Eric Mangini, Rod Marinelli, Romeo Crennel Out

Losing to your former qb gets you fired evidently. After dropping a must win season finale to Chad Pennington and the Miami Dolphins, the Jets have sought change. Reports out of NY have Eric Mangini out as head coach of the New York Jets. The Jets were on top of the world when they were 8-3, but subseqently went 1-4 the rest of the way and missed the playoffs. It wasn’t all Mangini’s fault because his quarterback threw picks at an alarming rate. Favre finished the year with 22 touchdowns and 22 interceptions–not a good look. Mangini was 23-26 during his tenure. Rod Marinelli has also been relieved of his coaching duties. Marinelli was 10-38 during his stint culminating with an 0-16 debacle this season. Marinelli was a victim of Matt Millen in my opinion. He seemed passionate about his job and tried to motivate his team week in and week out, but they just couldn’t get it done. Besides Calvin Johnson, there really wasn’t another position to brag about. He never really received a fair chance, but didn’t win when the opportunity was there. Sports has become win or go home and considering Detroit’s financial climate, heads had to roll. Romeo Crennel was also fired after compiling a 24-40 record. GM Phil Savage was let go, so the writing was on the wall and only a matter of time before Crennel’s firing went public. The Browns were obviously beset by injuries, but didn’t score a offensive touchdown in the last 6 games. When the Browns came into Philly, everyone knew Crennel was on shaky ground. He tried to do whatever he could, but the players never responded to his coaching philosophy. It also should be said there was no continuity in an offense where quarterbacks are falling like flies.

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  1. Temple3 says:

    Bad day for the Italians: First a Mangini, then a Marinelli and worst of all — a Romeo!!

  2. Temple3 says:

    I heard on the NFL Network Deion Sanders talking about the Cowboys offense. The bottom line was that Romo co-signed TO’s criticism of the offensive playcalling and design. Deion asked rhetorically why the media is willing to believe Romo, but not Terrell Owens. It’s looking like the Jason Garrett Train will be derailed in the station.

  3. Origin says:

    “Bad day for the Italians: First a Mangini, then a Marinelli and worst of all — a Romeo!!”

    HAHA so true Temple.

  4. Miranda says:

    Damn…..Farve got that man pink-slipped…LMAO…OH WELL! He rolled the dice and crapped out! LOL Meanwhile, Chad Pennington is somewhere laughing out loud.

    With about 5 minutes left in the game, the cameras never DID go back up to the luxury box Jerry Jones was in…LOL…NOT ONCE. I wanted to see him…probably throwing Crown Royal and Tositos ERE where and cussing up a storm!

  5. Origin says:

    HAHA Miranda……..not even another round of face lifts and botox can make Jerry Jones feel better.

  6. kos says:

    Saw the Marinelli and the Crennel firings coming, but not Mangini. He burnt his bridges when he turned in Belicheck though, so I don’t expect he’ll be back on a pro staff any time soon.

    Saw on USA Today that Bill Cowher doesn’t want the Browns job. He says he’s happy just being on television right now. How come only Charlie Weis out of all of the Pats assistants that got jobs from their glory years is the only one who gets to keep his?

    On the bright side, the 49ers shed the interim tag on Mike Singletary. With a good draft and maybe one or two good free agents, they could be the surprise team next year. In that weak division, if he can find a decent offensive coordinator, they could make the playoffs and possibly a small run in them.

  7. GrandNubian says:


    I can imagine Cowher coaching against the Steelers but NOT within the same division…..for their BIGGEST rival. Maybe he’ll consider the Jets coaching job.

  8. GrandNubian says:

    Oh yeah….congrats to Iron Mike on landing the coaching gig @ San Fran.

  9. Miranda says:

    I know I shouldn’t be….but I’m still a little surprised at the absolute ignorance I have read on forums and columns about Singletary getting the nod. It amazes me the true level of complete stupidity out there regarding the Rooney Rule. So many of these numbnuts are demanding that a white person be interviewed because its “only fair”…..damn these idiots make me sick.

  10. michelle says:


    They just don’t get it.

  11. kos says:

    Miranda –

    Doesn’t surprise me. Of course, some idiots would rather their team lose with a white guy that can’t coach, than win with a black guy who can get the team to play competitive football.

    There were some so-called Steeler fans that didn’t like when Tomlin was hired last year. With every loss, you hear he can’t coach and that he didn’t deserve the job. Most have been quiet this year, with a few getting their courage when the Steelers lose a game. They can’t deny that the man has gotten results that warrant him being the right choice for the coach of Pittsburgh. The way the 49ers played for Singletary down the stretch, I’m sure he’ll prove that he is a better coach than probably at least over half of the coaches in the league.

  12. Temple3 says:

    I think a big thing that did Mangini in was his admission that he didn’t prepare for the Seattle game. He indicated that he was looking ahead to Miami and, of course, the Jets lost in Seattle. Favre was awful. The MRI he’s getting today should have been done in 1998. Anyway, the Jets suck. Cowher may be deluding himself if he goes to the Jets. One of the biggest issues with the Jets has always been their failures in the draft. If Cowher can’t control the entire operation, he might as well stay on television. They’ve drafted much better in recent years — Ferguson, Revis, Mangold, Cotchery, Washington, Vilma, Rhodes, but you can’t leave that up to management if you go there. I’m sure Faneca would like to see Cowher join Gang Green.

  13. Mizzo says:

    Gang Green my ass 😉

  14. Origin says:

    Kos says

    “Doesn’t surprise me. Of course, some idiots would rather their team lose with a white guy that can’t coach, than win with a black guy who can get the team to play competitive football.”

    Yeap Kos couldn’t agree more. The same could be said for black QBs too when it comes to these idiot fans.

