Mizzo’s NFL Week 17 Picks

Since TSF is basically based in Philly because most of us live in the area, there really is no other game to showcase. Yeah we need a couple of squads to choke, but Dallas and Philly is always a top notch competition. Of course there’s a lot of other good stuff going on, but this town will eat itself if Philly goes out like a sucker.

9-6 last week. 18-11 on year.

St. Louis at Atlanta 1:00 PM FOX 26-20 ATL Roddy White show
New England at Buffalo 1:00 PM CBS 20-6 NE Pats keep rolling
Kansas City at Cincinnati 1:00 PM CBS 30-28 CINCY Herm can’t catch a break
Detroit at Green Bay 1:00 PM FOX 28-23 GB Neither can the D
Tennessee at Indianapolis 1:00 PM CBS 34-30 INDY Indy’s home
NY Giants at Minnesota 1:00 PM FOX 32-14 NYG No way the Giants lose
Carolina at New Orleans 1:00 PM FOX 44-40 NO Somethin’ for that ass
Cleveland at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM CBS 30-14 PITT See ya on the flip Romeo
Oakland at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM CBS 22-20 TB JaMarcus almost pulls it out
Chicago at Houston 1:00 PM FOX 38-28 HOU Houston does the do
Jacksonville at Baltimore 4:15 PM CBS 14-0 BAL Ray Lewis smack back
Washington at San Francisco 4:15 PM FOX 21-17 SF Niners reward Coach Mike
Miami at NY Jets 4:15 PM CBS 32-25 MIA Sorry Mista Chuck..the bottom falls off
Dallas at Philadelphia 4:15 PM FOX 21-20 PHI Won’t matter
Seattle at Arizona 4:15 PM FOX 30-28 ARZ Holmgren goes out a loser
Denver at San Diego 8:15 PM NBC 33-25 SD Game of the day

15 Responses to “Mizzo’s NFL Week 17 Picks”

  1. HarveyDent says:

    Miz, can these bastiches in green and silver do this today?

    It’s right there to be taken and my stomach hasn’t shook like this for an Eagles game since SB39.

  2. Miranda says:


    DAMN!!! Did Philly have to beat the Boys like THAT? Did Romo or Barber talk about Dawkin’s mama?? Was the Boys playing the dozens on Philly before the game?? WHAT?? DAMN!

  3. michelle says:

    I’m happy for the crazy Philly fans.


  4. HarveyDent says:


    Yes, they did have to beat the ‘Boys like that. Yes they did.

    I’m glad my jersey strategy worked to perfection today. I wore my #5 for the first half and then switched to my #20 for the second. Nearly perfect half of offensive footballl followed by a second half of defensive domination.

    Gawd it feel good today.

    Congrats to Coach Singletary too.

  5. michelle says:


    With coach Singletary my 49ers are on their way. Your Eagles better beware next year.

    T.O. come home please!!

  6. HarveyDent says:


    I’d pay to see TO on a Singletary coached team. Talk about popcorn-munchin’, must-see TV.

    Get a call into HBO for the next Hard Knocks concept.

  7. GrandNubian says:

    Great game for the Eagles. I didn’t think they had it in them. Obviously, they proved me and a lot of other people wrong.

    They should be able to go into Minnesota and beat the Vikes. But will Andy Reid resort back to the same type of playcalling?

  8. Origin says:

    I am happy for the Eagles (espacially Mcnabb and Dawkins). I thought Andy gameplan would screw the game up. But he actually called a balance game.

    Wade Philips is a dead man walking……….he won’t make it pass this week.

    And Romo well what can I say??

    Cowboy fans are gonna riot back in Dallas………once the holiday is over I am not sure there will even be a city to go back home to….LOL!!! Oh well I will just stay with my family here in Chicago.

    D@MN Farve messed up my superbowl picks. Oh well atleast the Madden curse is still in full effect….LOL!!! Not even the greatest golden boy ever could break it….LOL!!!

    Madden curse got Farve, the Jets and Packers……..I love it.
    And Mcnabb and the eagles got back to the playoffs. I couldn’t be happier.

  9. GrandNubian says:


    Yeah, Reid called a well-balanced game….it really surprised me.

    I think that Wade Philips should not take the blame alone for the season that Dallas had. Jason Garrett is just as much (if not, more) to blame. His playcalling has been suspect all year, especially in key situations. And, if you read between the lines on what Romo has said recently, it’s been the fault of the playcaller. I have a feeling that Garrett will go through this unscathed and become the next head man in the “D”.

    I’m glad that Pennington “stuck it” to the Jets and i’m glad that Brett had a horrible game. Maybe now he will go away once and for all….but don’t count on it as long as he’ll make 13 mil next season and 14 mil the following year. He will be back.

    “Madden curse got Farve, the Jets and Packers……..I love it.
    And Mcnabb and the eagles got back to the playoffs. I couldn’t be happier.”

    I would have to agree with this statement…..eventhough I support the Steelers.

  10. Temple3 says:

    I said it months ago — and will say it again — the Eagles WILL NOT LOSE if they have a balanced approach on offense. They’re too good on defense. The special teams are solid and the balance makes McNabb infinitely dangerous.

    Guess what — the Eagles have the best QB in the NFC playoffs and should be favored to win every game except a road game in New York.

    And I still hate ’em. Go Steelers.

    Loving the Healthy Leftwich sighting. I’d even be comfortable with Charlie Batch — against any team in the AFC — so, this could be an interesting post season regardless of whether or not Ben can go in 2 weeks.

    Favre sucks now. I’ve been saying it for years. Dude hasn’t won more than 1 playoff game in a season since 1998. 10 years. He has not had the capacity to ELEVATE a team in a decade. People need to SNAP OUT OF IT. It’s not 1996. It’s not 1997. Favre ain’t that dude. You just think he’s that dude ’cause he used to be that dude — a long, long, long time ago — back when Ice Cube (as rapper) was still the SHIT. If you’re not bumpin’ Cube in your ride, you shouldn’t be ridin’ Favre. Get off!!

    That Minnesota-Atlanta game should be a doozy.

  11. Temple3 says:

    Oh, shizzzznit!!

    Skip Bayless just picked the Iggles to win the Super Bowl. Damn!!

  12. Origin says:

    Ohhh nooo I forgot it could still be a a manning superbowl.

    God this would be worse then brett farve winning another superbowl.

    Anyway cosign everything that you said temple. I have been saying teh same thing about the eagles. The X-factor has always been mouse davis jr. aka andy reid. If he calls a balanced game the eagles are unstopable.

  13. Miranda says:

    The Cowboys and the Broncos are BIG OLE PUNKS!!! JUST BIG’UNS!!! GREEEEEEAT BIG OLE PUNKS!

  14. michelle says:


    LOL! He needs a strong brother like that to keep him in line.

  15. GrandNubian says:

    Origin brings up a GREAT Point….

    “Manning Bowl I”

    “God this would be worse then brett farve winning another superbowl.”

    LOL…..I would have to agree……

    …..and also, I like my man O co-sign on everything T3 stated. Go Steelers!!!!