Repeat After Me: Why Haven’t the Philadelphia Eagles Front Office Given Donovan McNabb Talented Receivers?


Donovan McNabb’s 2008 stats: 333 completions, 550 attempts, 3741 yards, 60.5 %, 21 tds, 11 interceptions for an 85.3 rating.

I bet you think these numbers are low huh?

These stats compare favorably with most successful qb’s in the league. Of the quarterbacks with a higher percentage or more touchdowns in less attempts, there is a glaring (sometimes two, three or eight) distinction…a number one receiver, a top tier tight end and a balanced offensive scheme.

As Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles life support stare the hated Dallas Cowboys and the only receiver their beleaguered quarterback has ever had in the face, an obvious question must be asked…again:

Why hasn’t Donovan been given talented receivers like so many of his peers?

Why did the Philadelphia organization rely on his top flight all around talent and also insultingly break down one of the most feared threats the league has seen since Marshall Faulk–and Tiki Barber more recently–in Brian Westbrook? When Brian signed, everyone knew he couldn’t do it alone physically and ultimately would end up crawling around the locker room after games just to get in the tub and let out a sigh of relief. Now that the chickens have come home to roost, everyone is looking for a scapegoat in one of the best quarterbacks of his era?

Check the winning percentage, the interception to pass ratio (NFL best all time), the yards and the touchdown passes.

Yeah Donovan has had some bad moments but hasn’t every quarterback who has ever lined up under center? Why are his bad times highlighted when his peers similar moments been given the blind eye?

Donovan McNabb is Warren Moon.

Andy Reid is the Mad Hatter and needs to consider dropping one of his hats he’s clumsily juggled if nothing more for the sake of McNabb’s legacy.

Andy he is ya mans right?

Have not the two of you grown together from NFL infancy?

You sure?


Something for the dome one time

There are no Black quarterbacks who deserve merit without constant career diminishing and objectifying criticism? After all, hasn’t the quarterback pantheon become a meritocracy?

When Black quarterbacks are given talent, they usually have thrived (Randall in ’98, Culpepper with Moss, McNabb with Owens. All went to at least the NFC Championship game).

Can Black children have one soul model quarterback for their grandchildren just to advance the mental frame?

I’ll say again what I’ve said many times before. Black writers please stand up. If you don’t write it, who will? It’s not up to anyone else. There were actually questions whether Warren Moon deserved to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame. What is McNabb’s legacy?

Something for the dome two times

Does McNabb’s legacy compare to that of Jim Kelly, Dan Fouts, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw? Dan Marino, Brett Favre, Joe Theisman, Joe Montana or John Elway?

If not, who and why not?

In twenty years time you will be able to mention the relevant targets of these great quarterbacks. How many of McNabb’s will you name? Those above who do have rings have them because of the sum of their team parts. None of them did it alone.

Why is McNabb expected to do it alone (not discounting Westbrook or the Eagles defense during his tenure)?

Seems to me, the Eagles organization has relied on his talent a little too much. Do they want to pay a receiver? What’s the deal? This is insulting.

Is it about the athleticism? Player heads think they can get by because he befuddles defenses with his legs? I’m at a loss here. It’s the same thing year in and year out.

He has the arm. He has the intelligence. He has the mobility. Don’t give me that Donovan can’t read defenses characterization reserved for so many Black quarterbacks in the past.

Donovan McNabb is sui generis in this time and space because of his ability to put together a decent career with minimal talent surrounding his above average skills.

Back to the beat…to the beat…

You must question Donovan’s demotion on national television. Could the Eagles brass have been making a statement by benching Donovan so unceremoniously just to publicly slam the writing on the wall…driving home the imminent off season change and making it more palatable nationally?

