Mizzo’s NFL Week 16 Recap

Player of the Week: Derrick Ward

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Wild week but it’s all come out in the wash. The Giants and Titans both rebounded to snatch the mantle of best in their respective conferences after slight lulls. Some teams were just pathetic and others surprised. Temple, I’ve reluctantly become an Atlanta believer. There I said it.

Lets get it!

Player of the Week Derrick Ward rushed for 215 yards on 15 carries and Brandon Jacobs had 87 on 21 as the Giants make a statement. Credit Tom Coughlin for doing what a coach is supposed to do…get his team ready for a big game. DeAngelo Williams, in defeat, has quietly scored a Panthers single season record 20 touchdowns.

Tennessee has been the most consistent team in the NFL up to this point and most likely played their best game of the season to locked up home field. The Titans defense hold Pittsburgh to 71 rushing yards. Kerry Collins remains undefeated against the Steelers (3-0). No other words besides this was a total team effort and again, it starts with the coach.

Other scores:

Cincinnati 14, Cleveland 0

Benson rushes for 157. Hall 3 picks.

San Francisco 17, St. Louis 16

Bruce 5th player with 1000 catches. Passes Tim Brown for second in yards.

Atlanta 24, Minnesota 17

Smith Coach of the Year, Ryan Rookie of the Year. Minny fumbles 7 times–losing 4. Atlanta clinches spot. Matt Ryan is not the NFL MVP. Merrill Hoge stop. Just stop.

Washington 10, Philadelphia 3

DC defense keeps Brown out of end zone as clock expires. Can’t blame Donovan. Westbrook and Dawkins are soldiers.

New Orleans 42, Detroit 7

Lions become first team to start 0-15. Brees is Offensive Player of the Year.

Buffalo 30, Denver 23

Bills go west and come away with win. Defense Stokely on last play to seal victory.

Miami 38, Kansas City 31

Miami wins coldest game in franchise history. Herm, you must have broke a mirror somewhere bruh.

Oakland 27, Houston 16

JaMarcus goes 18-25 for 236 and 2 tds in best game. Johnnie Lee Higgins catches one and returns one.

Seattle 13, New York Jets 3

Holmgren wins last home game in Seattle. Wallace looked good. Jets season on life support.

San Diego 41, Tampa Bay 24

Bolts bloody Garcia and amazingly still are alive. Rivers 21-31 287 and 4 tds.

New England 47, Arizona 7

Shut up about Kurt Warner. Cardinals sickdiculously overrated. Cassel 345 and 3 tds.

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19 Responses to “Mizzo’s NFL Week 16 Recap”

  1. Temple3 says:

    OUCH MIZZO!!!!

    You came HARD with the picture. That was a total surpise. I missed the game and heard about, but hadn’t seen it. Someone should tell Bulluck to be careful, their might be an extra Super Bowl ring in there.

    I don’t hate the Titans. They used to be part of the family – and are actually the truest old, competitive rival to the Steelers in the AFC. The Ravens are the Ravens are the Ravens. As the old Oilers and as members of that Super Division that included Baltimore and Jacksonville for a few years, the Titans have been right there for years.

    Grand Nubian may be right. He thinks the team looked worn down. I suppose, but maybe there are enough old heads (JOEY PORTER) around to remind the young guns of the wars with the Titans. Bulluck remembers. Chris Hope used to wear Black and Gold and has the hardware to prove it. The Steelers may have been stuck on the last meeting — a 34-7 blowout. It’s all good.

  2. Mizzo says:

    Mouse over the pic for a relative caption. This is nothing compared to Jevon’s pic bruh…

  3. GrandNubian says:

    Yeah Mizz…..

    Kearse REALLY surprised me with his actions. LenDale also got in on it, throwing up a “white” towel. It’s all good though. They better hope they don’t meet again. The worse thing you can do is give that defense some bulletin board material.

    Remember what they did to Carson Palmer when T.J. “Whoseyourmomma” did something similiar during their SuperBowl run? Palmer hasn’t been the same QB since then.

  4. kos says:

    T3, Mizzo, GN –
    Not really surprising that the Titans would mock the Steelers. Everyone knows the history where the Steelers used to dominate the old AFC Central. They were always the hunted, the one that the other teams used to love to beat. All of those teams from that old division hated the Steelers. Heck, listen to Cris Collinsworth. When the Steelers won last week @ Baltimore, he gave them a half-hearted congratulations and it’s been years since he played.

