Mo Cheeks Fired

Posted in Blogroll on December 13th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

9-14 after lofty expectations gets you fired in the NBA. It’s just how it is. I asked Phil Jackson about the business side of the NBA regarding coaching here. I enjoyed working with Cheeks the last year and a half, but the last few games the writing began to show up very clearly on the wall. The Orlando game highlighted a glaring defensive weakness: The corner three. The shot was always open because of the Sixers defensive scheme. I tried so many times to pose my questions in a way Cheeks would read between the lines, but I’m sure he was fully aware what was at stake. Funny, but Mo would focus on me during the pressers as if we were having a one on one discussion. It challenged me to form questions on the fly–which I appreciated. The last couple of games I didn’t want to be the one to ask the question which put the heat on Cheeks so I was reticent. After games, and as the media throng would walk into the press conference room, I would say, “How you doing coach?” He stop responding the last week or so and from that I took he wasn’t very happy with things. He has a very chill personality. He says what he has to say and that’s it. I’m disappointed in the players more than anything because they could have made it work. I won’t go into individual criticisms because it’s counterproductive, but I’m sure you can assume who was most at fault. It was difficult at first covering the team, because I grew up a fan and the process of learning to be objective on game day was a learning experience. In a perfect would, the champion point guard would lead the respected franchise back to the promised land, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Assistant GM Tony DiLeo takes over in an interim basis for the rest of the season. Take care Mo. Nice working with you.