The media here wants transition in part because it gives them something to write about after all the disrespect some have written of McNabb over the years–despite the front office incompetence. They’ve been calling for his head most of Donovan’s tenure. A tenure that includes 4 consecutive NFC Conference Championship appearances and one Super Bowl visit. Once again it’s all about yellow journalism because like the dismissal of Mo Cheeks (except for the notable exceptions of Chris Murray and James Beale), there seems to never be a plan after the firing.

It’s like crack sprinkled on cheese…the rats are still gonna eat despite the addiction it carries.

Some here just write to write…standing on the backs of others just to get the cheese.

What is your plan Philadelphia media?

I’m listening….


Thought so.

Kevin Kolb is not the answer. He was a Philly fan darling during McNabb’s very obvious struggles but has struggled himself when given the opportunity to show his wares and subsequently booed unmercifully…slamming his chin strap away and walking off the field after yet another bad interception.

So who do you bring in to “right the ship”? Brett Favre? Uh…Tim Tebow? Hell, Joe Montana or the Donovan McNabb hater Ron Jaworski?


Jeff Garcia was successful here while McNabb was injured because Andy Reid ran the ball.

So would you rather the Eagles be ushered into yet another dark age just because you don’t see this team going anywhere despite the Eagles being the third most consistent NFL team in McNabb’s era?

What is the plan?

I must admit Donovan has had the support of the fans at Lincoln Financial Field during the last two home games. Outside the stadium is another thing. Covering them both, Donovan was never booed because the Eagles finally ran a balanced offense. This was somewhat surprising considering the tone of the columns here in Philly and despite his stats, you’d think Donovan was the sorriest quarterback in the league. In the last two wins, the Eagles have ran the ball during 45 and 41%  of the plays respectively (Check the record). Westbrook sacrificed the rest of his season just by suiting up. He has no legs! Check the tape and see for yourself when he’s caught the ball in space and attempted to find an opening after the first level. He’s strictly north and south and that’s not his game. If you’ve noticed, Westbrook has been successful lately because the defense has lost him behind the offensive linemen.

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

I have a new found respect for Brian because he’s a football field soldier. You wouldn’t know this if you don’t see if for yourself inside the Eagles locker room when he’s hobbling around.

Yes, in the NFL, injuries are commonplace, but the teams who have the most depth this time of year usually are the most successful.

Bring in the receivers, a full back and please give Correll Buckhalter more chances.


In 466 career attempts, Buckhalter is averaging 4.6 yards a carry and also 10.5 yards per catch.

Why isn’t he playing?

This is something even the casual fan has understood for quite some time. When the Eagles have a more versatile offense, they win. They have become pedestrian and predictable otherwise because there is no one to move the chains when the Eagles absolutely need a game changing moment. The Eagles have no possession receiver. They have guys who can do some damage when their limited skills are combined with others, but no number one threats that intimidate. They have no one who commands a double to open the field and free up a tight end, leave a running back open in the flat or who takes away the safety help over the top. DeSean Jackson has vast potential, but we have to consider he is a first year player. Reggie Brown doesn’t have enough heart in my opinion and neither does LJ Smith or Greg Lewis. I don’t see any fighting for extra yards when it is a necessity to fight for your playoff lives because cats are fearful of yet another visit to the training room. Man up! If not for yourself, then do it for the quarterback who has caught mad wreck the last ten years. There is no sense of urgency by anyone besides Jackson (no one thought he would be this good) and Westbrook on offense. Yes, Jackson missed two big catches Donovan put right on the money this past Sunday, but at least there is effort and a will to win. It would be ludicrous to blame DeSean for the Eagles lost to the Redskins. If you have to depend on a rookie (only in NFL age only) in crucial moments there are major problems.

The Eagles offensive line has done its job and kept pressure off Donovan, but after making his progressions back and forth, it’s obvious Donovan finds no separation.

This has all been said before.

Coming into the season everyone was clamoring for Anquan Boldin, or Larry Fitzgerald, or Chad Ocho Cinco or Roy Williams or Tony Gonzalez or Lorenzo Neal.