    The Steelers offensive inconsistency finally caught up with them yesterday. The Titans were pumped and ready. They got good pressure on Ben with 4 and 5 rushers most of the time. For the 5 games prior, except against Dallas, the patch work offensive line had actually done a decent job of protecting Ben (when he didn’t hold on to the ball too long). Pittsburgh couldn’t run the ball, and the offense was just not imaginative enough for yesterday. Arians needs to go.

    The defense didn’t play as well as it had in past weeks. They looked like they may have been worn down from the season long gauntlet. The corners were giving way too much cushion to the Titans receivers. The rushers couldn’t apply pressure on him. On the bright side, I do believe there was an offensive holding penalty on Tennessee’s offense. In the previous six games, not ONE team was called for holding against the Steelers defense!

  5. Mizzo says:

    That’s an incredible stat. Holding can be called on every play. Especially third down.

  6. Temple3 says:

    On a certain level, its the ultimate respect, rather than the ultimate disrespect. Okay, wiping the foot is akin to throwing your Ferragamo’s at Jorge Bush, but the fact that you’ve focused on paraphernalia from a visitor says a great deal about your own Striver’s Nouveau Riche attitude.

    The Titans are clearly a solid team, but they’ve not made it over the hurdle. I suspect that long-time defensive stars like Bulluck and Kearse are really frustrated by seeing teams like Pittsburgh and Indianapolis bask in the glow of considerably more media attention AND the bling bling of a Super Bowl ring.

    That’s why I cautioned the stepper to realize the in dancing on the Terrible Towel, they might actually be pulling the plug on their own showcase. The Steelers are not the Terrible Towel or any other icon. They are (echoing kos), however, the team that knocked the dog shit out of Dan Pastorini when it mattered most. They are the team that battled the Titans, Ravens and Jaguars througout the early years of this decade — and they’re the squad that blazed the trail for road dogs to win Super Bowls in 2005. They’re flesh and blood and they’ll be back. It seems like players like Jeavon Kearse forget that when it matters most — that’s why all of his “signature moments” were speed rushes around the outside from his rookie year.

    Bulluck is one therapist’s couch away from having a London Fletcher melt down moment.

    kos– You should have heard Collinsworth when the Steelers beat the Bengals. Its clear that he looks upon teams like the Ravens as the big brother he wishes he could march into a fight in Pittsburgh. When he was stuck with rolling with the Bengals, his closing line was to the effect of – Once again, the Steelers outhit, outmuscle, outphysical the Cincinnati Bengals.

    I wonder if it hurts him more to see his “big brother” lose to the Steelers than his very own Bengals. After all, he’s used to that.

  7. GrandNubian says:

    …yeah, what T3 said….

  8. kos says:

    T3 –
    I think that sentiment is shared by a lot of players that got to play the Steelers since the 70’s. I swore up and down Tom Jackson was going to have an aneurysm last week when he was talking about the way the Steelers beat Baltimore. His tone was so sarcastic I thought he might slip up and say congrat-u-f^#*ing-lations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for clinching the AFC Central title.

    Can somebody yank the Arizona Cardinals’s NFC West title away from them? Since they clinched, they just haven’t done anything. Makes you wonder how the season might have gone for the 49ers if they had let Mike Nolan go earlier. Mike Singletary definitely has proven that he should be the permanent coach for the 49ers.

  9. des says:


    Props to Derrick Ward, but how can you ignore Derrick Mason? With one arm he outplayed every Cowboy receiver.

  10. Temple3 says:


    On the question of playing “flat” — check out Tomlin.

    Gotta like this dude.

    You saw the game. I trust your eyes because that’s his stock answer. I like his answer, though. I think I perceive a bit of frustration with the turnovers, though, because that’s been the recurring theme of the season. A lot of times, the turnovers aren’t even forced — they’re surrendered.

  11. GrandNubian says:


    Yeah, I like the guy. He has my vote for COY. You can tell that he was frustrated with all the missed opportunities and the turnovers. I think that early fumble by Ben near the goal line seem to give the Titans confidence that maybe they could beat the Steelers. That fumble wasn’t forced, either. Ben just didn’t take care of the ball. And with the other fumbles Ben just held on the ball too long (as usual). I’m trying to understand why he does that. Is he just not seeing open receivers or is he being greedy in looking for the big play?

