Mizzo’s NFL Week 16 Picks

Two huge games this week that could determine who gets to chill at home with it all on the line. Both games will be hard hittin’, chin skin splittin’, no pink socks and flip flops games so make sure you tune in or you might miss some sick sugar speed knocks. So so week 9-5, but look for the record to get better as I just jinxed myself.


Enjoy the weekend.

Indianapolis at Jacksonville 8:15 PM NFL Peyton went off. 31-24 Colts
Baltimore at Dallas 8:15 PM NFL 20-16 Ravens Ed Reed will have a run back
Cincinnati at Cleveland 1:00 PM CBS Browns 30-24 Braylon goes for 150 and 3tds
San Francisco at St. Louis 1:00 PM FOX Niners 26-13 SF on the path to stability
New Orleans at Detroit 1:00 PM FOX Saints 35-27 CJ goes off, but so does Brees
Pittsburgh at Tennessee 1:00 PM CBS Steelers 14-10 Cold rock stuff abounds
Miami at Kansas City 1:00 PM CBS Miami 20-17 Damnit Herm! Don’t give up!
Arizona at New England 1:00 PM FOX NE 17-9
Dude, it’s in the snow
San Diego at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM CBS SD 31-30 SD fights back
Houston at Oakland 4:05 PM CBS Houston 27-25 Is Houston good?
Buffalo at Denver 4:05 PM CBS Den 21-20 Pick six wins it.
NY Jets at Seattle 4:05 PM CBS Sea 28-20 Coincidence Holmgren’s last game?
Atlanta at Minnesota 4:15 PM FOX Minny 30-28 Minny runs All Day
Philadelphia at Washington 4:15 PM FOX PHI 20-10 DC, what happened?
Carolina at NY Giants 8:15 PM NBC NY 10-7 Do you like snowmen?
Green Bay at Chicago 8:30 PM ESPN CHI 24-13 What a wack game

78 Responses to “Mizzo’s NFL Week 16 Picks”

  1. GrandNubian says:

    ….and who was it said that the Eagles were a top 5 team?

  2. GrandNubian says:

    San Diego STILL has shot at making the playoffs. It’s real simple….beat Denver next week and they’re in….

  3. origin says:

    Not me.

    Hopefully sandiego beats the broncos.

    Now watch Dallas beat Philly and the Jets beat the dolphins.

  4. Patrick says:

    In regards to McNabb, if he gets cut could he be in a similar situation trying to find a job like Duante Culpepper and to a lesser extent Quinn Gray?

    McNabb has a sterling record as a starter, but teams might not want to pay him and McNabb might emulate what Culpepper did and ‘retire’?


    Within two weeks, Herm Edwards may be fired. Marvin Lewis could be fired. Romeo Crennel will be fired. And if the Bears’ season ends very badly, he will definitely be on the hot seat for 2009. And Mike Singletary seems to be in a good position with the 49ers, but you never know.

    New Years 2009 could see Tony Dungy as the only black head football coach in the NFL.

    Black QB watch.

    The Redskins won’t make the playoffs, and with the mercurial Dan Snyder, you never know what he is thinking. So Jason Campbell may be on the hot seat and out as starting QB by 2009.

    David Garrard is in a similar situation, despite the contract. He will start the season in 2009, but a slow start could put him in a similar situation that Tarvaris Jackson faced this year.


    Troy Smith’s aspirations of being a starter in Baltimore is over with the emergence of Joe Flacco. It’s a shame that Troy lost his job because of an illness and he could be released and viewed as expendable.

    Culpepper’s career is in limbo while in Detroit and could be back in the unemployment line.

    JaMarcus Russell has to make things happen in 2009 –early– or he is on the same proverbial leash that Tarvaris Jackson was on.. Black QB’s are given little leeway– be damn near perfect or your job is on the line..

    Vince Young…Who knows?

  5. GrandNubian says:


    I think Herm Edwards will resign. It’s been reported that Marvin Lewis’ job is safe (although I think he SHOULD be fired). How long has Crennel been in Cleveland? Singletary should be given a chance….I think he could turn that franchise around.

    I don’t think you have to worry about the so-called “Black Quaterback”. They aint going anywhere. The game will and HAS to evolve at EVERY position. The QB position is getting the most resistance of this evolution because it is deemed as the most important and most intelligent.