Again, crickets…

Lets take a stroll around the league and highlight who has what just to prove a point. Don’t be dumb people because there is a constant here besides the presence of receiving threats:

Phillip Rivers: Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers and LaDanian Tomlinson.

Tony Romo: Obviously Terrell Owens, Patrick Crayton, Roy Williams and Jason Whitten. Whitten gets open because of Owens. Don’t get it twisted and play that ridiculous media game that Whitten is more important than T.O.

Matt Cassel: Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Ben Watson and when the game is on the line? Kevin Faulk to the rescue.

Kurt Warner: Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston. He’s always had a nice receiving corps, but hasn’t won anything of merit since 2000. Uh…good story though…I guess.

Matt Ryan: Roddy White, Michael Jenkins and Michael Tuner–probably the best free agent pick up in the NFL this season.

Jake Delhomme: Steve Smith, Muhsin Muhammad and a two headed running back monster.

Jay Cutler: Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Brandon Stokley and omnipresent interchangeable parts in the running game.

Joe Flacco: Derrick Mason, Todd Heap and again a running game.

Ben Roethlisberger: Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, Nate Washington, the young boy Limas Sweed and despite injuries this season, just enough of a running game to take time off the clock.

Peyton Manning: Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Anthony Gonzalez and of course a running game.

Drew Brees: Marques Colston and a bunch of receivers who fit perfectly in the Saints offensive scheme, but even though Brees is lauded around the league, what has he done? Where’s the national media heat on the Saints?

Sage Rosenfels: Andre Johnson and Steve Slaton. AJ might be the best receiver in the league.

Chad Pennington: Ted Ginn Jr., a host of capable receivers, Ricky Williams, Ronnie Brown and of course the Wildcat.

Kerry Collins: A running game with rookie star Chris Johnson and bruising LenDale White…setting up the dink and dunk to Bo Scaife.

Jeff Garcia: The probable Comeback Player of the Year in Antonio Bryant and a cagey versatile veteran in Warrick Dunn.

Brett Favre: Jerricho Cotchery, Laveranues Coles, Thomas Jones and Leon Washington.

Eli Manning: Are you serious?

Do Eagles receivers compare with any of the aforementioned?

The Eagles have less talent than any NFL contender except for maybe the Chicago Bears.

So…uh…what are you expecting?

Why does Donovan McNabb face the constant fire of media and fan scrutiny while those responsible just get their red hair singed?

Having play makers gives a quarterback comfort and it’s to Donovan McNabb’s credit he’s been able to put up great career numbers despite the lack of overall talent. It must be repeated over and over again the one year he had a number one receiver the Eagles went to the Super Bowl and barely lost to the Pats. Think back to all the playoff losses and there is one glaring weakness, the lack of players who put fear in an opposing defense when the game is on the line in the fourth quarter.

Stop Westbrook and McNabb and you defeat the Eagles.

Don’t give me it’s complicated. Don’t give me others have been successful with less because in the history of the league, there have been very few quarterbacks who won the Super Bowl without the luxury of a number one receiver. Check it. I bet you can count them on one hand. I did.

So now that the season has come to yet another fan disappointment, the question once again has to be asked:

Why haven’t the Philadelphia Eagles front office given Donovan McNabb receivers?

Will the Eagles front office ever give a sufficient answer?

Don’t bet on it.


83 Responses to “Repeat After Me: Why Haven’t the Philadelphia Eagles Front Office Given Donovan McNabb Talented Receivers?”

  1. Eric Daniels says:

    In Tampa there has been rumors that Buc managment are looking to trade for Dmac because the QB play has been spotty and Garcia will be 41 at the end of the season and his failure to develop a younger QB has been a bane of this team’s last season swoon ( I think it has more to do with losing Earnest Graham for the season) and the defense being on the field too long. So don’t be surprised if the Bucs offer the Eagles a package deal similar to the Jets deal for Farve.

  2. origin says:

    Yo GN why don’t you think Mcnabb won’t go to Minny.