    I will say that the game was pretty close in the 1st half. The Steelers had the momentum but I think that Reed missing that easy FG w/ 4 secs left before halftime swung it back to the Titans. In the 3rd QTR, their defense didn’t play with that attitude and energy you’re used to seeing them play with. Collins had too much time to find his receivers. If I recall correctly, they only sacked him once (Harrison’s 16th). But they were’nt really pressuring him like they normally pressure opposing QBs. The DBs were playing soft, sissy coverage. That led me to believe that maybe they were tired. You could see the Titan’s receivers gaining confidence on every ball that was caught.

  12. Temple3 says:

    I think he holds onto the ball for a few reasons:

    1) Willie Parker has not had his regular season. Last year, he led the league in rushing entering the last game. This year, teams are really able to focus on the passing game. There is less room for error.

    2) He has an injured shoulder. Ben usually has the highest yards per attempt in the league. Santonio has the highest ypc of any receiver in the league (entering this season). Ben loves the deep ball. He’s been underthrowing guys all year. He has some flow with Nate Washington this year that may need to be rekindled.

    3) The Steelers don’t have great receivers. Ward is excellent, but slowing down. Holmes likes to get high and cost his team wins against elite competition. Washington is blazing, but unpolished. He takes time to get separation, but he does get it. Sweed sucks (for now).

    4) Confidence. This could be #3A. I don’t think he’s willing to throw unless receivers are actually open vs. throwing when they’re in man coverage. I always thought that man coverage = open. He has to make throws off of quick initial reads more regularly and then trust guys to make plays.

    It could be that — or it could be that he’s an overrated dude that was carried by a great team after some moderate success running a spread/gun offense at a mediocre middle-American college. Ooooh!

  13. Temple3 says:

    Nah, seriously I think he’s excellent but needs to work harder at his consistency…that’s why Tomlin was on him about practice. Who does he think he is? Iverson?

  14. origin says:

    As far as ben I feel that if you look at his career he has only been good when his running game is great. When it isn’t he suffers. But my main problem with him is how careless he is with the ball.

    Its like he has gotten worse over the years with this.

    He has alot of Eli in him. If you don’t establish the run then he is prone to have turnovers in bunches.

    Also IMO he has always held the ball long. But before the bike injury he would move around and just seemed quicker on his feet and decision making on the move. Now he doesn’t seem that way.

    Another thing it seemed once he got banged up badly….in the game that leftwich took over. It seemed he got worse over the season. Heck for awhile I was saying why doesn’t Tomlin start Leftwich for a few games until Ben got healthy. You could clearly see that when leftwich played the ball came out of his hand so much quicker. Plus the steelers are so freaking good they can win as long as their QB doesn’t turn the ball over.

    I watched the game yesterday………I was hoping Collins got knocked out so vince would play….HAHA.

    But the keys were that Ben turned into Rex Grossman with the turnovers and the steelers could get no pass rush on the titans. Remember if you are able to make Collins move off his spot once taking his drop………he turns into an erractic passer. I don’t even watch the NFL really, and have only seen one titans game this year. But the scouting report on Collins been the same for over 10 years.

  15. origin says:

    Temple Big Ben will be fine………look Farve is the greatest QB of all-time and he barely watched film.

    He11 I’m still not sure if he even figured out what a Dime or Nickle Defense is.


  16. Temple3 says:

    I think a healthy Ben probably would have thrown at least 8-10 more tds. Leftwich would probably be the perfect fit in some of these games because of his capacity to hit Nate and Santonio deep, deep downfield. His presence alone would stretch the field and create more running lanes. They’re used to creating space thru the run, but that’s what Leftwich offers. Ben’s legit. I definitely like him more than Eli. Ben has a high number of come-from-behind victories. Eli is just starting to get those now.

    Ouch. You know I don’t like Brett Favre like that so I’ll just pass on that one.

  17. origin says:

    I hear you but I am comparing Eli and Big Ben when it comes to becoming turnover prone, not is ablility. Ben is miuch better then Eli. For one he actually uses his feet something Eli seems has no intent to use. Even though he is pretty quick. Also Eli doesn’t throw well on the run at all.

    Ben throws even better on the run then in the pocket.

    I still stand by that Ben is turnover prone (like Eli….shoot like Farve….check that he is turnover prone no matter what) when the running game is not a focal point of the offense.

  18. GrandNubian says:


    I think that the points you made are accurate, especially #1 and #2 respectfully. But your last point might be higher up on that list…not that you listed them in an order of importance in the first place. 🙂



    You make good points as well…..especially the one in regards to the pre-bike injury.

    I also think Ben will be ok….and i’d take him over Eli 10 outta 10 times.

  19. Patrick says:

    ……”I watched the game yesterday………I was hoping Collins got knocked out so vince would play….HAHA…..”