Could Manny Ramirez Actually Play for the New York Yankees?

The Yankees are up to their usual tricks and have signed both CC Sabathia and A. J. Burnett–putting the league on notice that ya can’t keep a fat pocketed team down.

But guess what? Yankees fans can hear it now…

“Batting third and playing left field….Maaaannnny Ramirrrrrezzz.”

Ooh damn! Damn, damn damn damn.

Crack! “See ya!”

Yo, if this happens Boston is gonna hate everyone. This would be akin to Terrell Owens going to the Dallas Cowboys for Philly fans but bigger. Dude would be perfect for the Yankees because all they really need is a clutch bat in the middle of the lineup with all the pitching they are signing and will sign. Mark Teixeira is gonna make some big dough, but Manny might get to go back home to the Boogie Down.

Could you imagine Manny Ramirez hitting in front of ARod? How many homers would Alex hit? Keep this in mind: If the Angels sign Teixeira, the only team that could outbid the Yankees are the Dodgers because Boston sure as hell isn’t going after him. I put the chances of Manny wearing pinstripes and getting booed in Boston unmercifully at 85%.

19 Responses to “Could Manny Ramirez Actually Play for the New York Yankees?”

  1. Temple3 says:

    I thought Manny hated the Yankees. What’s changed? The loot?

  2. Mizzo says:

    No my brotha. He hates the Boston organization more.

  3. Delinda says:

    Manny needs to go to NY…athletic talents aside, Manny’s value ‘off-field’ is wasted in LA. The sport itself is a joke, so why not pump up the drama that much more..I say give the beast his stripes, open the gates and see just how loud the lions roar….”Are you not entertained!”

  4. michelle says:

    Please tell me this is going to happen. Manny we NEED YOU!

  5. Temple3 says:

    Mizzo – Good point. The Yankees need him much more than he needs them. His legacy as a HUGE big-game performer and MAGICIAN (the Creation of Big Papi) is cemented forever. He is that dude. If he comes to New York, he could even turn that buster A-Rod into a winner. Alex Rodriguez should get on the phone or his knees or on top of Madonna or whatever works to get Man-Ram to the Boogie Down.

    When the Yankees signed A-Rod, I said that they had reversed the Curse of the Bambino. We see what that signing has produced. Nothing, nothing, and more nothing. Boston is smiling and Alex is in Legacy Hell. He should write a book, “How to Come to the Apple and Show the World You’re Rotten: A Player’s Guide to Envy, Failure, and Divorce.” Jeter could write the foreword.

  6. MODI says:

    whoooooa Temple!

    a little bit hard on AROD? AROD with the same pitching staff in the late ’90’s and he has some rings on his fingers… anyway

    yes, mizzo, I could imagine manny very well. And coming to NY would be a nice homecoming. You may as well build the new stadium in Washington Heights. The added rivalry against the Sox would be delicious!

  7. Temple3 says:


    I gotta say — I don’t think so. 1996 Yanks had 1 20 game winner (Pettitte). Key, Rodgers, Gooden and Cone won a handful of games for a 92 win team that A-Rod would have caused to be ushered out on their ass because he would’ve struck out at the first sign of Maddux, Smoltz and Glavine.

    Please don’t make me work the rest of the decade. There is only 1 team that he might not have had the A-Rod Botched It Effect — and in that one, we’d only have to give up the World Series MVP. He’s more than we ever needed, and less than we ever expected.

    The dude’s a buster. He cost the Yankees a 100-year old hex. He cost Madonna $90M (ride ’em Cowgirl). He even alienated his boy Jeter. Like I said, he needs to get on a plane and commence to beggin’ Manny.

  8. MODI says:

    AROD said “ouch”!

    I have little doubt that AROD will win with the Yanks… and if they get Manny I have less doubt that you will give manny all the credit and AROD will still be “a buster”!

  9. Mizzo says:

    I expect the Reggie Jax out of Arod! Until then, he is not a Yankee in my eyes.

  10. It seems that most if not all Yankees fans have beef with AROD…meanwhile the Red Sawx fans love him…hmmm, and I don’t need to explain that. Nevertheless, if the Yankees sign Manny it would be such a good look for the Jankees, and the community. Ramirez would make the new stadium his house, and if it produces wins, and championships, then I’m all for it.

