Fair and Balanced

Matt Jones

Matt Jones

Fair and balanced.

I know FOX uses this moniker to describe their news coverage. But this article has little, if anything, to do with the media giant.
This is about justice.

Quick question: Did anyone know that Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones faced felony cocaine charges in the off-season?

Did you forget? Because I CERTAINLY did not.

The fact that that Jones did cocaine is bad enough. But the fact that he is STILL on the field, AND the Jags’ leading receiver is totally unfair. So I’m here to put some fairness and balance into the picture.

Matt Jones was actually caught by a police officer in a truck with a credit card, cutting up the cocaine. He was “allegedly” caught with an 1/8 of an ounce of cocaine. As I mentioned, Jones is STILL ballin’. This appeal process has been the LONGEST process I’ve ever experienced in my life. As you read, Week 14 is underway and action still has not been taken.

Not by the owner of the Jags, Wayne Weaver. Not by Roger Goodell. Not by anyone.

Michael Vick was brought up on a litany of charges, including dogfighting. He got 2 years in federal prison and still faces more charges from the state when he gets out. Rick Reilly just wrote a piece wondering about his bankruptcy filing. He may face a lifetime ban from the NFL upon his release and may be relegated to playing in the Arena Football League. Falcons owner Arthur Blank tried to grab a good portion of Vick’s $17M signing bonus back.

What part of the game is this???

Now, I understand that Goodell wants to crack down on the negative image and actions of players in the NFL. So, if Vick gets 2 years in the ‘pen, and Adam Jones, formerly Pacman, gets suspended for a year for not being convicted of a crime, where does Matt “Crackman” Jones’ offense fit?

Surely, Goodell can’t be more worried about a player changing his name (Chad Javon Ocho Cinco) than a football player setting a bad example for children in the state of Florida could he?

The NFL could not possibly fine a player for having too much red in his socks (Vick in 2002), or wearing striped socks (Portis in 2005) than a player that not only was caught doing cocaine, but also resisted arrest, could it?

Now, granted Paul Tagliabue was the commish then, but Goodell wanted to crack down on the negatives, and neglected to deal with the actual crack.

I mean, there is nothing being done about this and it is an outrage. Now, I am a real journalist and not an outraged fan. But seeing Pat and Kevin Williams, Deuce McAllister, Will Grant, and Charles Grant get suspended for a diuretic that was in a health supplement, but wasn’t listed on the bottle. And Plaxico Burress is looking at 2.5 years minimum for shooting himself in the leg. AND the Giants suspended him for the rest of the season. Shaun Ellis just got arrested on weed possession.

Look, it’s very hard to defend Adam Jones. And even more difficult to defend Burress’ incident.

But where is the justice though?

I mean, we’re not talking about weed. Not canibus, nor marijuana. But we’re talking about COCAINE??? Like Tony Montana COCAINE??? Like David Ruffin from the Temptations COCAINE???. AND NO SUSPENSION?

When’s the last time there has been a 13-week appeal?

And, I want to go on a limb and say if it was a Black player, intent to distribute would have been a definite charge.

Oh wait. You mean there is a Black player charged with possession of cocaine? In college? At Texas Tech? And he got intent to distribute? De’Shon Sanders is his name? You don’t say…

I have to get real bold here and ask a question and I’d LOVE if someone can present an answer.

Where are the white athletes that commit crimes? Why is Jason Giambi a saint now, but Barry Bonds is blackballed? Where are the athletic white criminals? Are they extinct?

I want justice!

I want answers!

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  1. Temple3 says:

    These athletes would be PERFECTLY SAFE if they lived in and amongst their people and aggregated their considerable wealth to the ownership of land, building of institutions, creation of jobs for youth, technology education for single mothers, service delivery for seniors, daycare for babies and jail-to-work programs for incarcerated men.

    Occasional charity is no safety net. It’s good, but no guarantee. That’s why Stephon Marbury will not be getting robbed in New York any time soon. It won’t be happening to Derrick Brooks in Florida or Warrick Dunn in New Orleans. Nope — they’re as safe as can be because word of their deeds has traveled far and wide to the ears of those who need to hear it most.

    Of course there are no ironclad guarantees. Anything can happen — anywhere. But service-based grounding in community is the best protection for you and that community. Perfect example — my uncle passed away a couple of months ago and lived a life of service in Brooklyn. News of his deeds traveled far and wide and he and his family were basically teflon in the heart of Brownsville for four decades. Upon his passing, a friend of a cousin decided to help himself to a few things. Word spread so quickly among the punishers, finishers and closers in the community that this person (who was new to the community and didn’t know the legacy — always a potential problem) rushed to make amends. Sometimes legacy cannot prevent, but it can restore.

    I’d encourage brothers with serious loot to make an investment in their own security and legacy that will bring forth a much larger return than some fly-by-night restaurant, a shake-that-ass night club or a can’t miss investment in Dubai. The keys to our liberation are in our hands — it’s the mind and the eyes that don’t seem to be working so well right now.

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