    Trust me….the right coordinator will come along and put together an offense suited to the talents of the athletic QB….and other teams will follow suit because they will have to keep up.

  6. GrandNubian says:

    Phillip Rivers gets a “Baller” award and Adrian Peterson gets the “Busta” award.

    I agree w/ Patrick that the Birds and Vikings could meet again in the playoffs.

  7. origin says:

    I agree GN.

    Also there is no way Mcnabb will be out the league next year.

    He is a top 5 QB when the coach actually calls a balanced offense.

    There are alot of teams that would like him. From TB to Minnesota.

  8. Temple3 says:

    I’m trying to remember the last time someone mentioned Donovan McNabb and then said, “And to a lesser extent Quinn Gray,” in the same sentence.

    ROTFLMBAO – and I won’t be getting up anytime soon.

  9. origin says:

    Also Patrick and GN.

    Did you know that washington started 3 CBs in the game.

    Yet Reid freaking ran the ball 14 times in the game…..LOL!!!!

  10. origin says:

    HAHA Temple your a trip man.

    Andy must be smoking some of his kids stash.

  11. origin says:

    Thats the only reason I can explain his play calling………well beside setting Mcnabb up for failure.

  12. Miranda says:

    its funny you mention that about the QB position evolving, I had just read this article:

  13. Temple3 says:

    You do realize that the Denver Broncos are NOT a playoff team this seaon. San Diego is going to beat their ass next week. They’re gonna beat ’em like Ed Hochuli stole something.

    Not bad overall on the week Mizz. Y’all gotta get some receivers — hands of stone, hearts of glass, and a flair for showboating.

    Steve Smith is about to open a can of highlight on the Giants. DeAngelo has a 1/2 can. Look out there doctah!

    I lthink the Steelers took the Titans lightly. The absence of Haynesworth and VandenBosch, the loss to the Texans, that damn cover they posed for for “The Magazine.” I think this is a great time to have a really bad “Don’t Believe Your Press Clippings, You Still the 26th Offense in the League Loss.” The next meaningful game will be a divisional playoff game at home — and guess who may be coming to dinner?? The winner of Miami – Baltimore? Oh, baby!!

  14. Temple3 says:

    With all due respect, I think the Black QB Watch is blind.

    Unless you’re trying to get cats fired or provide a comedic outlet (Kudos for the Quinn Grey reference), I am missing the point.

    More on that later — but I just wanted to say that the Brandon Jacobs Effect is REAL. Derrick Ward is the happiest man in America to see Jacobs back — and the Giants tell the Panthers, “GET OUT!!!!”

  15. michelle says:

    I guess the big D is still alive after all.

    The Eagles need some better receivers.

  16. michelle says:


    Man you are too funny!

  17. Patrick says:

    ….”With all due respect, I think the Black QB Watch is blind.

    Unless you’re trying to get cats fired or provide a comedic outlet (Kudos for the Quinn Grey reference), I am missing the point….”

    Temple, I am not trying to get anyone fired. To clarify… it is very likely that McNabb will get cut and be trying to find a QB job elsewhere. Some have speculated that Minny would be an ideal spot, but there are no guarantees where McNabb may land if Philly decides to release Donovan. We don’t know for sure if Childress will be retained in Minnesota.

    In the previous offseason, QBs such as Duante Culpepper and Byron Leftwich were former playoff QBs with winning records as NFL starters trying to find a job on a team, and it took until the middle of preseason when Pittsburgh tabbed Leftwich, and Duante retired and was finally signed at mid-season. As for Quinn Gray (to a lesser extent), he had been a backup, but performed in emergency situations when he backed up David Garrard in Jacksonville and did alright–winning a few games (showing potential). Gray has some talent, but other backups such as Matt Schaub was able to secure a multi-year contract for Houston, but Quinn Gray had a a more difficult time finding any QB job (just as much as Culpepper and Leftwich).. Heck Atlanta’s Chris Redman who had been out of football for four years prior to 2007 is the backup QB for the Falcons and signed a million dollar QB.

    The impact of African-American as starting QBs is at a crossroads in my opinion. When Vick gets out of jail, it will be interesting what kind of market will be available and what kind of interest he will garner. More and more GMs would rather have the older, traditional veteran such as Kerry Collins, Brad Johnson, Jeff Garcia, Jon Kitna and even a Chris Redman and it may be a continuing trend.