    And yes it would breathe some new life into the rivalry! I say go for it Hank.

  11. origin says:

    I would love to see that brotha on the Yankees.

    HAHA Temple…..said he cost the garden hose Madonna 90 mill.


  12. Temple3 says:


    I’m nothing if not fair.

    Howza ’bout we do it this way, when A-Rod has more than 5 RBIs in a postseason, you can call me and tell me how he’s NOT a buster. Matter of fact, there has only been one postseason where he had more RBI’s than STRIKEOUTS. If he does that again, call me. I’ll buy the drinks.

    BUT, if he does while hitting BEHIND or IN FRONT of one Manny Ramirez, you buy the drinks. Deal?

    I drink Sapphire and Tonic, with lime. I know a few spots in Brooklyn that would love to serve me ALL NIGHT. I’ll be waiting and I won’t be bringing any money. 🙂

  13. Temple3 says:


    K’s vs. hits is a fairer metric. Nonetheless, you can see he’s struggled with that as well.

    It’s all good.

  14. Mizzo says:

    Modi with all due respect and factoring in everything ARod, he is a buster.

    When you play for the Yankees, the regular season means nothing. I don’t care if he hits 73 homers a season for the next 5 years. Do it on the grand stage. Reggie spoiled me.

    Runner on 1st and third with one out and the Yanks down one?

    Double play ball crushed to short or third. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that. In that instance I’d actually be happier with a backwards K.

    Soriano couldn’t play a lick of defense at second, but he sure as hell came through in the clutch when he was in NY. I was sad to so him go and I hope one day he returns because he was a Yankee.

  15. Temple3 says:

    Now see Mizzo…that’s all I was saying about Dungy on the other post…that the post-season really matters.

  16. MODI says:

    playing late catch-up here fellas. Damn! Firstly, I have had this AROD argument too many times before, so i think you guys will inspire an article from me…

    It is no secret that AROD has struggled in post-season lately, but that is only the last three years in short series. Playoffs that never would have happened without his tremendous bat. His seattle playoff career and first Yankees post-season is impressive. In 2000 post-season he had 7 RBI and in 2004 he had 8 RBI. Perhaps you were referring to “series”. (BTW, I don’t see why the RBI/SO metric is greater than say, batting average…)

    T3, Besides his incredible 2002 post-season performance, Barry Bonds sucked balls the rest of his playoff career in virtually every year. In fact, take away 2002, and he never had more than TWO RBIS in any post-season. So the question is: “Is Barry Bonds a buster?” I await your reply with bated breath 🙂

    Mizz, Reggie Jackson? Mr. October is a great misnomer. He is actually Mr. “Late October”. Reggie usually sucked WORSE than AROD in the pre-WS playoffs — including 1977! Consider his .227 average in 11 playoffs. He only hit well in 75 and 78. Or better put, he batted .188 in 9 of his 11 playoff appearances almost never exceeding 2 RBIs. Yet, in those 9 seasons, his team made the World Series 5 times despite his pitiful performances.

    The difference? — his teammates would give Reggie a second chance in a 7-game set. If Reggie’s teammates played like AROD’s in the first round, both of you guys would be calling Reggie a buster!

    In any case, I’ll take you guys out and pay for a couple of rounds of drinks just to pay homage to the knowledge that both of you guys regularly provide!

    But THIS round — you guys are buying!

  17. MODI says:

    Barry Bonds playoff career excluding the great 2002 run

    6 playoffs
    .198 average
    1 Home Run
    8 RBIs

    Note: The last two stats are TOTAL over those 6…

    Just some more stuff to help answer the buster question!

  18. MODI says:

    miz, for some reason, comments are closed on “Friday Fire”

  19. Mizzo says:

    Dig deep in those finely dead president lined pockets bruh. I’ll have a couple of Tangueray and tonics with a good ole juicy lime.

    Besides Jeter, who has had a bigger impact on the New York Yankees than Reginald Martinez Jackson in the last 30 years?

    The next time ARod does anything of significance in New York will be the first.

    Banging Madge is immaterial.