    I was telling Miranda I think he will go because the owner wants the city and state to pay for a new stadium.

    So he needs to make a big splash in the playoffs.

  3. origin says:

    “( I think it has more to do with losing Earnest Graham for the season)”

    Yeap I totally agree and called it once he went down. I knew there season was done.

    Still think that the vikings owner will pull the trigger on a tradeor Mcnabb will force them to cut him then go there.

    The bears just have no WRs….now they do run the ball. But also look at how cheap the Mckaskeys are as owners. They hate to spend a dollar. Spending a high pick plus Mcnabb’s 10 mill salary won’t work. Even if he restructures to 7-8 mill the bears are still too cheap for that.

  4. Mizzo says:

    High till i die loced till they smoke me this shit don’t stop till my casket drops.

    Funny thing is I was a Steeler fan until the Eagles drafted Randall. Now I gotta be real and admit that if they do Triple 5 Soul wrong, there will be a reevaluation of where my love goes.

    Temple the receiver look was poetic. Gave me a broad range of emotions. Your piece was very good as well.

    It’s not just about the draft. Randy Moss was dangling out there for anyone who had a 4th round pick. Running TO out of town by burning effigies of the cat outside the Linc was ridiculous. I think I made the point earlier about scouting and also sitting on their hands in the free agent off season.

    Speaking of “Little Sticks” AG and I saw Pinkston in the Philly press room the last home game. I don’t want to put him on blast regarding an incident a couple of years back that I witnessed, so I’ll shut up.

  5. GrandNubian says:


    I know that on the surface it seems that Minnesota would be the logical place to go being that there’s a great RB already there (but no standout WRs). But Chicago is his hometown, and I think that it has the advantage. Also, the Bears were perhaps a QB away from maybe winning the SuperBowl 2 yrs ago so i’m sure McNabb will weigh that option in contrast to his chances being in Minnesota. I think the Bears are closer to winning it all moreso than the Vikings, simply because they’ve been there before.

  6. HarveyDent says:

    [i]NEXT!!!/oh, I believe that’s me/Harvey D get on the mic for the symphony[/i]

    There are many ways my addition to this thread can go and everyone on here has already given his or her take on why the Eagles in the Reid/McNabb Era draft and stick with subpar talent at critical positions on the offensive side of the ball, notably WR and RB.

    Bad drafting, atrocious coaching, and horrendous playcalling with lack of in-game adjustments all go into the mix but a good portion of the problem is that many of the Eagles’ wideouts since ’99 don’t have that “want to” component to be great. Most have not had that chip on their shoulders to prove to the NFL at large that they are the best at their positions.

    I’m never comfortable criticizing people for the things I can’t do because there’s some “want to” there already if they’ve made it to the NFL but more is needed. Reggie Brown squawked all last week that he didn’t deserve to be a healthy scratch in the three previous games but when he had the chance to prove it he cuts his route short of the goal line. Jason Avant follows up a career game with a disappearing act. DeSean Jackson is, is, is a ROOKIE and he should not already be the Eagles’ go to receiver. The young man has the “want to” but will the lack of size take years off his career? Kevin Curtis is serviceable and at times a threat opposing defenses have to account for but that is few and far between because he’s playing out of position as a #1 wideout. Hank Baskett may have the best mix of size, talent, and “want to” of the unit but will the stars be in his eyes when he makes his Bunny an honest woman? Time will tell. Greg Lewis is good in spots but is a guy that all teams have no matter the sport who makes the occasional play but once the focus is put on him by the opposition he is easily neutralized.

