Lamar Odom Stands Up

Traveling down to D.C. with fellow writers Anthony Gilbert and Jeff Young, there were many conversations.

AP Nick Wass

AP Nick Wass

Most centered on music and two business stops we had to make at BET and Howard University, but there was one question in particular that struck me. Anthony Gilbert asked if I ever stop worrying about my three kids. “When does it stop?” He inquired. I thought about it for a minute and simply said “Never.” It was something I’d never thought about. It’s like living. I never think—at least I don’t—of how many days I’ve lived so why would I say to myself “How many days have I worried about my kids?” That would be absurd. I told A.G. that from the minute you find out the mother of your kids is pregnant, your mind shifts into a protective gear.

A very deep interview follows with Lamar Odom. Click on Kobe to read the rest on SLAM

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  1. Brother, you really captured the essence of our trip to DC. Thank you man, it’s always a pleasure to write with you.

  2. Excellent content here and a nice writing style too – keep up the great work!

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