    Also congrats to Singletary the brotha deserved it.

  15. Origin says:

    Also sista Miranda unlike TSF and SOMM I don’t hold back on those forums.

    I let those bigots have it cursing them out and everything. I have been banned a few times on the Eagles forum for letting those bigots have it. I get down and dirty with them too. They want to say all types of ignorant mess………well I can get ignorant right with them and I have no regrets.

  16. Patrick says:

    I am happy to see Mike Singletary get that job in San Francisco, and I am also glad to hear Mike Martz won’t be on the staff next year.

  17. Dredded One says:

    T3 has had me cracking up on this thread. Congrats to Singletary, but I’m a bit skeptical. If he gets some players that have his same rock ’em, sock ’em attitutude, he will make the 49’ers competitive. If they draft baseed on the Best Available Theory, his tenure will be short-lived. Yes, he’s gotten the team to play for him, but because he’s so Old School, he’s gonna have to have some Old School players.

    Mizzo, since the Eagles are in the playoffs, does this secure Fat Boy’s job for another season?

  18. GrandNubian says:


    “…and I am also glad to hear Mike Martz won’t be on the staff next year.”

    Where’d you hear that?

  19. Mizzo says:

    DO, yeah I think he’s straight unless they get blown out this weekend or embarrassed the next week by the Giants.

    GN, Martz has been reported out for over a week now.

  20. Temple3 says:

    Dredded One:

    You raise an interesting question. Some teams have the draft philosophy of looking mostly for upside and athletic ability, while others tend to favor on field production at the collegiate level.

    Do you have a preference? What’s your squad again?

    What about Singletary? Which way do you think he’ll go?


    You are the man. You always have good news (except for your death of the Black QB/manager thing 🙂 ). This Martz news is like “Happy New Year.” That was a bad match. Singletary needs an offensive coordinator that will maximize the impact of his defense by keeping them OFF the field and minimizing turnovers.

  21. Patrick says:

    Grand Nubian…

    It isn’t official, but reports of Singletary’s contract was over a week ago. And Martz is still twisting in the wind by design, because Martz is looking for another job with the new openings made by firings on Monday. I believe he has given Martz a window to look for a job elsewhere without the public humiliation of being FIRED– especially by a African-American authority figure.

    Martz and Marinelli clashed in Detroit. Marinelli wanted to run more, and it lead to more srtife, and two short years later Marinelli is gone. Singletary and Martz clashed as Martz tries to turn a turnover machine Shaun Hill into the next Kurt Warner circa’s not going to happen!

    Martz has always wanted to be ‘the man’ and thought he had the job when Nolan was fired, but San Francisco management saw something in Singletary that they didn’t see in Martz. The ability to keep everybody focused, and Singletary’s experience as a former player garners more respect. Martz had his chance in St. Louis and BLEW IT. The job was virtually given to him by the then-retiring Dick Vermeil earlier in the decade. The Rams maintained their offensive aggressiveness, but everything else fell apart when Lovie Smith left and then the special teams became one of the worst in the league.

    And finally this statement. Singletary was slammed in the media when he lost his first game, and he has tried to CALM DOWN his rhetoric in front of ESPN because the second it comes out of his mouth, it is on SPORTSCENTER…

    However, here is a tamer quote: “Anytime we go out, and I’ve got to be honest, in terms of running the ball, I’m not just so gung-ho on running the ball,” said Singletary. “I want to run the ball. I think that is the game of football. But when it comes down to it, I believe that you have to do whatever it is that helps you win the game. To me that’s smart football.”


    Here’s one article from the San Francisco area newspapers…


    And let me further add. This is just my opinion, of course.

    Singletary wants to build a staff that he trusts, and if he can draw former Bears who had been former assistants elsewhere (i.e. Ron Rivera or Jim Harbaugh) he would. Don’t be surprised if you here Jim Harbaugh’s name in the future as an offensive coordinator. Harbaugh was a rather successful head coach at Division 1-A San Diego in which he garnered a 29-6 record with dual threat QB Josh Johnson (now 3rd string QB at Tampa), then he was hired by Stanford. However, at Stanford, he has struggled as a head coach in the tough PAC-10 with a 4-8 and 5-7 seasons. Could Singletary lure him to be his offensive coordinator? And with Harbaugh’s experience with dual threat QBs would this put them in the sweepstakes for either Mike Vick and/or Vince Young and/or Troy Smith or even a Tim Tebow?

    Singletary’s window to succeed is short in a mediocre NFC West, but can do damage with a few shrewd choices?

  22. Temple3 says:

    Surprised to hear Singletary’s take on running the ball.

    Teams have won the Super Bowl without being run dominant, especially in San Francisco. I believe that the most important thing about running is the ability to move the pile and to be able to run in short yardage situations and around the goal line. I also think its important to be able to run when games are in the balance as a means to change momentum, preserve the legs of a defense, and establish offensive continuity.

    The 49ers have some very interesting wide receivers. Frank Gore has been durable in the league, but he blew out both knees while at Miami. I guess I wouldn’t be all gung-ho about running the ball either. Gore didn’t have all that many carries this season, so maybe that’s the wave of the future in SF.

    Harbaugh sounds as good as anyone else. After all, he did beat USC.

  23. GrandNubian says:

    Thanks Patrick for that info.

  24. GrandNubian says:

    Add Mike Shanahan to the fired list!

  25. GrandNubian says:

    He should’ve been fired years ago. Terrell Davis, while looking as if he wanted to cry on NFL Network, was trying to defend why Shanahan shouldn’t be fired. His reasons were Shanahan consistently put a competitive product on the field year after year. My question is, what team was TD talking about? Because it sure as hell wasn’t the Broncos.