    The strengths and weaknesses of this season’s Eagles wideout corps is moot though because the overriding reason for this always coming up short is lack of balance in the playcalling. Jerry Rice, Lynn Swann, Marvin Harrison, hell, even Don Maynard would be rendered ordinary if the defense doesn’t respect the run game. I’m not a big Westbrook fan because even though the guy leaves it on the field it’s a yearly ritual that he’s going to miss games because even with a balanced attack will he be in the lineup every week to tote the rock? Even with the lack of a front line FB, Westbrook’s backup, Corell Buckhalter, always gets yards every time he’s given the ball. Miz will back me up on the fact that Buck was supposed to be the feature back for this team and would have been too if he hadn’t blown out his knees three out of four seasons. The point is that even without a big bruiser in the backfield the Eagles have some talent at RB even though they could always use more.

    So the problem still comes down to the playcalling and the one thing no one has said is that Andy Reid’s stubborness and conceit that he can win consistently throwing the ball over 70% of the time dooms this team every year. There are many things that I like in him as a coach like the fact he rarely rips his players in public and is even-keeled on the sidelines but his game day strategies don’t work if he’s the one calling the plays. Morningwheg doesn’t light the world on fire as innovative football mind but he did call a balanced game for Garcia and three of the previous four games this season. The only problem is that Reid turns over playcalling duties to him when it seems the team is done for the year. When Morningwheg’s calls and Jim Johnson’s defense result in wins that is when Reid takes back the playcalling like a spoiled child who only plays with a toy when someone else makes it fun after he abandoned it in a corner.

    Where does this leave McNabb? Still an Eagle, I hope and believe, but change is going to come for this team and it’s franchise QB in the off-season. Take it to the bank, Big Red will not have as much power when it comes to signing players. Talk is the team will make a run at Scot Pioli of the Pats this season and if that happens Reid will have to like it or lump it. With knowing he could be on the way out if more middling seasons are not acceptable, I guaran-damn-tee Reid will either call a better game or just delegate full authority for game time decisions to Morningwheg and Johnson to keep his job. This will benefit Donny Mac but will he stay?

    Trust and believe, the face of the Eagles in the 21st century hasn’t forgotten or forgiven being benched in that Baltimore game. Has he lost all respect and belief in Reid that the damage is irreparable? Probably so but I think DMac is just as stubborn as Reid and he’s going to pull a Jennifer Holliday slash Jennifer Hudson Dreamgirls on the Philly fans and tell them, “I’m not going. I’m the best QB you’ve ever had. And you and you and the Linc are all going to love me.”

    So sorry, Vikings, Bears, and Bucs, even the 49ers if you’re looking to get legit off our franchise. Our QB is going no where because Reid will be gone before McNabb is. Take that excrement to the bank.

  7. GrandNubian says:

    Good post 2Face……

    You mentioned that when Garcia was at the helm, Reid called a “balanced” game for him. Why Garcia and not McNabb? Also, why do you think that the Eagles won’t allow McNabb to call his own plays?

  8. Eric Daniels says:

    Harvey brotha your franchise QB was a goner the minute Reid lifted him after halftime. IN A CLOSE GAME NEVERTHELESS !! and Dmac has already said he wants some words with Big Red, Lurie and Banner. I say Pewter and Red looks good and they have money and draft picks.

  9. Carolyn says:

    OK, we know you can write about football. Now let’s have a bball story. Cavs / Rockets? 🙂

  10. T-Time says:

    Not sure if I’m necessarily buying the try-hard to get a WR Eagles approach. I don’t understand the reasoning. Well- I do understand the reasoning but not buying. The Eagles didn’t DRAFT Stallworth or Curtis. They signed them both.. Though Stallworth torched Houston and had blazing deep speed and a chemistry with 5, the Eagles let him go the Gold Standard. Curtis got his numbers as a slot for the Rams. Let’s not forget Big Game and an aging, yet still capable, Bruce were still in STL when Curtis had his “career” year. He’s Welker-esque but forced to be a #1 thanks to the Birds. They got TO and now brought in DeSean this year. Reggies shown No. 2 receiver tendencies until he got hurt. But dig this, Na Brown, James Thrash, Charles Johnson, Torrance Small, Todd Pinkston, Freddie Mitchell??? Is that REALLY trying? I mean REALLY? The Dolphins grabbed Ginn at #9 overall. The Steelers traded up to get his teammate Santonio. The Colts spent a No.1 on Gonzo. The Pats traded a 4 on Moss. The Boys traded a 1 for Roy. The Bolts traded a 2 for Chambers. THEY’RE trying…drafting ONE receiver in the FIRST round isn’t necessarily trying…I know, gems can be found later, value and team need play a part in the draft. But I mean the evaluation of talent and effort is inexplicable. Mizzo, you’re correct in your assessment bro.