    Whether you are higher profile, more successful QB such as McNabb or even Vick or a career backup with potential such as Troy Smith, D.J. Shockley, Seneca Wallace and yes Quinn Gray, GMs may not be as willing to give them an opportunity to succeed as a NFL starter or even occupy 2nd string. That window that opened wide open with the emergence of McNabb and Vick at the turn of the century may be slowly closing towards the end of this decade.

  18. GrandNubian says:


    I think the Steelers are a ‘tired’ team after playing that tough-ass schedule. All that physical play took it’s toll on them, although they were in it until the middle of the 4th QTR. It really pains me to watch that offense.



    Interesting article. The author must’ve been reading my mind.



    Trust me when I tell you….more and more black players are playing the position in high school and college. That will result into an influx of black QBs in the years to come. However, along with that influx will be an offensive coordinator who will implement the RIGHT system into the NFL and take advantage of the athletic QBs skills.

    Like I said, the game will always evolve. Pretty soon you will have 300-lb defensive linemen running a 4.4; Linebackers will be running a 4.2 or 4.3. The strength and speed on defense will pretty soon have an advantage over the pocket-passing QB. I think that pocket-presence will always have a home in a team’s offense scheme, the QB will have to become a hybrid. Randall Cunningham, McNabb and Vick were/are ahead of their time. The american public (football fan) have been “dumbed” down to believe that only a pocket-passer can succeed in the NFL. But those of us who know better will always revolt against that brand of thinking.

    The GMs can’t and won’t be able to control this evolution. The day will come. Just have patience. 🙂


  19. Temple3 says:


    I hear what you are saying. I think you’re missing the larger picture, but in a way subtly different than what GN has suggested. The pipeline may indeed be the biggest thing to give pause to your argument, but I am looking to the present at the professional level.

    I do believe you may be lumping some guys into the same piles who need to be separated out a bit. Brad Johnson has a ring. Kitna has thrown for 4000 yds in both conferences and been to the Pro Bowl — and just this year he alleged that the Lions lied about his medical condition to GET HIM OFF THE Field — and they signed…….Daunte Culpepper.

    I think the Black QB Watch is all over the place and needs to be tightened up a bit. I think you have some rich stuff here, but you’re looking at the wrong players in the wrong situations and applying the wrong metrics. I mean, really, what’s the root? Kill the Black QB? Ain’t happening unless you kill the Black coach and the Black GM — and in case you haven’t noticed, they’ve got all the hardware the league has issued since 2005.

    First of all it bears noting that Black QBs tend to be located on franchises with Black coaches and Black general managers (Garrard: James Harris Jacksonville; Troy Smith: Ozzie Newsome Baltimore; Byron Leftwich, Charlie Batch: Mike Tomlin Pittsburgh; Quinn Gray: Tony Dungy Indianapolis; Andre Woodson: Jerry Reese NY Giants). The conversation, to my mind, requires a thoughtful consideration of that starting point.

    Bottom line – the Black general managers in the league are firmly entrenched and have solid credentials. The only one that had some serious challenges has been James Harris, but he’s picked at least 3 very good QBs for that franchise. Also, your analysis of David Garrard seems way off base. He’s not the problem in J’ville and there are rallies to suggest that anyone thinks he is. Last year, like Jason Campbell this year, he was the LAST QB to throw a pick and he finished with 18 tds and 3 picks. He was rarely sacked and beat the Steelers on the road TWICE at the end of the season. He actually converted the critical 4th and 2 to win the playoff game. This year, he’s kept the team from imploding even though the offensive line was decimated by injury and they lost Marcus Stroud. Garrard ain’t goin’ nowhere nowhere time soon — and even if he does, he plays the exact style of play that some of the people on your “white” list also play.

    I know you believe Tomlin will be fired any day now, but :), he won’t be. Did you know that the 3 QBs behind Ben are Leftwich, Charlie Batch and Oregon’s Dennis Dixon? Now, Batch is aging, Dixon’s not established, and Leftwich’s appeal was limited — like that of Culpepper — by frequent injuries and limitless talent that demands significant compensation. Detroit rolled the dice. Daunte’s out injured again. If Culpepper’s not playing in two years, what will that prove to you?

    DJ Shockley and Seneca Wallace — I’m not going to go there. But let’s just say this is the 4th time you’ve lumped folks together who simply merit more separation. DJ Shockley. Next you’ll be talking about Quincy Carter and Akili Smith.

