Could Manny Ramirez Actually Play for the New York Yankees?

Posted in Blogroll on December 17th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

The Yankees are up to their usual tricks and have signed both CC Sabathia and A. J. Burnett–putting the league on notice that ya can’t keep a fat pocketed team down.

But guess what? Yankees fans can hear it now…

“Batting third and playing left field….Maaaannnny Ramirrrrrezzz.”

Ooh damn! Damn, damn damn damn.

Crack! “See ya!”

Yo, if this happens Boston is gonna hate everyone. This would be akin to Terrell Owens going to the Dallas Cowboys for Philly fans but bigger. Dude would be perfect for the Yankees because all they really need is a clutch bat in the middle of the lineup with all the pitching they are signing and will sign. Mark Teixeira is gonna make some big dough, but Manny might get to go back home to the Boogie Down.

Could you imagine Manny Ramirez hitting in front of ARod? How many homers would Alex hit? Keep this in mind: If the Angels sign Teixeira, the only team that could outbid the Yankees are the Dodgers because Boston sure as hell isn’t going after him. I put the chances of Manny wearing pinstripes and getting booed in Boston unmercifully at 85%.

Mizzo’s NFL Top Five: Carolina Pulls Into the Lead

Posted in Blogroll on December 17th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Two weeks left in the season and so much to figure out. Two games in each conference with the number one seed on the line this weekend…wow. Some questions…Will the Eagles tie help or hurt? What has the lack o’ Plaxico done to the psyche of the New York football Giants? What will Tavaris Jackson do for an encore? Is Dallas benefiting from an cynically omnipresent media? How will Tennessee respond after hearing Haynesworth is done for the last two games at least? Has Pittsburgh been the most consistent team this year? Is the NFC South overrated? Discuss these questions and more as we rank the NFL elite heading into Week 16…

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Mizzo’s NBA Top 5: Can’t Nobody Mess With Boston

Posted in Blogroll on December 17th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

The first post of its kind. Every Wednesday we will do this.

Now for the L…

These are the strongest teams in the NBA–right now.

I haven’t seen every NBA team up close, but I’ve covered enough games to get a gauge of who is for real and who is real fake. There’s obviously still a lot we don’t know as teams search for their respective identities, but it ain’t my fault. There’s a definitive top 3 and a bunch of parity–but it’s mad early so judge for yourself. Since this is the first, I’ll give my thoughts on the teams as they are ranked.

Let’s Get It!

No one should be shocked that the Champs are Here…

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