  11. HarveyDent says:


    Reid and the OC called a better game with Garcia at the helm IMO because they knew he was definitely more limited than McNabb. Despite what ignorant fans and the duplicitous media would have you believe, McNabb when healthy is one of the most gifted individuals in the NFL, physically and mentally. Garcia has a high football IQ especially in the WCO but his arm is only a little stronger than Chad Pennington’s. McNabb though when his game is on still the most dangerous Eagle on offense.

    McNabb is the victim of his own ability when it comes to Reid’s playcalling because the coach thinks McNabb can always will the team to victory even when he’s not playing at high level. Andy Reid is a Mormon in Philly running BYU’s offense with only a passing, no pun intended, interest in the running game.

    Why McNabb doesn’t run his own plays or at least audible more at the line is a mystery to me especially this season in particular the first Dallas game when Reid call that lateral mess. He does need to be more vocal in the game planning though instead of just running whatever’s radio’d to him.

  12. Temple3 says:

    Harvey D:

    We essentially agree about that “want to.” That’s a huge factor. The receiver is rare who comes out of college, no matter how highly touted, and blazes the league. There are just too many grown ass men playing DB who ain’t havin’ it.

    I haven’t finished the research, but I’d almost be willing to bet that Greg Jennings is the ONLY elite receiver drafted by a franchise run by Walsh-Holmgren disciples in the last 10 years. Green Bay has had the best results – Driver, Javon Walker (useless to them now), and Jennings. San Fran? Zilch. Seattle? Empty cupboards. Gruden? Free agents and trades — McCardell, Keyshawn and Jurevicius to win a Super Bowl. Michael Clayton? Maurice Stovall? Shiiiiiiiid.
    Detroit under Mooch, etc.? Nah. Roy’s only had 1 thousand yard season in his life. Never scored double digit touchdowns. He’s an outsider.

    In Green Bay, even Donald Driver was a 7th rounder. Great receivers are made in the NFL, I believe. The guys who’ve made it, chose to make it and did the work.

    Jennings is 5’11”, 197. He does talk much. He’s humble and wants to be a preacher when he’s done scorching defenses. Western Michigan diamond in the rough. I put Jennings in there because he had 12 touches last year and nearly 1k in 13 games. He’s over that mark this year and could get his 10+ tds this week. His ypc is very high and he’s the lead dog pulling that sled. He’s a notch below the guys heading to the PB in the NFC, but he’s right on the cusp.

  13. HarveyDent says:


    Definitely a big fan of Greg Jennings too because I read a Peter King blurb about him in his rookie season and how he was becoming a dependable receiver for Favre. Since then every season the young man has only gotten better. Not breakout better but certainly on the come. GB since the Sterling Sharpe days hasn’t had quote unquote superstar receivers but the ones they do have are usually homegrown guys who play tough and yes, they display that elusive “want to.”

  14. Big Rob says:

    Wow…lots of good stuff here. I’m a Skins fan and after watching that game Sunday even I have to admit that if the Eagles had any good receivers they’d have won that game. I remember that NFC championship game against Carolina where McNabb had at least one pass picked off simply b/c the receiver couldn’t fight off the DB for the freakin ball. D-Mac has had the worst receiving corp for a big time QB since Elway under Dan Reeves. He hasn’t even had guys that could be made to look great like Clayton and Duper. It’s just sad. And like T3 has been saying, great receivers are self-made after they get in the league. They’re not drafted, with a few exceptions.

