NBA Last Night: Rajon Rondo is Fat Lever

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Rajon Rondo is doing things no one thought he would be doing at this stage in his career. Yeah it’s early, but he has just as much to do with the Celtics record start as anyone else in the C’s locker room. Celtics are 26-2. Damn who were the 2? They have Pop Pop stories beating this monster…

Boston 125, New York 104

Lil nate got up, but the Celtics got down on the Knicks last night. The Celtics had 7 players in double figures led by Rondo’s 26 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists–including 18 in the third.

Atlanta 85, Detroit 78

Bibby goes 10-13 (6-6 from beyond the arc) for season high 27. Sheed and Stuckey go for 20. Bubba Chuck 4-11 for 10.

Cleveland 102, OKC 91

LeBron goes for 31–his fourth straight 30 point game. Mo Williams 20, Delonte West 18. Russell Westbrook scores 24 Michaels, 11 Stocktons and 6 Malones in the loss.

Dallas 97, Washington 86

Jason Terry comes off bench and throws in 25. Dirk 23 and JHoward had 17. DC shoots 39% and were led by Antawn Jamison with 22 and Tough Juice with 18.

7 Responses to “NBA Last Night: Rajon Rondo is Fat Lever”

  1. Temple3 says:

    All I have to say is that I told you this kid was gonna be SICK this year. I am certain you agreed — during the finals last year. I haven’t seen him play but for moments at a time, but the stat lines have been incredible.

    I like the Fat reference, too.

  2. TC says:

    That whole team is scary good. This scares me as a Laker fan. They’re on the same page. Mark Heisler had a story in the LA Times yesterday saying that the Celtics aren’t deep. I dunno. Tell that to the Laker fans who saw Leon Powe take over one of those games in the finals this past June. Tony Allen to D up Kobe, Powe and Glen Davis to bang. Gabe Pruitt and Scalabrine. I would imagine Danny Ainge ain’t done yet and he’ll look out for another key cog to re-enforce the squad. But Rajon is soooooooo underrated. It’s all very well to cover the Big Three who deserve all the pub, but yeah, Rajon is strong enough to take on any PG and he’s a great conventional PG. Yeah….I like the Fat Lever reference too.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Stop it. You know what my nickname in high school was?

  4. Mizzo says:

    Fat Piggies? 🙂

  5. origin says:

    Couldn’t agree more Temple. I said the same after the finals. The thing everyone forgot (cough cough CoCo….LOL!!!) was that Perkins and Rondo were going to improve. Due to their ability and youth.

    I have to give coaching a big hand in these young dudes development. As well as putting them in position to succeed. If you have read my posts on the Lakers I have been PO with Phil Jackson for not going to Bynum in the post during the game. They only use him for oops and rebounds. This is a waste of a 7 foot center. He is not Tyson Chandler who has no post game.

    If you watch the celtics they actually go in the post to Perkins. Even last year during the first half they would go into perkins in the post to build his confidence. Yet the lakers do none of this for Bynum.

    What up TC……… Mark Heisler must be smoking. The celtics are he!!a deep on the bench.