Derrick Rose Is the Most Athletic Point Guard Ever

Posted in Blogroll on December 1st, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Use your real eyes to realize…

But it was no lie. I was there.

Derrick Rose is like Musika by KRS-One. One foot stompin’ in the past and the other kicking conventional thought like the Blast Master into the future. Imagine before the horns in the track go frantic that Derrick is gliding up the court about to go patented Mike but stops in the air to create something way different in reverse.

Something space suit different.

He’s already a classic. Yo, the young fella just turned 20 and is already in the discussion of the most athletic point guard ever.

He’s a rookie, but you have to respect the above statement. Just callin’ it how I see ‘em.

Just a few off the top of my head…feel free to add yours.

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Ron Glover’s NFL Recap:Week 13

Posted in Blogroll on December 1st, 2008 by Ron Glover

My apologies for not posting the Power Rankings and the remainder of yesterday’s games. I was really caught up in the holiday, I’m sure you can understand that.

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