Derrick Rose Is the Most Athletic Point Guard Ever

Use your real eyes to realize…

But it was no lie. I was there.

Derrick Rose is like Musika by KRS-One. One foot stompin’ in the past and the other kicking conventional thought like the Blast Master into the future. Imagine before the horns in the track go frantic that Derrick is gliding up the court about to go patented Mike but stops in the air to create something way different in reverse.

Something space suit different.

He’s already a classic. Yo, the young fella just turned 20 and is already in the discussion of the most athletic point guard ever.

He’s a rookie, but you have to respect the above statement. Just callin’ it how I see ‘em.

Just a few off the top of my head…feel free to add yours. Click the pic and dig the rest on SLAM.

34 Responses to “Derrick Rose Is the Most Athletic Point Guard Ever”

  1. Big Man says:

    I’ve been saying he was the most athletic point guard in the league since his first game. As far as history, that’s a tough one. Right now, he’s more of a combo guard than a pure one, and as combo guard he has to deal with DWade.
    Young DWade was a beast athletically. I would throw AI in the mix, but if I’m being honest, Iverson was always frail, even if he was an athletic freak as a youngster.
    Steph needs to be considered, as does Steve Francis.

  2. Mizzo says:

    Rose is in Wade’s class. The others pale in comparison–all around. Height is a factor. His pg skills are obviously still in development, but he’s got my boy BJ Armstrong at his side for that. Teams are going to have to face him with bigger two guards and then he’ll give them some of that Chicago Nice…

  3. Eric Daniels says:

    Maybe but I disagree because I have followed the NBA since I was 7 y.o. in 1973 and I have seen the great point guards from Oscar, Pistol Pete, Magic, Tiny, Maurice Cheeks, Jo Jo White, Clyde Fraizer, Goodrich, Stockton and the young guns like Paul, Rondo, Devin Harris and others. I like Rose but until he does what Chris Paul did and make his teamates better I have to say he’s good but the most althletic?

    Magic is the greatest Point Guard ever and I thought he was the most althletic Point Guard the NBA ever produced and he led the Lakers to a world championship in his first year.

  4. Mizzo says:

    I never said best point guard ever. What I am saying is there has never been a point guard with the combination of size, strength, speed, quickness and jumping ability like Derrick Rose.

    I’m open to debate here. Seeing this kid up close puts you in another time and space. Everything is easy to him and that’s NBA crazy.

  5. Diallo says:

    Once his jump shot gets wet, it’s pretty much a wrap. You won’t be able to guard him. 30/10? Maybe.

  6. Rashad says:

    Kevin Johnson was pretty damn athletic

  7. Neeks says:

    KJ, Steve Francis, Baron Davis along with Rose come to mind. I think of Hops, speed, quickness, explosiveness, power, agility, body control, that is displayed in a ballgame.

  8. Eric Daniels says:

    Mizzo, I am going to withold my judgment on Rose and I think he can be one of the best and he has those intangibles of speed, quickness. and body control.

  9. origin says:

    Robert pack was pretty strong, explosive and athletic.

    But Rose is one of the most agile PGs I have ever seen.

  10. Temple3 says:

    Big Man rollin’ with the Big Mens’s bias. Sup with that?!?!

    Allen Iverson is NOT frail. He’s a rock. He’s unbreakable. He’s on the court all the time. He usually leads his team in minutes played, fouls drawn, hits taken, punishment absorbed, balls flexed and all other championship indicators of heart. He may have a slight build, but that dude is not frail. Never that. :)

  11. Temple3 says:

    I haven’t seen Rose play in the league yet, but is there something he can do that Stephon Marbury couldn’t do at the same age?

  12. Neeks says:

    Marbury was just as talented, but Rose is a notch above him athletically. His end to end speed is crazy, it’s like watching Michael Johnson run the 200-400 in the olympics in 96′. He’s a great finisher too, I don’t see him doing facials like Baron or Francis, he just gets the ball to the hoop. Most young players with hops like that try to showoff and dunk on people to get on sportscenter, I feel like his highlights are an honest result of doing the best b-ball play. He’s a highlightreel not driven by sportscenter. Iverson=definitely not frail.

  13. Temple3 says:

    Rose’s end-to-end speed does stand out. It is the first thing I noticed the first time I watched him play. I can’t say if Steph was ever that fast. Since he came out the same time as Iverson and AI was/is faster, I’d say Starbury probably never had wheels comparable to DR. But I’d be willing to check those Georgia Tech archives.

  14. Mizzo says:

    See for me, size is a big factor. Neeks he’s definitely going to catch somebody’s neck after an ill advised jump at the rim because of what he learned from Mike:

    DR: His competitiveness. He was one of the most competitive people in the world. That’s the reason why you are on the court—to take someone’s heart.

    He’s a killer on the court. The good thing about Derrick is that he’s a true 20 year old. His game isn’t 20 but how he interacts with us reminds me of my sons.

    When he put Dre down, the first person I thought of was Steph but his athleticism IMO opinion is like seeing the bad ass chick before she turns the corner.

  15. Temple3 says:

    Well since y’all put it that way, I better get ready to watch the First Coming. And the league better get ready for the War of the Roses.

  16. Mizzo says:

    It was just crazy this happened in Philly. His team was down by 15 and he took it upon himself to make a statement that ultimately led to a win.

    One of those moments you’ll never forget.

  17. James Beale says:

    In the Philly game Derrick Rose made three separate plays that, for all intents and purposes, should be impossible.

    You can argue he’s not in the discussion for most athletic point guard of all time, but not before you watch him live.

  18. Uconncb3 says:

    Derrick Rose plays in NBA games with ankle weights on. If he not the most athletic point guard, then nate robinson is.

  19. Mizzo says:

    Thanks for your comment. Couldn’t get a hold of Derrick, but I asked someone close to him if what you state above is true and I was told he’s not wearing ankle weights. What he’s wearing is a special made brace to prohibit ankle injuries. Derrick has had a ankle problems since he’s been at Memphis.

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  24. alex says:

    damn this was all in 08….now in 2010 DRose is the best pg in the league in terms of being unstoppable one-on-one and scoring whenever he wants

  25. MrFreezy says:

    uconncb3, those aren’t ankle weights friend, those are special adidas ankle straps but we all know jumping with ankle weight is bad for ur legs..right?

    Once he develops that j (which could rival the likes of curry), game over!!!! Just pray his knees hold up long enough..

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