  20. Temple3 says:


    Remember – if you make a more compelling case, I’ll change my tune like a DJ…always willing to submit to what I can accept as the best argument. Keep it coming.

  21. Temple3 says:

    Bottom line – the Black general managers in the league are firmly entrenched and have solid credentials. The only one that had some serious challenges has been James Harris, but he’s picked at least 3 very good QBs for that franchise.

    First domino to fall. James Harris out in Jacksonville.


    Gene Smith in.


  22. GrandNubian says:


    What’s the low-down on Gene Smith? I don’t know much about him…….

  23. Temple3 says:

    I don’t either. The article only says he was the Director of College and Professional Scouting.

    It’s funny. In relationship to the larger conversation we were having on Mizzo’s post re: Donovan, I think the Jaguars are an interesting study on this question of wide receivers. They’ve drafted a bunch of large wide receivers: Ernest Wilford, Reggie Williams, Matt Jones. They signed Porter. Best receiver in franchise history? Jimmy Smith. Worked diligently after early trouble to become an elite receiver.

    They had Leftwich, a power running game, a physical defence (with some limitations like Donovan Darius in coverage), solid special teams. No brass ring, but always competitive. I can imagine Donovan on some of the recent Jaguar teams. None of those receivers, though, turned out to be particularly good.

    Porter was the last person I remember eating Champ Bailey alive. It was a few years ago, but post-Portis trade. I think it was a Monday night game in the snow. Porter had around 200 yards. I haven’t the foggiest idea what his problem is or isn’t. He may have become tired of sitting around waiting for Garrard to get the rock downfield or just wanted to collect a check with a long recovery from injury. Maybe he’s legitimately injured, but he’s not bankable.

    I figure Harris is the fall guy, but they have some solid pieces. It wouldn’t be surprised to see them win 10 games again next year without making very many changes at all.

  24. origin says:

    Good post Temple. The word is Harris is the fall guy and he fell out with Del Rio over Leftwich being cut. The story goes that Del Rio went over his head to have leftwich cut.

    Also Temple remember that the GM in Houston is a brotha too.

    I have to give it to Harris he did try and draft WRs. But he also made sure that he always picked up RBs too.

    Del Rio is getting a pass…….but his @ss is toast next year. Well unless they decide to use Garrad as a Mcnabb……ummm I mean scapegoat.

  25. Patrick says:

    Jacksonville made the playoffs last year, and the GM is now gone…shocking

    Cleveland got 10 wins last year in remarkable turnaround, and Crennel is likely gone a year later.

    The first order of business for Jacksonville’ new GM: Cut Matt Jones, Draft Michael Crabtree.

  26. GrandNubian says:


    Yeah, that combo of Smith and McCardell was amongst the best in the league.

    Like origin & Patrick, I can’t see how Harris takes the bullet but Del Rio is still there. Makes no sense to me. Oh well, i’m sure that he’ll land on his feet somewhere else (Detroit, perhaps?) and turn another team around.

  27. Temple3 says:

    Just as a point of information: The Browns defense hasn’t been ranked higher than 26th in the last 3 years. They have a mess at QB and lost several of their best players to Staph infection and other injuries that crippled the offense. Its not like Crennel is the only cat getting fire. I understand that Phil Savage is getting the boot as well.

    Frankly, Crennel might have been better served by being more aggressive in dealing with the Staph issue and supporting players like Winslow when the situation erupted earlier this year. Crennel took the company line against Winslow’s public position — and still received strong public support from Winslow.

    Bottom line — I think Romeo took an unfortunate risk with Derek Anderson. He’s not the real deal. He should have taken a page from Marvin Lewis’ book and disregarded his highly productive season last year as a means to buy time on the back of Brady Quinn.

    The Browns played a tough schedule this year — 2nd place AFC teams, NFC East and AFC South. No patsies on the grind…that combined with injuries put them in a serious hole. I’d like to think that Romeo will get another gig, but I believe that if he rode Quinn this year — for better or for worse, he and Savage would have a stronger negotiating position. As it stands, they’re a franchise is chaos.

  28. Temple3 says:


    I agree.

    It seems there are more Black GMs than I imagined. Houston, Arizona, New York — but fewer than are merited based on the numbers in the game.