  15. Mizzo says:

    T-Time…damn right bruh. I guess they think we are stupid. Why have other franchises prospered while the Eagles have floundered?

    See when Randy Moss was out there, he was labled an outsider who is also a quitter.

    This is when the league dipped on the fans and created this Randy Moss faux moonin’ monster who had a penchant for running over, and I jest, little cop Minny nice old ladies who needed a hand crossing the street as they wrote you a ticket.

    So then, Moss goes to the Pats for petty cash and all of the sudden his identity has changed into this great teammate.

    Still after setting the record, he still didn’t get the MVP consideration he well deserved.

    Anyway, you have to be shrewd in your business dealings if you want to truly be successful. I think for the most part, the Eagles have a sound organization, but…

  16. Temple3 says:

    I guess they think we are stupid.

    Would “they” be the Eagles organization?

  17. Mizzo says:

    Yes. My bad on that. I should know better. I should have prefaced this with the quote I left on your site to explain why the risk on Moss should have been taken.

  18. Temple3 says:


    Before y’all get carried away…

    Teddy Ginn is what they call a Strong UnderPerform. He’s ranked 42nd in receiving yards and has had only 1 hundred yard game. If it weren’t for the Wildcat, he’d probably be considered a BUST. Anthony Gonzalez is ranked 46th, has 1 100 yard game and only 2 with more than 5 catches. Chris Chambers is ranked 91st. He’s only had ONE thousand yard season in his entire career. Double digit TDs – once. His biggest game this year? 4 catches, 83 yards vs. Denver. None of these cats are elite and none of them necessarily put the Eagles over the top.

    Names and draft rank don’t mean anything. On field performance is all that matters. It seems clear to me that elite receivers are a product of work-work-work and more work. If you work the list, you’ll see exactly how hard it is to secure players who are elite at this position.

    I’ve already discussed Roy Williams. For all his notoriety and acclaim – most of which I believe he deserves – he’s still an underperform, though only slightly.

    I don’t want you to think I’m defending the Eagles. I do believe, though, there is more to this than meets the eye.

  19. Temple3 says:


    Totally agree on Moss.

  20. Temple3 says:


    Kudos for remembering Na Brown. On that one alone, I’m inclined to concede the Eagles may not be trying. Yikes!!

  21. michelle says:

    DNab is under the microscope again. The media is all the comments he made during the press conference yesterday. I wish they would just get off his back.

  22. Mizzo says:

    Man that shit was garbage. Who are they trying to fool?

  23. Temple3 says:

    I think they were trying to make Giants’ fans feel better.

  24. Mizzo says:

    That was my first thought as well.

  25. GrandNubian says:

    Jon Gruden just got the axe in Tampa via NFL Network.

  26. origin says:

    HAHA Temple that article was trash.

    Those WRs except Avant and Desean are trash.

  27. Matthew Fudge says:

    Because not everyone will pay the cost to win like the George Steinbrenners and Jerry Joneses. The quarterback, coach, and GM will take heat before the owner does. As long as the owner makes money and the aforementioned people take the heat, what does Jeffrey Lurie care if he ever wins the Super Bowl?

  28. Matthew Fudge says:

    “I’ll say again what I’ve said many times before. Black writers please stand up. If you don’t write it, who will?”

    Ain’t gonna happen, Miz. Too many of them are cool with cashing checks and selling their souls. How they can believe the lie when they look in the mirror is beyond me.

  29. origin says:

    “Because not everyone will pay the cost to win like the George Steinbrenners and Jerry Joneses. The quarterback, coach, and GM will take heat before the owner does. As long as the owner makes money and the aforementioned people take the heat, what does Jeffrey Lurie care if he ever wins the Super Bowl?”

    Ding Ding Ding…..looks like we have a winner.

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